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Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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Reading Results are IN!

Reading Results are IN!

READING RESULTS ARE IN!!! I felt drawn to using the Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guide, by Steven D. Farmer today, so have a look what card number you were drawn to, to see which animal was calling you forth today with their message for you, send me a message or comment below if you need help:


Card #1:Emu, This is a good time to go on a new adventure.

Ooooh, feels like travel plans are in the midst here, and if you have been getting ideas about somewhere you want to go to, then this is your ‘yes! do it!’ sign for you. It almost feels like with this card, that it is more than just travelling local too, feels like travelling abroad and being able to explore something completely new. On an internal front, it feels like you have been doing a lot of internal work too and this longing/desiring for something new, somewhere different, something….. change…. something….. is the external catch up to the inner changes that have been processing for you. I am also getting something on the home front too, I am wondering if this adventure of change, is also about something to do with your home changing too, renovating, or changing furniture to update your new wardrobe so to speak, or a complete change of home and scenery – but again, more than just local. Feels like big changes have been rumblingg through your life with lots of chaos thrown in the mix, yet these ideas that have been dropping in about moving or adventuring to somewhere more than just local are very real and it is time to take your next step to make it happen. If you are not clear on the next step, try taking 10 minutes of meditation before bed or first thing when you wake to receive the clarity. Perhaps you already know and it is time to make that phone call, check the house listing website, or flight booking – which one is it for you today?

Card #2: Camel, Trust that you have the resources to get through the challenges before you.

Oh honey, it feels like you have been stressing hard about ‘having enough’ and whether you will make it through. This Camel – feels so strongly to remind you that they walk through the desert with water supplies to get them through and some how they always make it. Think about it – have you ever gone without a meal (unless you’re fasting of course!), or ever not had a roof over your head? So let’s draw on these experiences to release the pressure of stress from your mind, body and awareness, that you can recalibrate to what is actually real right now. It feels like a lot of people are attaching/latching into the poverty/fear/lack mentality of energy that is sweeping our planet. Yes your current reality is very real and valid for you right now, yet nothing will change if you continue to focus on it. You know what needs to be done, so get those tasks done right now and once you have done all you can do for it today, get outside in nature and become really present with your surroundings. Tell Mother Nature of your worries and then once all that is out – tell her what you want… and get into the feelings of what you want and keep a focus there, if you start worrying again, remember what you do want instead and keep coming back to that. There is no way you can turn back it feels like and whatever you are moving into is quite foreign and new, yet, it doesn’t seem like you can go back to what you had, or where you were at, yet the physical manifestations of your new creations are not quite there yet, yet Camel feels very strong for you, that what you want is just up ahead, so just keep going and you will make your mark – okay? Can you get in nature today? Even if it is the night sky before you go to bed?

Card #3: Cardinal, The polarities of your spiritual pursuits and physical pleasures are out of balance, so do whatever is necessary to bring them back into equilibrium.

Oh babe! So much confusion washed over me as I start to download this message for you! Out of balance my word! Time out beautiful one! It feels like you have been pushing yourself, striving, striving and striving and striving and omg, wayyyyy to much in one direction… yes we have deadlines, yes we have things we need to do – but if you don’t stop and take a moment to breathe, have some time out and some fun, the inflow of your life is not going to happen! This Red Cardinal – very Base Chakra and it feels like a lot of unnecessary fear is going on for you which, the opposite of fear is trust and very relational to the Base Chakra. I am hearing money – and it feels like money is the basis of driving your striving and the lack mentality that goes along with the fear… Again it feels like it is all flowing out of you in so many ways, of like doing and doing and doing there is no time for being – which is the in flow. Whether you are needing more inflow of money or even just plain old time to let that inflow tap open, babe, let’s get real – you need to create this for yourself. ‘Oh but I can’t and I don’t have time and… fill in the blank’. No. Enough. Now. What is under this striving is a deep need for acceptance and deep desire for approval and a deep hole of ‘I’m not good enough’. Babe. Let’s get real. You are worth it. No – it isn’t even that. Because you exist – you are deserving of it. Gah – I can’t get the words out that is the feeling I am feeling for you – worthy and deserving don’t even come into it here – because you exist – you are part of the whole, you are not separate and this… this…. what you are striving for – is yours – if you just step (want to say – step the fuck up!) up and claim this for yourself. Get it into your being – because you exist it is yours. Yet the constant outpouring of striving does not allow it to enter into your inflow because it is blocked and shutdown by a very dominant masculine/doing. So. Your task. 3 x 30 minutes for the rest of this week – CREATE space in your timetable for you. Even if you have to get up 30 minutes earlier – no excuses. Now, message me and tell me what you are doing and what timeslots you have these 3 x 30 minutes sessions booked in for yourself.

