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Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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Reading Results are IN!

Reading Results are IN!


Felt called to use Archangel Michael Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue today and kinda makes sense with how many people are stepping out of icky situations, changing their life, making big changes and stepping into their Life Purpose right now. Archangel Michael is the overseer of Life Purpose and helps Lightworker’s get on path and bring their Life Purpose to fruition. He is the Archangel that clears away what no longer serves and cuts directly through the truth (with his sword of truth/light that he always carries with him). Have a scroll to find your number that you chose today. Send me a message if you need personal help in your life relational to the message you got today from this powerful Archangel of Light. Namaste.

Card #1: Decide to Be Happy Now:

Ah, this card can be annoying when you are in a negative space. Yet, here it is and this is your sign baby, to claim your power, pull your energy back into yourself, stop focusing on others, and get on with your life. Listen to positive affirmation audios, read positive affirmation books and do what you need to do now to get out your negative space. It could be as much as going for a walk outside in nature to shift the energy in your body and therefore bring your mind/body/soul back into equilibrium. I am also getting the message with this card for you that you are waiting to be happy based on an external experiences, ‘I will be happy when’ syndrome here, and the message here is clear – be happy now – not in the future, because the future will never come! Right now is creating your future, so get outside, get your body moving to get your energy moving, therefore your life will start moving. Shake off that negativity, sadness and doubt, listen to some inspiring mentors, listen to positive affirmation audios, start journalling with deliberate intent and walk yourself into happiness. So, what is the first step you need to take right now to make this happen?

Card #2: New Beginnings & A Fresh New Start

Oh hugs honey, there has been a lot of darkness around this time for you, as the darkness on the card in the picture is deeply jumping out at me as I read this for you, yet, under it, the Sun is rising, you are starting a new beginning, rising up from the ashes it feels like, the phoenix being burnt to the ground and now starting to feel the inklings of getting on with life with this new path you feel you are on. Even if you aren’t joyous about it as such, you are seeing the bigger picture now (even if you fall back into darkness for short stints now) and you are slowing rising up again. I am feeling the wind and the scarf around his neck and head in this picture too, and feeling like there is an aspect of letting it go with the wind, letting it brush off you like, ‘water off a ducks back’. It feels like you have been knocked around a fair bit, yet, this new direction – seek like minded souls, and actually, feels like they are already starting to come into your sphere with being very clear about what you don’t want… now start making them turn up in your life NOW by focusing on what you do want okay? It is indeed a fresh new start and you have the power to take your power back now and make your direction the best you’ve ever been on, even if it is still a dirt road to begin with, you are creating the bitumen right now for smoother roads ahead. What can you daydream about that you really want? What can you positively journal about? Time to refocus babe, enough of the past – let’s create that smooth road ahead. Pick up your pen now?

Card #3: Take Your Time Making This Decision

This card is definitely a sign for you to check the t’s and dot the i’s… double check everything I am sensing for you… yet, the other inter-relational message I am getting for you here is that you inherently know deep down already and that you are in a space of doubting yourself. So stop doing that to yourself! It clouds your discernment with what you know is right for you and the decision that you made, is right for you at this time. Whatever it is that you have on some level already decided, now is not the time to be backing out of yourself with your decision. Yes precise timing feels like it is key and playing a big part here for you, so trust that if you haven’t created the decision yet, but know deep down already your choice, be okay with being at this stage. Trust that you will voice your decision, that you will create the changes you need at the right time and it cannot be any other way. It will happen when you feel it in your bones okay? Release judgement of what, how, when, just be with it, trust yourself and allow divine timing to rumble through your bones.

Card #4: Reversed Card: This is Your Life’s Purpose

Very interesting that ‘This is Your Life’s Purpose’ card has been reversed and you were drawn to it! First thing I am getting here for you is that you are not seeing something clearly in relation to your Life Purpose and the words I am hearing is think outside the box. I saw an awesome quote this morning funnily enough by Jost Sauer that: “Find your cosmic self, you are meant to be more than normal and feel more than ordinary.” This is so it on your Life Purpose. Being different and unique is what makes you you, what set’s you apart from the rest and when you engage and embrace this uniqueness about yourself, you allow your divine self to step in and ‘drive’. I am really hearing loud and clear about checking over things, thinking outside of the box and being open to different things you haven’t thought of yet – feels so strong, so if you are solidly alive on your Life Purpose, maybe step back and get a birds eye view to see what you are missing? I am also getting a sense of Fear of stepping onto your Life Purpose, so distractions, self-sabotage and the like are coming up strongly for you too. It feels like there is a part of you deep within that knows it is sooo close now and it is always the darkest before the dawn, so keep putting one foot in front of the other, don’t turn back now, keep going and take a bird’s eye view to see what you can see. Good opening questions are: How can I see more of what is going on here? Please show me what I need to see here. What steps am I missing that I need to take now? What else do I need to know about?

Card #5: Shield Yourself

You are very sensitive to energy and it feels that at this time, you are feeling more and more knocked around than ever. Time to shield yourself! Coming from the best form of protection is when we are protecting from the inside out, meaning, fill your cup/bucket up and make sure you are ‘full’, as that bucket is harder to be tipped over when it is full. The other thing about coming from the inside out is that whatever we are attracting in our lives, is in some form something that is being reflected deep within ourself. So, when we are aware of this, we can look at the shadow aspect of what is being reflected in the other person and re-zoom the focus back on ourselves and know that there is just a shadow part that is wanting to speak, be noticed and integrated. When we do this, we realise there is actually nothing to ‘shield’ ourselves from as such, but allowing our internal light to shine on what is not yet seen. This internal light expands from within and through our entire being, into our aura and nothing but love can penetrate this. If you need help with your shadow, send me a message. There seems to be a lot of shadow integration stuff going on the planet right now. Of course, at times, shielding your energy is needed as necessity at times, and by all means – listen to that! Yet, use the visualisation of your inner light beaming from within and filling your entire being, rather than shielding everything out and blocking even the ever present love that is right now. Fill your entire home, property, car and extend to your neighbourhood and beyond. This also may mean you need to strengthen your boundaries physically, checking locks on doors, getting legal advice about a situation, choosing who you hang around with and align with in your life. These are all relevant and part of protecting yourself in all realms. Which one is it for you? What action can you take now that steps up your level of protection?

Card #6: Lean on God and the Angels for Support

Time to reach out for help dear one! And – this means of course in the physical – yet, have you remembered to ask your spirit team for help with this today? When you ask, you can ask the Universe, Archangel Michael of 100% Light, your Animal Spirit Totem, Mother Nature, God – choose what it is for you yes? And keep asking for help – ask to change your thoughts from negative to positive, ask what steps you need to take – and then whatever thoughts or feelings you get – no matter how left-field they seem to be – take action on them. When you ask, you will always receive an answer, you just may not trust it! If you aren’t sure, go out in nature, go for a gentle walk, get out of the house. And keep asking. Ask to hear the guidance of your angels more clearly, ask your intuition to speak to you louder, ask Archangel Michael of 100% Light to speak louder to you and then – trust what you think, see, hear and feel okay? It feels like you are in a bit of a stuck place and forget to ask at times. Perhaps we are good at asking in the physical world, but we forget to ask in the spirit world. Or vice versa. Otherwise we can be good at asking in the Spirit world but not take action on the ideas we get to take physical action e.g: making the phone call or texting the person you keep thinking about that would help you. So, who do you need to ask for help right now? 

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