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Reality Awareness | I’ve been holding back… have you?
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I’ve been holding back… have you?

I’ve been holding back… have you?

I realised this morning when I awoke with a sore and stiff neck (I NEVER get stiff necks!), well not straight away, but after a fair bit of processing, I have been holding back… speaking my truth, obviously. And no surprise, we ARE on Throat Chakra Month!!!

The past few weeks, I have been unravelling so much stuff that has been clouding who I am… unravelling all that I have been taught… and it has been huge… I realised this morning in my process, that I have been holding back SO MUCH that I want to say!! No wonder my Throat and Neck have ‘locked up!’ I know there has been a part of me scared, to speak my truth, because it is going to challenge those that read it. Yet, this morning showed me, I can’t hold back anymore. I realised I have been waiting for ‘the right time’. Well we all know the right time is NOW!

I know I have been holding back because of comments that have been made to me in the past when I have voiced my truth. Negative comments that made me feel shit and well, ‘what is the point of my truth, better to not share how I am feeling at all then.’ So I have kept quiet… yet exploded inside. My body told me so. I got sick. Very sick. My healing came when I listened to my Heart.. and not the voices from my past in my head… and it is happening again… IMG_0692

I am not really willing to hold back anymore… and my body is telling me so. So, I need to put my fears aside, I am not going to be burnt at the stake again. I need to step up out of my comfort zone and trust that in honouring my truth, I can shift stuff for the planet. The planet needs this. It doesn’t need me to hide anymore. It doesn’t need me to shrink back. I am being gently pushed, and I need to start voicing.

If you don’t want to hear me, then please, block me in your news feed. I am really going to honour my voice and share the realisations – I have a list of topics to blog about! How’s that for holding back! I’ve been waiting for the right time for ‘people to receive it’?!!? What sort of belief is that? Well, it is time. No more holding back. This is just the start. I have been moving into some pretty uncomfortable places lately… and it is changing me – so much. I want to share this change with you.

I invite you to see if there is anywhere you have been holding back?

With love, from my Heart. Hannah x

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