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Reality Awareness | Loving Your Ego to Death… that moment that changes it all…
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Loving Your Ego to Death… that moment that changes it all…

Loving Your Ego to Death… that moment that changes it all…

Loving Your Ego to Death… that moment that changes it all…


It became a deep topic last night on the live feed, about loving your Ego to death… I cringe so much when I hear people saying ‘get rid of your ego’ ‘kill your ego’ ‘ignore your ego’ and the like…

Whilst this sort of language at times can be helpful when you need strong loving boundaries to get out of a situation, but to have a deep seated belief that you need to rid your ego long term, feels like utter hatred, hurtful and is only feeding the negative energy on the planet. And yes, our Ego can be negative and nasty… yet, so are aspects of our shadow… and to me, there is no difference here…. ego and shadow are same..

They are both calling to attention something in your life that is out of alignment in some way shape or form, and just like you don’t go down back alley’s late at night in err of caution and safety, it is true that strong loving boundaries are called for at time, to protect ourselves to get into positive, safer spaces in our mindset and thought patterns in regards to shadow/ego work.

When those same thoughts (ego/shadow) keep rearing their heads again and you are in a place where you can listen, it is best to do so. There is a gift in every single one of them, something you are missing, something you need to look at, something you need to change, something you need to do. Yes, this is a meditative process, journalling process or such, there are many ways to do this and yes, if you have never done it before, it is wise to get a mentor to take you through this for the first time to learn what to do.

Digging deep into shadow/ego can be dark, scary and not many want to even go there… yet, it is totally life changing in positive ways. There is ultimately at it’s truth, there is no darkness and nothing to be scared of, as the darkness turns us towards the light, when you look into the darkness, it becomes light – just like turning on that light in the dark room – there is barely any darkness left….

When you approach your shadows and ego parts of you, like a scared child in a room all alone, the energy totally shifts in that alone – rather than coming in with hatred and ‘have to get rid of you’ energy…

Love your Ego to death – because that is all deep deep down, it is craving.. love… yes, it get’s scared that it will no longer exist – yet, it is what made you conscious of it in the first place.. be grateful for that 😉

Approach your thoughts, your actions with Love… and Love yourself back into the Light.

Love, Hannah

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