Card #4: Platypus, Stop complaining and focus your attention on the blessings in your life.

Argh! This card drives me insane when I am full of feelings, emotional and feeling very unsupported in my life! So, it is with deepest compassion and understanding of this that I share this message of Platypus. Do you have someone you can vent to? Journal? Write? Get that shit out – so important yeah? And THEN MOST IMPORTANT part of it, is turning your attention to what you do want. Now – when we are in this ‘shit of a time’ we usually don’t even know what we really want – yet the desire is really strong that there is more than THIS of what you are experiencing right now. #1 – be okay with not knowing what you want right now and #2 is that when we are feeling so lost and complaining about stuff we don’t want, we need to make sure our energy is clear. Sometimes the muddled mess of confusion is ‘being fused’ to another and we have taken on their energy as ours, instead of letting it pass through us (take a lot of practise here)… The other important thing to note here, is that there comes a point when we need to take our life by the reigns – and this starts with being super responsible for what we are thinking about a situation in our lives and actually doing something about it instead of complaining all the time. This comes with tough love here, that every word you think and speak, holds a certain vibration and when we are constantly complaining  about what we don’t want, I am sorry but this is all the Universe is hearing. As Platypus has come to you today, it feels like this is the core message here – it is time to super seed your life with what you do want – even if that is just feeling better than what you are right now to start with. Be responsible with your thinking reality. Read affirmation books, google affirmations/mindset if you have to, download affirmation audios that you can listen to over and over to help you retrain your brain – because this is exactly what needs to happen here. Send me a message if you need some direction with this message from Platypus today.

Card #5: Blue Heron, Make a stand for what you believe in and do what feels right in spite of any judgement or disapproval from others.

You’ve heard that saying haven’t you? “People will judge you no matter what you do, so you may as well just do what you want to do.” Heron’s message is strong here – listen to your heart, listen to your values, listen to your feelings and do what you need and want to in life anyway. I am getting the sense here for you, that right now, someone else’s voice is quite prominent in your head/mind/life and it is affecting all the choices you are choosing to make about your decisions, all the whilst your soul is craving to get out! Blue Heron shows up in your lives, when you know deep down what you want, yet you are still feeling obligated to someone else’s values and what they want and need in your life. A good way to feel into this, is if the choice you need to make (and it feels like this is what this is about for you, even if it is as simple as whether you say yes to an event or not), is that would it bring your heart and soul alive to do it? Or are you dragging your feet to go/do? ‘Oh but… fill in the blank’ I hear in response… yes, there will always be a but – yet your butt will be dragging your sorry ass around if you choose to do something out of guilt and obligation and digging your black hole deeper, rather than trusting you have the resources, the strength and the freedom to create the life you really want to create. Yes, it is possible babe, don’t deny those inner callings that are urging you to release the binds that are holding you back (guilt/obligation). So, I ask you again, does it bring your soul alive, make your heart flutter with excitement and joy, or do you shrink and feel like you are wading through mud?

Card #6: Rattlesnake: The experiences that you’re presently going through are an initiation into fulfilling your purpose as a healer.

OMG YEW!!!!!!!!!!! Oh dear one! What a card for you today! Man – you are wading through some heavy stuff now though yeah? And, oh how uncomfortable and irritating it is when you are shedding your old skin so you can be all slick, healthy, shining and gleaming again! (Rattlesnake).. Things are being shaken (or rattling!) huge rumblings through your life actually and this card is coming to you to say “Hey, its okay, even though it doesn’t feel like it’ You have got a big solid purpose here and this stuff needs to go. You are getting closer and closer, it is nearly time.” It honestly feels like you are being shaken right into your very core to understanding and fulfilling a very important role here on this Earth and the ‘dark night of the soul’ you are currently experiencing, feels like it is pretty darn close to being lifted to walk in the light again. I am curious – is there some inkling inside you, that were born for more? Destined for something bigger than you are experiencing? Send me message if this is a resounding yes – it feels like it from here babe! Now, what can you do to take care of yourself this week? As when those dark night of the souls hit, they are pretty heavy – I know! Let me know what you are doing to take care of yourself this week? Big hugs! <3

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