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Reality Awareness | Paradigm Shifts Changes Whole Realities
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Paradigm Shifts Changes Whole Realities

Paradigm Shifts Changes Whole Realities

Have you felt it the past 2 years? An intense period of growth? Change? Big things happening that you didn’t see coming? It’s been huge… and we’ve just stepped out of an astrologically intense 2 year period that has been helping instigate these changes.

Pertinent on the New Moon today, I finally feel the ‘push’ to sit down and write my biggest realisations. It is still an adjustment, and it seems like it is ‘flicking’ back into the old paradigm that I have come from, yet, it isn’t long and this new one resonates so much more heart-centredly, I think I will stay here.

It is definitely a heart space and I have been wondering how to ‘explain’ it because it is a heart space and in that space the mind cannot comprehend. However, I will try, from my realisations that have shifted the most emotional trauma, issues, patterns, beliefs, and plain old stuff for me lately. It has come from this one simple technique than any other therapy, meditation, process or healing I have ever had before. Quite simply, it has shifted issues that have stemmed from my childhood, teenage years and the past 10 years in a few simple sessions.

We are emotional. Us women, more so. Yet, we all have emotions, we all have feelings – male or female. For me, it is about yes, we all get angry, we all say things we don’t mean, we all do things we don’t mean to at the time – we have feelings – we are human and they are all very real and legitimate. All of this, this emotional trauma, issues, patterns, beliefs – I am calling it all ‘stuff’.

With presence, anything can shift.

For me, relationships have always been huge. And we have relationships with anything, not just people. But right now, I am talking about people. As some of you know, I have just taken six months to myself, no dating, no guys, no sex (except with myself!) – just 100% pure me time. To get clear – to face myself. And my goodness, it has been a huge reality check and deeply healing time for me. Clarity? Oh yes….

I have never been able to hold a stable relationship. And that is one of the hugest reasons I took that six months. I had read about a lady doing it years ago… and for the past 2 years, I know I have needed to do it. And in April this year, I finally did. 1st April-1st October. I finally did it. And – it wasn’t easy. It wasn’t easy to face myself, nor the reality of my past and all the voices, current and past – that have kept me holding my own voice back.

I always would end a relationship when it got ‘too hard’. Because I was always told to walk away. I listened to others instead of listening to my Heart. Sure, you can take other people’s opinions on board – IF they resonate with your Heart.

Warning!! Warning!! Make sure you check in with your own Heart.

Sounds simple enough right? My biggest mistake, was that I disregarded what my own Heart said. And I am so ‘there’ now, that you already know. You don’t need some outside validation to tell you what’s right. Or signs. Or meditation. Or card readings. Or spiritual guides. Or, the list is endless…(more on this soon) I will say it again:

You don’t need any external validation. You already know within YOUR HEART.

“Oh he shouldn’t be treating you like that, walk away.”

“Oh, he’s not  a ‘conscious’ man, walk away.”

“Oh, he needs to be this and that, blah blah blah.”

“Oh, he’s not working on himself, walk away.”


The part about walking away for me in the past/ending the relationship every time something came up, has been a long held pattern. I simply did not know how to deal with it and it is what my mentors at the time told me to do. I listened without listening to my Heart first. What I am talking about is that presence – holding space – for anyone. I hold space, presence for my daughter all the time. Yet, for some reason, when it came to adults, I just wasn’t conscious of it.

When my daughter is upset, having a tantrum, angry, whinging about this or that – do I walk away from her, because what, she is in her stuff?? No, I hold space, set limits if I need to, and she gets through to the other side, without me having to do anything, tell her this or that or “Do this meditation, you have this wound, here heal it with this mind thing.” No.

What, because she is “Not at the level of consciousness that I am.” – I leave the relationship? No.

Imagine what society will end up like if – “Oh sorry, I can’t talk to you, you are not at the level of consciousness I am.” WOAH!!!! WTF?!?! (Yeah, that’s right. Lots of what the fucks!)

HOLD UP! HOLD UP!! I am the conscious one here… why can’t I hold space for them? Has been my questioning… that has been my open door…

I am learning that the Divine Feminine is a deeply held space, of Presence. Non-judgemental, not speaking, but listening, total and utter Presence – to everyone. Not a selected few.

Nature – Our Divine Feminine, is all around us – She holds space for us all the time, even through all the turmoil, She is still there. And in this presence, we move through our ‘stuff’.

So… what, if every time someone in the world is in their ‘stuff’ I walk away because “Oh, sorry, you aren’t at the level of consciousness I am” – this is spiritual ego – not Heart felt compassion for what they are going through…. that is mind, not Heart. What will the world become if we stay at THIS level of consciousness – that “Oh they are not where I am at, so I need to move on.” or “Oh, they need to do this meditation and heal this wound before I can ‘resonate’ with them, or they can be accepted by me in MY world and THEN I can talk to them.” – This sits very uncomfortably with me!!!!

There is a very distinctive feeling of ‘being in your stuff’ and ‘when something is not aligned to your Truth/Heart’…. and that distinction and ‘how to’, comes from trusting of YOUR Heart space… and whether you are listening to your Heart or the words/mind/advice of someone else that someone told you.

All the ‘courses’ and ‘tales’ in the world is made up of opinions of everyone else. That is all. So, tuning into YOUR heart is all that matters….. and that takes courage to follow your own Heart beyond anyone else, because we are all unique and have our own paths to walk.

I’m not saying, don’t do anything. Yet, that may be what your Heart is calling you to do. All spiritual meditations and courses have a place in the world, just like the medical industry, just like our education system. Yet, don’t let anyone, thing or dogma, override the feelings in your Heart. Heart Centred Being is the consciousness this world needs, not someone telling someone that this is wrong with them or that this happened because of this and this, so do this, this will ‘fix’ you. No. Your Heart Centred Presence and Compassion with yourself first, then others, is all this world needs.

Heart Centred Compassion is not taught. You don’t need to pay someone to learn something that is inherent in us all. That includes compassion for yourself.

I got very lost there for a while. Very caught up in a dogma I wasn’t expecting. And I am very sorry. And it threw me. Two years ago I ‘fell’. After taking this six months to myself, which has been hard in itself, it has only been these past 3 months I have come into utmost clarity of what my Heart is saying. And showing me about the world. And how we can shift the world with Presence. And nothing more.

12003340_10153084915610686_1105330130338053968_nI am not perfect, my Heart Presence tolerance and Compassion is a muscle, just like any other, yet it is becoming stronger. I do it for my daughter all the time, yet, for adults around me and myself, that is the muscle that is growing.

I only need to feel the breeze of the Wind on my skin or warmth of the Sun, for the gentle reminder that She is there all the time – dropping me back into that Heart Presence, for myself as a priority and others as a necessity. It is growing, but it is the growth in that, that my Heart is coming back alive with.

Namaste. <3

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