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Reality Awareness | When you want to give up – don’t
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When you want to give up – don’t

When you want to give up – don’t

When you want to give up, when it all feels too hard, when you are at breaking point and you want to throw it all in because what is the fucking point – DON’T.

The hardest part is right before the end….

The hardest part is right before the new beginning…

Just like giving birth – the hardest part about labour is right at the end yes? When you just want to give up because it is all too hard and you are exhausted – is the moment new life is birthed…

When you know you have been working on something for so long and you know it is right – do not fucking give up!

Just because it didn’t work the first time – are you going to throw in the towel? Give up? Imagine if Thomas Edison gave up – you know, the guy who invented the lightbulb? You’ve heard that story right? 1,000 times before he got it right – 1,000 – do you comprehend that?? (btw he made way more than just the lightbulb – google that shit)

Remember that…

And fucking remember – that to fail 1,000 times and then to get it right – he must’ve had some innate knowing deep down within him – that it was possible – that there was no possible way this could not work – he just had to get it right to make it work – and not stop until that happened…

You have that right….

You have that same thing deep within you….

Think about it….

When you want something to work, you sit there and make it work until it does right?

I trust that you are reading this – because yep, that is you….

You have this strong fucking urge inside you – SOMETHING is fucking calling you, even if you don’t know what, you were born for more…. than THIS… more for THIS… right now….

Something is driving you…. calling you…. SOMETHING…… maybe you know what it is, maybe you don’t… but SOMETHING is there….

This is your sign baby…. that what you want – is also fucking calling YOU…..

This is your sign – that you feel like it is all so darn fucking hard all the time, yes bouts of flow and ease but fuck it’s been a hard slog recently and baby – do not fucking give up. DO NOT FUCKING GIVE UP….

Up your faith, up your trust, up your fucking life and know that your efforts of change are paying off, that the Universe hears you 100 fucking % and you just don’t know what is around the corner – so keep the fucking faith!

Deliberate Intent Baby….. it is yours… all of it.

Claim it.


Keep going.


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