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Reality Awareness | Turn confusion and doubt into your most trusted allies
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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Turn confusion and doubt into your most trusted allies

Turn confusion and doubt into your most trusted allies

So.. you made a choice.. and then BAM… what have I done? Maybe I shouldn’t do it… maybe they were right… oh I don’t know now… YEP – there it is – doubt, confusion, backing out of what you knew was right in the first place… of what is RIGHT FOR YOU! 

Doubt and confusion can be disabling, shut you down, make your life feel like it is totally upside down, you don’t trust yourself, nothing feels right and you know why? Because you are believing it to be true – you’re in it babe – 100%….

So what do you do? You remember why you chose to do it in the first place… and you see doubt and confusion for what it is… if it makes you feel heavy, ergh, not good, then you need to get back into that place of where you originally chose to make the decision you did…

There are numerous reasons we begin to doubt ourselves:

  • listening to other people’s opinion over our own inner knowing
  • wanting to fit in and be accepted
  • society/traditional ‘accepted’ viewpoints
  • we don’t believe in ourselves or trust ourselves
  • limiting beliefs/mindset

All of these can totally change your life – if you let them have power over you.

I have highlighted words in YELLOW because all of what I am discussing here is deeply related to the Solar Plexus Chakra.  This is spinning vortex of energy is located in between our heart and our navel and affects all of your emotions, thoughts, beliefs, choices and subsequent actions that relate to your Self-Worth, Self-Belief, Trust in Yourself, Your Integrity, Feeling Aligned and Alive, this place is your LIGHT and whether you shine it for all to see, or whether you hide your true self so that you fit into society and are ‘accepted’.

Doubt, confusion is what clouds your Solar Plexus, so every time you listen to someone else opinion over yourself you inherently ‘pop’ one of the lightbulbs in your Solar Plexus and your light, energy and life ‘dims’. Oh, I forgot to mention, your Solar Plexus is bright yellow like the Sun – and it gives power to everything you do in your life, let alone your other chakras, and ‘powers’ your physical organs. Hence, it being about how you feel in your life, whether you are confident, sure and on track, or whether you let other’s have an impact over your life or not.

So, when doubt and confusion strike, here is a 4 step process to get clear and back on track:

  1. Take a moment to sit down and actually write down on paper why you chose to do it in the first place
  2. On another bit of paper, write down in dot points, your confusion and doubts
  3. Take a few deep breaths, breathe deep into your stomach. Close your eyes and have a listen – do those doubts and confusing thoughts, do they sound like you? Or someone else? (could be society values/tradition/parents/relatives/something you read in a book/internet)
  4. Now take a moment… what do you really want to believe? What do you want to believe? Not what someone else said, not what society said… you.. what do you want to believe? What choice do you want to make? GO DO THAT!!!

Know that when you make a decision and you start moving forward in that, every single ounce of resistance, doubt and confusion will come up to stop you. Some call it sabotage. I call it strengthening yourself to align to your path, what is right for you in your life and what you want to do. Know that it is there to ‘test’ you if you may – are you sure? Are you sure you really want this? Um YES! So go do it okay? If it is not meant to be, or it is not your pathway – you will know. Trust that your Soul knows your pathway and if you choose something that is out of alignment of your Soul’s path you will just damn well know.

You are waking up. You are becoming more aware of yourself. Things that aren’t good for you – you bloody well feel it and deep down, you kinda know it isn’t good for you even if you don’t actually know what is good for you or what path you are meant to be on. Be okay with not knowing the full picture yet. Usually, when you are waking up, we strip away and become very clear on what we don’t want, yet it can take some time to be clear on what we actually do want – so just be okay with everything stripping away okay?

Honestly? If you don’t live your own life, if you don’t do what you really want to do, you are going to be resentful, angry and ultimately disconnected from what you are here to do. Yes, guilt, obligation are big ones to deal with, so send me a message or email if you are feeling stuck on this, as it can keep us trapped in dark places because we feel we ‘owe’ it to them… owe it to who babe? You are only shutting yourself down… is that the kind of role model you want for your partner, kids, family, clients, life?

So… what decisions have you made that you know are right for you, yet you back out everytime? Comment below – I want to know!

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