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Reality Awareness | Haters are always going to hate….yet…
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Haters are always going to hate….yet…

Haters are always going to hate….yet…

Haters are always going to hate… yet – is that the energy we really want to be feeding into the world?

Everyone has an opinion yes, everyone has shared and different beliefs… Yet… what is it to sit there and argue your point of view when people only understand from their level of perception anyway? And, what on Earth is it trying to achieve by forcing your opinion on someone – dominance, control, fear, manipulation.. these are the basis’s for war baby and this is not what you here on Earth to be in right?

And then any one trying to force their authority over someone, is a pile of fear, mis-understanding and plain old hurt. The saying ‘Hurt people, hurt people’ plays big here…

So if the haters are always going to hate – is it acceptable to be hating? What is the energy here? Do you stand for that? Do you engage and try and get someone who has already made up their mind – do what they do and waste time and energy on trying to change something that isn’t your job to change/control/authority over/power over? Hell fucking no. But what do you do about it?

As Mother Theresa so wisely said – “If you hold an anti-war rally, I shall not attend, but if you hold a pro-peace rally, invite me.”

This is so huge and so little understand it. And I guess, that is why I play big in the 1%…. I honestly don’t care if someone understands me or not, that is not the point of what I share what I do. I used to. But I dropped that a while ago. I really understand what Mother Theresa is saying here.

When you really drop into this, understand it and live it, you realise the bigger picture here.

There is a polarity yes, and there is 2 options – looking at it from Unity lenses or Separation lenses.

Separation lenses see better than and less than. (fear)

Unity lenses see it as all part of the whole and there is no separation in any of it. (love)

Which lenses are you in?

You have a choice which ones you put on. What are you wearing today?

If  you are unsure which way you are going or where your internal compass is pointing, you can Recalibrate Your Internal Compass here, so that you can live your life, without the need to feel better than or less than others and create the peaceful planet we all say we want. http://realityawareness.com/recalibratingyourinternalcompass



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