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Reality Awareness | When Our Heart is Open…
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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When Our Heart is Open…

When Our Heart is Open…

5.Chakra Heart

Have been guided to share this excerpt from Lightfilled Yoga that is in the upcoming filming… Create a magic day!

“Our Heart Chakra is our Joy centre. When we live in truth and love and connect with this space within our Heart, it opens and creates the vibration of Joy. In Chinese Medicine also state that the Heart is the emotion of Joy. If there is no Joy, the Heart the shut down, we are shut down. There is no life. We become like robots or zombies. There is no feeling. We are feeling beings, if our Heart is closed, then how can there be any light and Joy in there? When we start opening our Heart, connecting and living from this space, our Joy is felt by all that we come into contact with. It is a vibration that we emit and it can transform the vibration of everything and everyone around us wherever we are. If we walk into a room, the room shifts, the vibration shifts, it rises. Love connects us all, even the most darkest or yuckiest things or situations, love knows no different. Marianne Williamson states that Only Love is Real. There is no disconnection in love. Only Love is Real, only Love is Exists. Love is always connected. When our Heart is open and we connect to our Heart, when we love ourselves through our Heart, and do those things in our life, that are loving towards ourselves, you know they say, find your joy – its here, its your heart.

If your heart has been shut down/closed for a long time you may wonder what joy even is. “Well I don’t know what joy is”/”I don’t know what I want” and down further you spiral. Many of us don’t let ourselves even contemplate what is important to us, or what our Heart wants, because we have been shut down for it in the past, and so you close down and shut down, not only the love, but the joy in your life too. So when working with our Heart, it’s about listening – Ear Chakras – stopping and listening, opening. Its why our Ear and Heart Chakras are strongly interrelated. How often do we really stop and listen? How often do we really allow our Heart to speak?

When we tap into this Love, this ensures that we have all the resources we need, to follow through with our Heart desires. So we might scared to open our Heart, many of us, wouldn’t even dare think about it, because we cannot see how it would happen/how it would possible, that what we really want can actually manifest. Well, I am here to tell you, that when you gather the courage, open your Ears and your Heart and stop and listen to what you Heart says, that you will attract all the resources you need to follow through with what your Heart is guiding you to do. Love is the only thing that is constant, ever changing, but constant in this world and it is what connects us all. Opening and following your Heart, brings the passion for life, your drive is awakened and this passion – brings us Joy. And other people notice it other people feel it. This is where we can inspire people to shift their lives, when we are living with heart felt passion for our life and allowing our Heart to guide us. It gives them the courage to open their heart and listen and follow their heart too, whatever that looks like for them. The more we live our Joy, the more our Heart opens, the more we have to share with others. We can connect and relate easily to anyone who crosses our path from this heartfelt joy space.” – Hannah Andrews


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