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Scroll down to find your number that you picked, to read your results for today. As always, reach out if you need any help and if you would like a personalised Tarot Reading that we can map out a direct plan for your personal life, career, love life, getting ready for 2017, your relationships with family/kids, you can book your session here and we will map out a detailed plan that will get you on track for a brand new 9 year cycle starting 2017: http://realityawareness.com/tarotreadings/


I felt called to add the overlying card today, it really jumped out at me to be ‘in’ today, so here is the overlying message for your reading too:
Overlying Card: VII. The Sage: Sharing, Communication, Knowledge, Information, Culture, Tradition, Advice, Manipulation. 
It felt important to include this overlying theme of the reading this week, The Sage. When I first saw this card, it felt like a deep connection to your higher self, to your inner knowing, to your inner wise one – to that part of you that already knows – you don’t need to doubt yourself anymore, nor let other’s opinion or advice override your own. It also feeling like there is something you need to do that you have been putting off, something you need to learn more about – maybe it is how to connect with your inner sage?? There is something here for you – tap into your Inner Knowing, trust it with full faith that everything you are knowing, seeing, hearing and feeling is 100% valid and worthy of your attention and that this level of perception with your quest to understand more and be okay with what is at the same time, gives you the discernment you need to help you with your decision.
Card #1: XIV. King of Earth: Virile, Successful, Industrious, Devoted, Steadfast, Authoritative, Reliable, Dedicated.
This card feels very empowering – but also – get to work. Stop procrastinating and get on with the task at hand you know you need to get done. Everything else can wait – what is it you are putting off till tomorrow – now is the time, not tomorrow. I am also getting the message, what can you delegate? It feels like, even though this is a very sturdy grounded card, very focused energy, it feels like you have let something slip – what is it? By choosing this card today you are being shown you have what it takes – the KING of the Earth. He has everything he needs and his kingdom is in order. It feels like you have this capability – are you owning it? Are you doing the WHOLE work? Or are your excuses still running for you? This card, being a very grounded, sturdy card, is a reflection of your self worth too, you are more in trust than you are fear and it feels like for you personally, this is something you have just stepping into more and more and this is your sign – to keep going with this new found practise. It is reaping beneficial effects on your life, even if you haven’t seen physical results yet and it feels like you innately know – no, you FEEL this already starting to become more of your BEING rather than a crazy busy DOING. You are becoming a Master, the King and you feel this deep within your Soul. Take pride in your accomplishments so far, you have made huge progress in the past few months. Is there something you can celebrate today? Where is it that you need to keep a super focus on to get your work done with no more procrastination?
Card #2: IX. Knowledge: Knowledge, Skills, Understanding, Training, Education and Practical Experience.
Hmmm, this is one of the Major Arcana Cards, meaning a major aspect of your life focus. The Knowledge, card, being all about learning new skills and knowledge, it feels like you are focused on 2017 and what is to come – what do you want to do with your life, where are you headed? What does the future hold for me? What is it that I really want to do? It feels like you are questioning everything in your life right now, wondering what on Earth is going on, what is happening to me personally, what is my Life Purpose, what am I even here to do. And it feels like you are considering different career options, paths, study choices, expanding your knowledge base. It feels like there has been something on your mind re learning area of life – what is it that is not far from your mind most of the time? What action do you need to take to get it out of your head and into your life? What steps do you need to do today to stop thinking about it and make it happen? What do you want 2017 to look like? To have accomplished by the end of this year AND 2017? This card feels like your sign – plan ahead – NOW… stop procrastinating.
Card #3: I. Ace of Fire: New Beginnings, Initiative, Action, Conception, Invention, Creation, Creativity, Procrastination
Ah, hello Dragon of Fire and Spider Web of Creation nesting in a very fertile, potent Egg of new life energy. Wow – have you done some clearing or what? And almost feels like, you are in the middle of it – a HUGE change in your life has just recently occurred and the message I am getting here is are you willing to completely embrace it? It feels like you have been asking for this and now it is here, you are scared in some way shape or form. Are you going to step into this fully? Or are you going to let this incredible opportunity to slip by the way side? Are you willing to step up? To put effort in and really have what you really want? Or are you going to let your fears stop you and re-create the same you’ve just had in the past? It feels like this is a hugely potent portal doorway of energy right now for you – are you staying stuck in the burns and scars of the past – or are you ready to let new life (seed/egg) be grown from the wounds of your Heart & Soul? It deeply feels like this is your train, your ticket to new life – the fucking reason you left the past behind in the first place – are you really going to let it slip by? You knew what you needed to do in the past and why it wasn’t working – so are you going to do that again? No? Didn’t think so. So what is it that you need to do differently to not let that happen again? Yes, stepping into something new, doing something different FEELS like hard work – but remember – ANYTHING feels like hard work in the beginning, when you are learning something new, because your brain is rewiring and you are trying to understand it – just like driving a car – remember the first time you got in that car to drive? How fucking scary was it?!?! Now, you do many things you probably shouldn’t do whilst driving and sometimes you don’t even remember how you got from A-B at all… you just did. This, this is what it is like, stepping into this new potent portal of energy this, very fucking open door that has showed up in your life right now – are you going to let a little bit of rewiring stop you? Is this tiny bit to get used to a new way of being worth it? Or would you rather have those burns and scars of the past stay there and run your life? Didn’t think so. So, what do you need to do today to make effort and feed this potent powerful new doorway for you? Go do that. Now.
