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Reality Awareness | How the F$#K! do I let it go?!?!
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How the F$#K! do I let it go?!?!

How the F$#K! do I let it go?!?!

This morning during meditation it was so strong about letting go and it was the strong theme through Lightfilled Yoga this morning. So much information and through that I needed to write about it and share it all.

Yes, heard it many times before, I’m sure, I know I have. Just let it go. Yeah right. How? How do I let go of pain, things that hurt me from the past. It is quite simple. It is the past. Only right now exists. Yes, heard that before too, but how the F$#K! Do I let it go?!?!

We began by remembering a memory… the first memory that came to mind – that was what we worked on today during class. We took a moment to remember the memory, and then followed it to where it was ‘living’ in our body. We moved straight into the Heart Chakra Pose and allowed the memory to rise to our consciousness. There was alot of focus on the lower body today during class, really getting in and moving the energy through our buttocks (where we tend to hold alot of emotions), our hips, sexual organs, base chakra, and sacral chakra area.

It seemed to be a common theme, about past relationships (whether ex-partner or family member) that arose through class. With the women that shared, (and with myself) it was about letting go of the pain of a past relationship with that partner. It was also common, that it was us that pushed away that loving relationship, because we didn’t know how to handle and be in such a loving relationship, or we were heart-broken by the love of our life and still carry that pain today.

How do you know if you are ‘carrying’ that pain? How do you know you have got stuff to let go of? If you think/feel into that relationship and you cringe, or get angry or frustrated, you are still carrying hurt and pain around in your energy field/body with you and you need to let it go. Okay yep, that’s great…. But how the F&#K! do I let it go?!?

To truly let past pain and hurt go, we must have alot of compassion for ourselves, the other person and the whole situation. We need to throw a bucket load of Love at it, as Michelle Lightworker would state. We need to drop deep into our Heart space, where there is only Love and that Love sees through the hurt and pain, to the truth of the situation from both parties. We need to hold compassion and deep forgiveness for ourselves for the behaviour we contributed to the relationship and say sorry to that person. We need to forgive ourselves, for at that moment in time, we didn’t know how to behave any better and be compassionate for ourselves in that moment. See yourself and the situation with loving parent eyes, just as you would look at a baby who didn’t know any better about throwing the jingly keys in the toilet. To truly let go, forgiveness is where the deep healing and truth of letting go happens.

When we get hurt in relationship, whether recently or a long time ago, we usually store that in our body. If we don’t ‘tend’ to that hurt, it festers in our body and we get sick, or have aches and pains in some way. That is our body saying ‘Hey, I’ve got some feelings in here, that I need to talk to you about – can you listen to me?’ The common theme through class today, was alot of lower body stuff, if we get hurt through someone leaving us, we may feel a deep abandonment in our Sacral Chakra that affects our Solar Plexus because on some level we don’t feel good enough. We may shut down sexually because we are scared of trusting again, because someone once said something about how our lower body looked. We might be afraid of opening our Heart again, because we are still angry at that man we were deeply in love with, left us for someone we thought was way more attractive than ourselves.

You know in yourself now reading this, that particular person or situation with your mother as a child, comes flooding back into your awareness reading this… Ask your Spiritual Helpers for help in releasing this, so you can be free. Forgiveness isn’t about forgiving somebodys actions, but accepting the situation that indeed it is in the past, you are willing to let this go and to be free in your energy to allow for something greater to come in, for when we have these hurtful memories stored unconsciously in our body, we are energetically blocking the energy flow for a new vibration, new situations, new experiences to come into our being, that which our Heart is longing for.

We ended Savasana with a deep meditation that we took a visit into our body, had a look around in that memory. 2 key questions to remember when doing any healing is, ‘What do you need?’ (and asking your spiritual helpers to send you this, in the form of a colour, symbol, energy and breathe it in to every cell of your body), and ‘What is your Gift?’ and again, breathing this in the form of an energy, symbol, colour. So if you are in your usual meditation practise and a memory comes back, you know what to do with it. Remember to always call in and ask your Spiritual Helpers for support. That is what they are there for. Know that it comes up, because you are ready.

Please share you experiences and I am here to answer any questions you may have.

Namaste. x

Letting Go

  • jenny keogh
    Posted at 10:28h, 25 August Reply

    that was timely and intense and liberating!!! the physical symptoms of the inability to understand and therefore let go had become overwhelming over the past 2 weeks… totally flattened. let it go with understanding and love and hoping to shift the need for the physical reminders asap!! thanks so much hannah

    • Hannah Andrews
      Posted at 20:42h, 25 August Reply

      Hi Jenny, Thank you for sharing. It was all of those for sure! I am deeply honoured to have you a part of our class. Bless. x

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