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Reality Awareness | It Changes
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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It Changes

It Changes

This is my answer to the most common question I seem to get answered lately! I have been asked quite alot lately – what is my morning/day/routine/ritual/practise for yoga/meditating or otherwise? It changes – all the time. Some of you may be surprised that I don’t have a strict ritual/yoga/meditating routine. The truth is that whilst sometimes I love getting up and doing yoga and meditating and sometimes I feel like I deeply NEED this, other times, I feel like sleeping in, getting up, making my breakfast and a home brewed coffee and sitting and reading my book before I start my day – notice that the word is feel.

Whilst I am very for meditating and yoga and all things that support you in staying connected – yet the key is – connection. For me, personally – to stay connected I need to feel my way through life. If I get stuck in my head thinking of well I should do yoga today because blah blah blah, well, then I am in my head and have lost my heart feeling connection. When I stay attuned to my heart’s feeling guiding me what to do today, then I stay in flow.

My rhythm and my flow changes – week to week, day to day. Yes, there are certain classes I teach that are locked into place at certain times during the week and there are certain times I have to be places where for instance I meet surfing mums so I can surf, yet, nothing is set in stone for a regularly daily strict routine and practise.

Whilst these things support me:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation (usually 20-30 minute chunks of time to a track I listen to)
  • Journalling
  • Taking a bath
  • Sleeping
  • Reading my book
  • Writing
  • Surfing
  • Being in nature
  • Pulling a card for the day (oracle/tarot cards)
  • Running
  • Playing with my animals
  • (There is more I am sure!)

These are things that are not set in stone in a time lock place during my day. I don’t get up religiously at 5am to practise yoga for 30 mins and meditate for 20. Whilst some weeks, yes, this rhythm really supports me, it isn’t set in stone for life! I usually find that my flows seem to change every few weeks – although – it isn’t something I have monitored.

Now, I am not saying to throw the baby out with the bath water! What I am saying, is to tune into your rhythm and your flow.

Some weeks I am very busy (like I have been writing books and teaching workshops the past few months), that I get up at 5am to write as many pages as I can in a quiet sleeping household and then breakfast ritual/routine will start and I will sit and read my book with a coffee after breakfast to start my day. By the end of the day, I can deeply feel the pull to do some yoga or sit still for 30 minutes meditating before bed because my day has been so hectic. Other times, I get up at 5am (usually around this time is natural waking for me), and I feel the pull to meditate and do yoga whilst the sun is rising. Sometimes I have been up very late writing a book (because that is what is alive for me to do so), and then I sleep in and only have time to pull a card for the day before we need to leave the house.

It isn’t about stopping your routine – but it is important to mix it up.

The feminine, our intuition, staying connected to your flow – isn’t regimented and structured. It is flowing and changing – you know, nothing stays the same, change is the only constant. Get to know what supports you and then step outside your comfort zone and mix up your routine. Why? If you are wanting to retrain your brain and let in new realities, create abundance or anything else in your life – this is the first step – let in change!

The other thing is that the creative feminine is always flowing, so if we are stuck in our ways, even ‘healthy’ I get up and meditate everyday at the exact same time everyday structured, strict regimented routines – how does that allow the divine in to support the change you are asking for? Now, don’t get me wrong – if you are someone who never has had structure and has just started a new routine – well – trust yourself!

The point is – feeling is changing all the time. If you are exhausted from a huge week of work and want to sleep in – but your strict routine and structure is telling you to get up and do yoga and meditate – which are you listening to? Yes, there are benefits to meditating and doing yoga – I am just saying – switch it up. Let yourself sleep in and maybe you’ll have aliveness and really want to do yoga in the afternoon. Trust yourself, instead of some external force/idea telling you if you don’t meditate at 5am today you are going to have a shit day – are you? Really? Where is that belief/story coming from?

Just tune into YOU. That is all. You know what supports you. My day’s change, because I seem to look at the whole month, not just the day. There is time for it all, but not in one day. Not in my lifestyle anyway! Find YOUR way. Find YOUR heart. And TRUST IT. Over ANYONE else. Over ANYTHING else.

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