Card #4: XII. The Counsellor: Empathetic, Wise, Objective, Advice, Trustworthy, Emotional Understanding, Clarity, Sharing
Hmmm, this card is from the Water Element and deeply centred in the emotions. It feels like ALOT of emotions are swirling around for you at this time and I am hearing the message to not buy any of it, just allow them to flow and BE with whatever is coming up for you. BE gentle, BE kind, BE non-attached. There is ALOT of underwater movement going on right now – Earthquakes are happening all over the place, our Mother is rumbling, shaking up and shaking off what is no longer relevant in your life. The message I am getting for you through this card, is very much in alignment with what I shared on live stream yesterday, welcoming Throat Chakra week – don’t make any big decisions this week. Just let things unfold. Take care of yourself. It feels like keep your mouth shut and just listen for a time – and that includes listening to yourself, your feelings, what is rising and bubbling for you too. Pull the focus back off ‘them’ and back into YOU. Take yourself on a road trip, on a holiday, get a massage – do something for YOU and let go of ‘them’. This is your time to shine babe, don’t let them take the spotlight yeah? I am also getting the message of the Triple Goddess through this card for you – the Triple Goddess symbol is embedded into his Crown Chakra – have you been taking notice of those divinely inspired thoughts? What is it that is ‘rumbling’ through your mind – that gentle, but steady thoughts of changing your life in some way? What is it that you need to jump off that cliff for into that deep leap of FAITH that what you want IS there waiting for you? You just need to let go and jump? What is it you are afraid of? What are you holding onto that isn’t what you REALLY want? Are you compromising? This is the Counsellor Card – do you need someone who can help you through this time?
Card #5: XIV. King of Water: Calm, Contemplative, Insightful, Fluid, Balanced, Protective, Nurturing, Jealousy, Possessiveness.
The energy of this card is very potent, very calm and very, very clear. Yet, if you are not feeling clear, the message I am getting here is that you are clouded by someone else emotions that are reflecting a deep locked away part of your emotions deep in your heart right now. And you may not even be aware of this – that’s okay. We are in Throat Chakra week, Shadow week and shadow is simply the unconscious parts of our being. This King of Water, being this very potent energy, is very clear, calm, precise and deeply ‘holder of space’. It feels like, the depths of the water, of the oceans – if you can contemplate the deeply presence that our Mother Ocean ‘holds’ us in, it feels like this it the energy streaming through the card for you today – can you bring that in – to ‘hold’ you? It feels like there is something sitting under the current for you, some kind of ‘turbulence’ or ‘emotion’ and I am wondering if you can tap into being held to release this for you? Do you need help with this? Is it being reflected in another that you can only see at this time? What is it that is pissing you off? Upsetting you? The King of Water is guiding you to look beneath the surface, feel held and giving you the courage to look within to explore your emotions now. Don’t let this fester any longer babe. Reach out if you need help delving to the depths.
Card #6: IX. Nine of Air: Self Awareness, Universal, Consciousness, Understanding, Insight, Vision, Imagination, Fantasy, Creativity.
This Air card, is very ‘mental’ energy and it feels like a potent portal for you to bring those ideas into fruition. Yet, this is something you already know? You have already been getting this message haven’t you? What is stopping you from taking action? I am hearing the message inner child for you and wondering what it is that you are scared of? Afraid of? What stopped you in the past from following your crazy ideas? Who’s voice overrides your inspired ideas when you think about taking action, or go to take action and pull yourself out of it? Maybe it is something physical – like you feel restricted during your day to day life because something or someone needs your attention or other aspects of your work are taking over your time to do the things you really want to do and create in your life. I am also hearing ‘ridicule’ – do you feel you will be ridiculed for your crazy ideas? That someone around you will think less of you? I am also getting the message – have you shut down a part of yourself recently for fear of disapproval or feeling like you don’t fit in, or that you need to change to be accepted or feel loved by someone? Honey, let’s remember how you were before… why did you change yourself to suit them? Their life? Their ways? What was it that got you there in the first place – it feels like you need to get back into yourself – you have forgotten who you are in a very short space of time and it feels like this card is a way to reawaken you to YOU… remember who you are. Your crazy ideas are far from that – that ARE YOU and you were BORN FOR THIS BABE! Otherwise – you wouldn’t be here. Now, are you going to let ‘them’ override you anymore? Or are you going to feel the fear and do it anyway? Like, love your ego to death – love your fears to death and know they are shining the light to get you where you want to go – they are like your beacon – are you taking notice? Step back into the light honey, where you belong xxx
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