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Reality Awareness | Intuitive Creations
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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Intuitive Creations

Intuitive Creations

Excitedly sharing my first Intuitive Creations available for sale 🙂

This beautiful Rose Quartz Intuitive Creation is one of the first pieces I’ve made available for sale. Rose Quartz opens our Heart Chakra and allows old pains to be released so we can step into a more receiving openness. There is so much love in the ever present now, but if we are carrying old hurts, these pains are blocking this Love that’s available in the right now. This Rose Quartz piece is here to remind you and help you accept greater love into your Heart and your life. Clasp closing loop to hang in your bedroom or home to open your Heart. $29AUD + postage. Every Intuitive Creation I make, comes with a Psychic Reading Message as part of this special gift. #crystals #gift #psychicreading #necklace #macrame #knotting #rosequartz #consciousness #heart #heartchakra #healing #love #freedom #entrepreneur #mumpreneur #homeschooling #realityawareness


Chrysocolla is such a beautiful crystal! This necklace I’ve created with this natural piece of Chrysocolla helps with speaking your truth and allowing your Heart’s desires to be voiced and manifested in this lifetime. It is a Goddess Stone that allows you to communicate in a powerful but Heart centred way. Great for Throat issues and allowing the energy to travel into your Heart Chakra. $19AUD + postage. #crystals #chrysocolla #heart #heartchakra #throatchakra #om #namaste #yoga #necklace #macrame #knotting #blue #gratitude #entrepreneur #mumpreneur #homeschooling #speakingyourtruth #passionate #truthbearer #realityawareness


Carnelian is the action stone and gets you moving on those projects that need your attention. This magic piece is on an adjustable loop, so you can choose the length according to your vibe of the day. Carnelian will help you clarify and magnify your goals and shift whatever is blocking you and get things moving again for you. $29AUD + postage.


Psychic Reading included with these Intuitive Creations. Please email me at realityawareness1111@gmail.com if any of these pieces call to you.

Namaste xx

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