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Reality Awareness | The inflow and the outflow…
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The inflow and the outflow…

The inflow and the outflow…

The inflow and the outflow… is the difference between:

  • burning out or having consistent energy
  • lack & scarcity or abundance & plenty
  • feeling sad 0r feeling happy
  • controlling others or letting other’s be free (including yourself!)
  • knowing yourself or not knowing yourself
  • trusting your intuition or not trusting your intuition

To name just a few….

I was reminded again today, the deep importance and huge power in being acutely aware of the inflow and the outflow in our body, mind, spirit and lives. This entire Universe is made up of an inflow and an outflow….

  • the oceans tides come in and out
  • day turns into night turns into day
  • your breath is in and your breath is out
  • your heart has inflow and outflow valves
  • you work for certain periods of time and then you go on holiday (or create a life you don’t need holiday from 😉 )
  • seeds start in the ground, grow into plants and then return to the ground
  • water evaporates into clouds and rain comes out
  • a penis goes into a vagina and (usually) a baby comes out
  • a device gets plugged into a wall socket and electricity comes out of it

There is a deep correlation and an imperative understanding that goes on when you look at the inflow and outflow energetic sequences of life.

There is a deep correlation and an imperative understanding how this affects your physical body and all areas of your life.


The inflow and outflow that runs through your body, creates a figure of 8 shape, crossing over in the centre of your body. There is 8 main ones that I work with in energy healing work, yet, this is only a guide, do not allow my guide to be your be all and end all in energy healing in your life okay? This is just to get you started and understand this important inflow and outflow. There could be multiple inflows and outflows and there well could be more than 8 for sure. Yet, for ease and clarity, to start with, you work with these to gain consistent understanding of what is out of balance in your life and where your focus needs to come back to.

Some examples of what these flows ‘look’ like in your practical day to day modern life, here are some examples:


  • receiving something
  • nourishing self
  • self care
  • exercise
  • meditation
  • nourishing the connection by spending time with loved ones, family, friends, pets
  • solitude
  • doing nothing (being)
  • tending to your home & garden
  • breathing deeply IN


  • working
  • creating a project/baby (different aspects here that can go deeper)
  • delivering a project/baby
  • being with people
  • moving
  • going somewhere
  • giving something
  • breathing deeply OUT

When you work for a chunk of time, whether on a computer or in a cafe, you are giving energy of yourself. You then need to make sure you replenish that – to keep the flow going yeah? Like, you work for an hour and then you go outside and sit in the sunshine for 20 minutes. Or you call a soul friend or family member and have a chat to connect and breathe IN.

You cannot go and go and go and go and go and go and go without burning out somewhere along the line. Yes, I am deeply all for following the flow and if that means working late into the night on an exciting project then do that! Then check in and see what your next day and week has lined up for you and make sure that INflow is coming back in baby! If you don’t, you will find there will be a kink in the hose and the inflow will be blocked… and when energy can’t come IN, that means – LIFE can’t come in (physical body energy, money, love, feeling happy), because that inflow of yours needs to be unkinked. You do that by breathing IN with any of the suggested inflows I mentioned above.

Tomorrow, we will take this a bit deeper 🙂

How is your inflow and outflow going? Where do you need to check in and realign? Or is it balanced?

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