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All the darkest parts of Humanity – I guarantee I have been there and if you don’t think you have this within you or have even been to the darkest parts of humanity – let me fucking show you.

Murderer – you don’t think you are this? Do you eat meat? (hey, I eat meat too – no judgement – just making a fucking point)

Hang on – what’s that – you don’t eat meat? Vegan? Oh… you just kill that mosquito sucking the blood out of you? You drive a car that pollutes the environment? You hold negative thoughts about those that do eat meat? What energy are you feeding here? You don’t believe the plants aren’t alive too?

Rapist? You are not that? You don’t jump the queue in front of someone when in a rush, raping their energy and space? You don’t take more than you need in any area of your life? Buy more food than you need? Buy more anything than you need? Hoard stuff? Throw rubbish on the ground? Suck energy from people? Tell other’s to do something without them consenting – giving them an option – controlling your kids to a bed time when they are not even tired? Raping them of their self-regulation abilities? What do you rape from other people? What do you rape from the Earth? Stealing a grape at the supermarket to ‘taste before you buy’?

Prostitute – You don’t sell your Soul when you say yes instead of you really meaning no? Come on, how many times do you swallow your truth when someone asks you how you are feeling and you say good automatically instead of how you are truly fucking feeling?

That dark shadow – that entity sitting over there on the fence, watching me – awaiting an opportunity to step in to see if I really want this – you don’t scare me – I am very fucking aware of you… I see the dark – I know the dark I am the dark – because without the dark I wouldn’t fucking be here and neither would you.

This follows up on my spiritual bypassing blog yesterday – did you even fucking read that??? http://realityawareness.com/2016/11/19/spiritual-bypassing-which-reality-are-you-living-in/

I feel your comments thrown at me even when not said to my face….

You think you are better than every one else because you don’t hurt anyone else – babe, come on, do you even know that you are hurting yourself thinking you are better than that murderer sitting in jail or that you just walked past in the street and didn’t even recognise?

When you don’t know the darkest aspects of yourself, you walk into oblivion and not own your fucking life. If you cannot see that you have EVERY SINGLE FUCKING PART OF HUMANITY WITHIN YOU the world aint going to be a better place until YOU FUCKING OWN IT and can transform this reality by your own fucking powers of owning every single fucking part – even the darkest parts you don’t think you are connected to in some way shape or form…

You are not stepping up if you cannot do this….

You are not stepping up if you do not see that you are everything and everything is you….

What exactly is it that you are wanting to do in this Life of yours?

We move into Throat Chakra week tomorrow – which is ALL about the Shadow. Are you going to buy into the Fear? Or can you face the Truth?

As always, send me a message if you need help.


Love, Hannah x

P.S. Trust Your Intuition Doors Reopen in December – you own your ENTIRE life in this course – what exactly are you waiting for? <3


  • Fiona
    Posted at 08:33h, 20 November Reply

    Great post !!! Love your honesty openness and rawness. This is a question I asked Michelle to explain to me in detail her thoughts in level 3. It interests me. I think we are all capable of murder. I’ve acted out in a moment that f anger many times. I try to look within constantly when I feel I am judging others. One that stumps me at times is paedophiles. How do you see that shadow?

    • realityaware
      Posted at 08:37h, 20 November Reply

      Hey beautiful Fiona!!! Yes! We all judge! Just depends where we ‘catch’ ourselves 🙂 Hmmmm, paedophiles….. I pondered this when I read your comment and what came to mind is like that stealing of purity of innocence – so how many times do we shred our own internal sexuality, of that purity of our inner child – like… hmmm, what is the words to the feeling/energy I am picking up here, like almost rapist of your own internal purity and innocence every time we see and view sexuality as bad/dirty etc… does that make sense?

  • Fiona
    Posted at 19:28h, 20 November Reply

    Great example thanks

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