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Reality Awareness | 7 Simple Ways to Be Gentle With Yourself When You Have A Busy Day Ahead
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7 Simple Ways to Be Gentle With Yourself When You Have A Busy Day Ahead

7 Simple Ways to Be Gentle With Yourself When You Have A Busy Day Ahead

7 Simple Ways to Be Gentle With Yourself When You Have A Busy Day Ahead

You may be knowing you need some time out, time alone or just plain old taking a break from your routines, but when you look at your schedule uh oh, that ain’t happening for another few days or a week or more! Yikes! What to do?!!?

Here are 7 Simple Ways to Be Gentle With Yourself when you can’t physically take a break and have a full schedule ahead:

  1. Breathe Deeper and Slower
    Taking deeper breaths, obviously allows more oxygen to your bloodstream and brain. It will increase energy, ideas, and slow you down, so you can get through your tasks with a presence that will enable you to ‘rest’ when you can’t. You will also feel more present in the moment, by focusing on deep long breaths with whatever task you have at your hands.
  2. Self Talk
    Being very mindful of your self-talk, completely changes the way you not only feel about yourself, but how your entire day turns out. If you walk around saying you are tired, you are going to compound that feeling! Yet, if you say instead, “Even though I may be feeling tired, my deep long breaths are replenishing my body mind and spirit and I am increasing in energy in every single breath.” You are able to acknowledge the truth of your feelings, plus, enable transformation and creation of your reality to happen.  Being gentle with your words with accidents/mistakes or otherwise is also important, self-forgiveness will completely shift the relationship you have with yourself and change the way you feel instantly.
  3. Talk Less, Listen More
    By consciously choosing to not talk and be the observer for the day, you go more ‘in’ to a state of deep receptivity. Not only are we in Ear Chakra Week which is all about this, but you also step into a powerful way of Being which enables you to receive more on all levels, more energy, more time, more abundance, more everything – because you are in a receptive state. By talking less and listening more, you open, receive and replenish. 
  4. Drink More Water
    Might sound very simple and it literally is. You are made up of 70% of water and most of society is dehydrated with consumption of sugar in every single meal. Drinking more water, and especially 2 large glasses upon waking as the first thing you do in the morning, will give you more energy through the day, plus flush toxins out of your body. Drinking more water enables your body to function correctly and the mid-morning and arvo slumps become less and less. By drinking more water, you brain functions better, meaning you think clearer, you are less tired, your body functions properly and your skin glows. If you struggle with drinking more water, buy 2 1 litre bottles, take them every where with you and drink them over the day. #done
  5. Become Super Present
    When you become super present, time slows down and so does your body. This enables you to heal, rest and become a super powerful creator of your reality, let alone stepping into trusting your intuition more fluently. How do you become super present? Become aware if you are sitting or standing. Notice what body muscles you are using to sit or stand and the position of your bones in your body. Feel the clothing you are wearing against your skin. Feel your hair on your scalp. Feel your face muscles. Feel your shoulders, your arms, your hands and what your hands are holding. Feel your chest rise and fall with every inhale, and every exhale. Become aware of your stomach and your entire torso. Become aware of your spinal column. Your hips. Your legs. Your feet. Do you have shoes on your feet and what that feels like. Or can you feel your feet on the floor or Earth? Notice the sensations in your feet. Breathing. Inhaling and exhaling. Feeling your chest rise and fall with every inhale and every exhale. Now become aware of your surroundings. Are you in a room or outside? What can you see around you? Stay conscious of your breath at the same time, your inhale and your exhale, your gently rising and gently falling chest. What sounds can you hear? What can you smell? Stay with this awareness. No matter what you are doing, whether it is the dishes, spending time with your child, cleaning up your home, walking outside in nature, driving in your car, making dinner, you can become super present with this moment right now. The more you do it, the easier it will become. Life is meant to be lived – presently, calm, absorbing the now. 
  6. Take Mini Breaks 
    Even if you can’t take a big break that you feel you may need, you can really absorb 5-10 minutes here and there. With the above techniques plus making a cup of tea or coffee and picking up your favourite book (preferably not facebook – unless reading something inspiring) for this short chunk of time and being mindful of this mini break, can fill your cup bit by bit, enabling you to ‘refill on the go’.
  7. Breathing In The Sunlight 
    A simple and powerful visualization of ‘being recharged by the Sun’, whether you can see the rays or not, power’s up your Solar Plexus, which is yellow, bright and powerful like the Sun, and gives life to all your other chakras and physical body – just like our Sun gives Life to our planet every single day. Without our Sun, none of us, or anything would be here. By imagining yourself breathing in the rays of the Sun, you can recharge your whole entire body. Imagining the powerful Sun rays, revitalising your blood and activating your Chi (energy) force in your body, recharging you ‘on the go’.

Would love to know if you have a special technique to recharge on the go?

Lots of these techniques and many more that enhance your Intuition to fine tune your Intuition, so you can enhance your life with crystal clarity and precision in Trust Your Intuition. Doors reopen in December. Very interesting a Forest picture was calling – this is sooo the energy of Ear Chakra’s. Are you listening?

Hannah x


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