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Reality Awareness | Argh! I’m sick again!
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Argh! I’m sick again!

Argh! I’m sick again!

Do you ever find yourself saying that???

I rarely get sick (I’ll explain more why as we go along)…. and this past few days, I have gotten sick… I found myself falling asleep on Saturday evening, in such deep gratitude, for being sick!! Let me share why…

When we look at metaphysics – meta – meaning beyond and physics – the physical, we can become quite aware of our ‘sickness’ before it reaches our physical body. We are more than just our physical body, when we look at science and how this life of ours is made up – we are tiny bit of ‘space’ – vibrating atoms – that make us and everything we ‘see’ up around us… everything is energy…

So how do we become aware of our ‘sickness’ before we get physically sick?
If this stuff is all new to you, you may be like – yeah whatever, as if that is possible… and that of course, becomes your reality…. However, if you take a moment to listen you will understand that when you don’t start feeling ‘right’ on an spiritual/emotional/mental level, that is your first pinpoint to know something is going on. Perhaps you are feeling a bit ‘off’ or not your usual bubbly self, or you are feeling depressed, or unhappy, or extremely tired, or just out of sorts and you can’t quite place it, or find yourself delving into addictions of some sort – those are you key pointers to look deeper.

We have what you have probably heard before – our Aura – and that is the field/bubble of energy that surrounds our physical body and it could be seen like a second skin if you may. This Aura, has a few layers to it and it filters down to our physical. So if you are not aware of, or not listening to those subtle gentle signs, it will eventually come into your physical and manifest as an ‘illness’. Each particular illness, has a different meaning and represents a different aspect of your life – this stuff – this is what I am extremely passionate about! I LOVE this stuff! 🙂

I believe that I rarely get sick and that I barely visit the doctor because I am in tune with my body and these subtle messages.

But how do we know and hear them? And what do we do about that?
This takes practise. And we use our spiritual muscles, our intuition, to ‘hear’ them. Personal Growth Work/Tools, Psychic Development, Yoga & Meditation allow your vibration to become higher and you are able to ‘hear’ them more easily – and this can take time! It is like going to the gym to build and strengthen your physical messages – your spiritual muscles also need a workout! They need to be built and strengthened (and also cleared of past hurts/blocks – which is where the personal development tools/psychic development tools come in), for you to hear your intuition more clearly.

So why am I sick? Falling asleep on Saturday night, I don’t think I have FELT such profound gratitude for quite some time, especially through this somewhat intense eclipse season. We need to be aware that medical treatment very well has it’s place. We live in this reality, we need to accept ALL of this reality we live in right now. If you were in a car accident would you feel grateful for the medics that help you? Or would you tell them – no wait, I am a healer, I got this! – Um, no, probably not, you would deeply accept their help if you were badly hurt! So – don’t disregard the medical industry! This is where you need to trust yourself and allow the help in you need – we live in physical bodies, sometimes we need help with more than we can do!

There are 2 aspects to sickness… Yes, we can ‘catch’ alot of ‘stuff’ before it reaches our physical (the personal development/psychic tools come into play here) – we heal ourselves before we get sick. Find the lesson/gift in the sickness and you heal it far quicker than without… beat yourself up (argh why am I sick again?!) is only going to keep you there – what is your sickness/illness teaching you? What is the gift? What is the positive aspect of this situation right now? This is what the reality is, accept it and find the gift – so what are you going to do about it? Perhaps you need to SLOW DOWN in your life and just ‘sit’ or rest – maybe you have been pushing yourself too hard for too long – your body is talking to you – listen to it’s wisdom. Perhaps you ‘do your work’ (spiritually), but, you may need physical treatment with that too…. It could be an alternative therapist, or it could very well be a doctor. Remember – we are all part of the whole, and everything serves a purpose.

So the other aspect to sickness… when we have a big shift, whether an issue we’ve been working on spiritually, emotionally, mentally – this can cause us to get sick – why? Because when we ‘do our work’ (spiritually), we become ‘lighter’. Our vibration changes, because we are not carrying that emotional/mental baggage around anymore – and our physical body needs to catch up. When we shift vibration, our physical body will clear out anything that is no longer matching this new vibration. So when you get sick – stop beating yourself up! Take a moment to listen to what you need. Honour the process. It could be turning your life in a whole new direction that you were so not even aware was possible before. We may also change jobs, change relationships or some other big event, this can also ‘make us sick’.

I feel asleep feeling soooo grateful, because I think the last time I was sick, was August last year, and before that I do not remember. I KNOW this stuff is emotionally based – I woke up last Tuesday with a stiff neck to lower back all on right side of my body ONLY and went and got some treatments I felt called to do and then the next day had head cold/blocked/runny nose – ONLY on my right side!! Something is shifting = deeply. I know, because the steps and actions I took on Easter Weekend shifted something in me and now, my vibration is shifting. Falling asleep, it was like ‘yes, yes, clear me.’ It felt deeply supportive to be sick right now. I am loving it, resting when I need, tuning in and loving every aspect of it, knowing everything that has happened in the past 8 months, is clearing out.

On Saturday morning, I woke up with a sore throat! Yes I was about to teach that day and knew it was related to speaking my truth. When I pulled a card on it – I got ‘Creative Expression’ and know deeply that my throat chakra is related to expressing myself – my soul was longing to be expressed. I had to teach all day, but vowed on my Sunday off, that I would get creative. I thought I would pick up my guitar, but I really wanted to sew, and I did so. Today – no sore throat whatsoever!

I LOVE this stuff. Metaphysics, chakras and the intricate and delicate aspect and role they play in our lives is my ultimate niche! If you need help in getting clear what is going on for you, reach out. I can help. You can contact me here.

Rest well, and LOVE every aspect of what is going on – it is there for a reason and is calling you to love you even more. Namaste. xxx



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