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Reality Awareness | Don’ t judge yourself for how long the grief cycle takes you
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Don’ t judge yourself for how long the grief cycle takes you

Don’ t judge yourself for how long the grief cycle takes you

Don’ t judge yourself for how long the grief cycle takes you…

You can be going along all strong and well, and then bam it fucking hits you – but – “I thought I have dealt with this?!?! I thought that I healed this shit..”

Relationship stuff was deeply stirred up on Wednesday last week and five days prior to that… it has hit deep into the depths of the core of your heart because of the election deeply stirring the GLOBE let alone a country and everyone anxiously awaiting what is to come in the coming years… everyone is hoping and praying in a loving planet… yet we all know that the storm needs to hit before the new can be rebuilt.

This is not a time to be beating up on yourself. When you feel grief and sadness – allow it. Allow yourself the time and space to cry… don’t let yourself think you have to be all strong and hold it together all the time, because the reality is that you are human and you have emotions. Yes, certain things make you stronger and align you so you are not so knocked around, yet until you reach that point, just be gentle okay?

Whether you are triggered, or hurt, or sad, or grieving a loss of some kind or another, the key is to allow yourself to just ride the waves of emotions. Some days you will be free and peaceful, some days you will want to cocoon and run and hide. And some days you won’t know what is going on.

The grief cycle is so important to be aware of, so you can be kinder and gentler with yourself, just like a mother would approach and small scared child all alone in a room. You approach yourself this same way with whatever you are feeling in whatever moment. The more gentler you are with yourself, the more you will find people around you will become gentle too. It all starts with you.


You don’t need to go through these stages in order, although it is usually the sequence of feelings. And, they can come back again, when you’ve hit another depth of the layers that take you through the process of letting go of a loss, or losing someone or something or some kind of big change that has gone on in your life – triggers this grief cycle.

Be gentle, be kind – how can you be gentle and kind to yourself today?

With love, Hannah

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