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Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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READING RESULTS ARE IN!!!!!!!!!! Scroll down to find your card number and message that has come through for you today <3 I find it amazing, how much pink is through this entire reading for you today on Ear Chakra week, I love how this stuff works, every single time, I should know by now, but it still amazes me. As always, send me a message if you need help and support. I am here. <3 <3 <3


Card #1: Waratah, Become the True You, Show the world who you really are and what you were born to do.
Babe! The message streaming through this card for you right now, feels deeply like you are wearing a mask that you show to the world and this is your sign to take that damn thing OFF! NO more hiding, no more pretending to be who you think you need to be in order to be loved, to be accepted and to get by in this world. There is a part of you dying right now – it is time to step into the real you. I am getting the message there is a part of you not being forthright about an important topic in your life right now – do you know what this is? It feels like it has something to do with your relationship and your life direction, something is calling you, yet, it feels like you ‘don’t want to rock the boat’ yet you are suffering inside and it feels like your Heart/Solar Plexus is dimming because of this. It feels like there is a lot of shame or guilt or such clouding you, like you want to speak up, yet, you hold back for this fear of approval thing. I am wondering, what it is that you are needing to say to someone? What is it that you are holding back in your life that you need to get sorted like – now? Send me a message if you need help digging deeper, but it feels like, you know exactly what is going on here. So, go do it babe! Know you are supported… did you not see my blog on The Universe Has Your Back? http://realityawareness.com/2016/11/10/trust-the-universe-has-your-back/
Card #2: Pink Lily, Stand By Your Commitment, You’re strong enough to keep the promise you’ve made. Don’t back out now – your angels believe in you!
This card has come upside-down – so some kind of block here for you and the message I am getting is that you are turning a blind eye to something, you know what you should be doing, but you keep making all sorts of excuses to not do it. And, I am picking up there is a part of you deeply scared about the changes you need to make right now. Something you have said you need to do in your life, that you know is a big change, is scaring you. I am wondering, what has happened in the past for you, that is reminding you of this big change that you are not wanting to commit to making happen? I am also feeling, like it is big, but also not that big. So, I am wondering, are you going to keep letting your excuses be bigger than your dreams? If you can’t recall anything in this life of similar nature, it can be past life memories that are holding you back, it feels like cycles are becoming more paramount for you and honey, don’t judge yourself here. When you are becoming more aware of them, it just means you are getting closer to working on them and sorting them out. So be gentle with yourself and know that the stronger in your awareness they are, the more you are getting closer to having the courage and all the resources you need to do something about it, create the safety and support network you need to commit to yourself and your life purpose and get truly on path, being the YOU you know you can and want to be. What is it, that you know you need to do, but are scared to?
Card #3: Primula/Primrose, Peer Pressure, Don’t let others coerce you into a decision. You know in your Heart what is the right choice for you.
Oh hugs babe! It feels like you have sooo much turmoil going on right now, and inner turmoil that you are hiding very well from others, but deep inside, something is eating you up, something is making you depressed, sad and deeply ergh. It feels like you are ‘conforming’ to what other’s are telling you to do, whether in person, or the people’s voices in your head. It feels like you are so clear on what you know is right for you, yet the pressure you are feeling is suffocating you. I am getting the message too, that actually, you aren’t 100% certain on what the pressure if from, like… gah, trying to find the right words for the feeling I am picking up for you, it is like this weight of concrete or something is making you smaller and smaller, like you are loosing yourself and your awareness of what is actually right for you because you are so lost in this pressure. It’s like you know what you want but something is like stopping you… I am wondering what is going on for you here? Would you like to send me a message and help navigate this with you? There is a part of you feeling like you have no choice but to ‘conform’ but honey, I am here telling you DO have a choice – no matter the circumstances, even when it seems like there is no other way. Feels like a lot of confusion for you, head and heart confusion… let’s sort this out for you xxx
Card #4: Calendula/Pot Marigold, You Are Healed, The healing you have prayed for is on it’s way.
Babe, this card feels like a huge sigh of relief for you. It feels almost like a celebration – or not quite yet – but you have been working your fucking ass off and you are soooo close to it paying off – sooooo close to everything you have been doing, the choices you have been making, the decisions in your life, the pieces of the puzzle coming together, the one foot in front of the other, the keeping on keeping on, even in the hardest of times – is sooooo paying off. I am also getting physical sickness stuff too – like physical healing stuff is on it’s way – or already here, I am getting the physical stuff has been an issue/worry for you and this is your sign that all is okay, all will be okay and all always has been okay. This is your sign, to let your worries go and know that everything is okay in the end – and if it is not okay – it isn’t the end yet, yes? Huge hugs, I totally feel that this is your sigh of relief and that all your hard work and dedication to yourself and your life is totally paying off – keep the faith babe! xxx
Card #5: Carnation, Trust, You can trust the people around you. They are Earth Angels sent to give you the guidance you seek.
Ah! If you have been doubting your path or the people that are turning up in your life – this is your sign to throw those doubts to the wind and fully let go and trust yourself on this path. It feels like you have been doing your best to change your situation in your life and indeed it is starting to show up for you so this is your sign to honestly trust the people in your life. It feels like something has been worrying you a particular situation, and I am getting the message that you have done all you can do – like now it is your turn to let go and trust – it feels like you have honestly done all you can and now part of the trusting is letting go of that person, place or thing (feels like a person though 😉 ) and trust that by you stepping back, you are allowing them the growth and change they need to walk through. There is nothing more you can do – so allow these changes. See them in the highest light, see them connected to their own internal compass, to their own inner calling and know that they are 100% safe, supported and connected to their higher path – just like you. You can be there – but hands off. It is time for you to trust your life path and focus on you, whilst allowing them to do the same. Trust babe, trust.
Card #6: Camelia, You Are Lovable, Love who you are, as you’re created perfectly. Everything about your true self is beautiful.
Hugs dear one! You have been toooooo hard on yourself lately – it feels like you have been going through a loss of some sort and this has affected your self worth and how you feel about yourself in your life. It feels like you have been going over and over and over and over all the things that you could’ve done or need to do, or could’ve changed, or be there for them or done this differently and you know what honey? If you could’ve done all you could do – you would’ve at the time – meaning you did the best you could and knew how to at the time – so it is time to let the past go and stop beating yourself up. It is time to know that you ARE and WERE loveable back then, even when people were not and perhaps still are not behaving this way and showing you these things. It feels like you need to let some grief go from your Heart, and find those people that love you for who you are at your core – know your truth – because honey – believe me when I say these people exist. And it begins with you standing up for yourself, your life and loving yourself by doing these two things you WILL start attracting people in your life that see this in you. Send me a message if you are stuck on how to love yourself in your current situation? Believe it honey, you are worth it, no matter what the past says or has shown. This moment, is brand new – are you going to create it as such?
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