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Reality Awareness | Welcome to Throat Chakra Week
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Welcome to Throat Chakra Week

Welcome to Throat Chakra Week

Welcome to Throat Chakra Week

This is a true reflection week for sure… yet, last week, feels like it had already started – are you listening?

Listening to what is really being said? Listening deeper? Listening to the truth in your Heart? Listening to what your Heart is saying? The Love in your Heart? The Joy in your Heart? What brings your Heart alive? The sadness in your Heart? The grief in your Heart? What is your Heart calling forth into your being?

I know we are now in Throat Week, yet, the Ears and the Heart are DEEPLY interconnected and what is in between them? The Throat – that’s the one 😉


When we drop into the Throat it is so about speaking your Truth – but not only that – but LIVING it.

Are your words matching your actions?

If not, why not?

Sometimes we can say one thing and do another – why is that?

Reality is that shit changes and evolves ALL  the time.

If you want something, you will do anything to make that happen right? Like your dreams – if you are clear on what you want and what you need to do to do that – you will do anything to make it happen if your drive is strong enough…

If something turns up in your life, which you didn’t think you really wanted at this time, like a baby, or a new relationship, you may not have wanted it specifically or been focusing on such, but it shows up and makes you clearer about what you DO want in life – so stuff changes and evolves.

And sometimes it doesn’t. Yet, being clear on what you are hearing, what you are voicing or not voicing will become very clear this week for you as it is lining up what is deeply in your Heart… once we reach the Solar Plexus – are you ready to take your power back and take action on it? Trusting yourself and your feelings 100%?

If you didn’t see my livestream on what you are voicing and not voicing in your life when it comes to the Throat Chakra – you can watch that here >> >> >>

If your words are not matching your actions – how long are you going to go on like that for? You are only walking into the shadows of the abyss when you are not being honest with yourself – honesty – very Throat Chakra. Dishonesty with self (doesn’t really matter about dishonesty with other’s ultimately – let me finish) – dishonesty with self is what blocks your intuition, cuts you off from your Heart and your life and basically – if it aint a YES! it is a solid fucking NO baby….

What is it that you aren’t being honest about? What is it that you are not being forthright with yourself about? Again – doesn’t matter about other’s because until you become conscious of what you are not being honest with yourself about, you are never going to really know you are lying to others – or yourself.

When we don’t speak up, we shut down, our heart shuts down, our voice shuts down, our soul shuts down. Goodbye LIFE!

When you are solid in your Truth, it comes to a point where you don’t need to justify your actions to anyone because you are so solid in your Truth – it doesn’t matter what anyone says or does – you become rock solid in your knowing, your feeling your SELF that nothing affects you.

The other side is being too truthful and it can cut like a knife – cut the other person and yourself… you may not meant to do it or you might… and there is a difference between tough love and gentle love and cutting right through the bullshit into your LIFE! Sometimes we need this – sometimes they need it. Yet, when we can know our Truth at the deepest core we will find we won’t need to say a word (different to not speaking up okay?)

What is it that you are needing to speak more about? Speak up about? Speak your honest heart’s feelings about? Even admit to yourself? Where do you need to get solid in yourself? Fill up your cup, so justifying doesn’t happen?

If you need help, let me know. Shadow work is in Trust Your Intuition, we go deep into the depths here baby. Doors reopen in December – keep your eyes peeled!!!

Love, Hannah

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