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Reality Awareness | Oh their potential! Yes… but their reality too….
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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Oh their potential! Yes… but their reality too….

Oh their potential! Yes… but their reality too….

I am all for holding the highest light and vibration for someone (potential), yet, it is so important to come deep into the reality of someone too.

Whether it is a intimate partner relationship, client healer relationship, employee boss relationship or any other type of relationship of course it is in everybody’s best interest to hold the highest potential and light of someone – heck this is what we use visualisation for to change our lives – imagine something different and live as if until it is reality, yes important, yet there is a mindfulness that must come, when being in potential and being in reality.

I find that this is one of my gifts… of seeing the highest light/potential, yet also seeing the different realities that are current, need to shift, change and process to get to their highest potential. Just as a medical intuitive can see straight into your body, I can see straight into your life and what, how, where, who, back then, now and all in between is going on for you.

Without compassionate support of where you are right now, and clear direct steps of how to change your situation to get where you really want to go, it can be very crippling and debilitating, not only for you, but for the one who sees the potential in you too. Perhaps you are in a relationship where you are living an alternate reality and wondering why it is painful most of the time – you need to come into reality of what is, to be able to shift into what you want. Whist we can be in love with someones potential, we need to live with their reality. And this can be the hardest part about understanding what is going on in your relationship and making the choice on whether to leave or stay. Guilt and obligation are huge undercurrents that can bind us to unfulfilling relationships. Of course we can ‘make it work’ – yet are you really deeply satisfied? Are you truly honouring your own inner calling about what is possible for you and your life? Of course, we can support and love them where they are at, yet if something is niggling you, you need to dig deeper and get clear on what is going on, your dreams matter. You matter.

Everyone – everyone – has this higher potential, everyone has their own unique potential/life purpose to be lived on this planet – it is my gift to see straight into this – yet, I also have the gift of seeing what exactly needs to shift to being able to support in creating your potential as your reality now.

Stuff can change in an instant yes – absolutely – yet sometimes we need concrete steps to understand what, how, when, where, why this needs to change and this is what I am best at doing. I don’t give a reading to tell your future, I see the steps needed to create the reality you want, this is how I work with you – supporting you each step of the way in being able to live your potential, fulfil your dreams and even unravel the stuff that is covering your dreams (you know, that confusion, turmoil and wtf!) so you can remember what you want in life and live, create and breathe what you are here to do.

If you want to book a session with me, we can do email or phone/skype sessions and get your steps clear today. Check them out here: http://realityawareness.com/tarotreadings/

#keepitreal babes whilst creating your dreams!

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