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Reality Awareness | Okay – you really ready for this?!?
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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Okay – you really ready for this?!?

Okay – you really ready for this?!?

Okay – you really ready for this?!?

Really ready to see what you really believe about yourself? Your world? What is it that you are believing about yourself babe?

Hello stepping into Solar Plexus Week!! It feels so strongly, that this week you will really get insight to what you are believing about yourself and your world… how? Be very mindful about conversations you overhear people ‘randomly’ talking about as you walk past them, or are lining up waiting for something, listen carefully – but you know what? It feels like you won’t have to – in a sense – that you will be shown very clearly by these conversations that you overhear or someone randomly starts talking to you about. Now, be mindful – it doesn’t all have to be bad and negative! NO WAY! Do you believe you are really worth it? You will be shown so then!

It feels like we hold alot of beliefs about ourselvs in our Solar Plexus, this life giving force that resides in the centre of our Being. It is our ‘power centre’ it is golden yellow like our Sun and just like our Sun, it gives power to all our other chakras and areas of our life and body, just like our Sun gives us life on this planet – without it, we would be dead. Just like our Sun doing this for us, so too, is our Solar Plexus.


This is where the CORE OF YOU SITS babe!!

This is where you shine… or you don’t…

This is where you believe you are worth it… or you don’t…

This is where you exude confidence in yourself… or you don’t…

This is where you believe in yourself and back yourself no matter what ANY says about you…. or you don’t….

This is where you trust yourself, your life and your very next step….. or you don’t……

Trust Your Intuition online course that is reopening it’s doors again for a very short time this Wednesday – is based in the Solar Plexus…

It is where you stand up for yourself and your life and you do something the fuck about reclaiming your power, your integrity, your worth and you do anything you need to do to make your dreams a reality. Don’t know how to do that?!? All in Trust Your Intuition Babe!!!

It came streaming through today in Fernwood Maroochydore Lightfilled Yoga Class this morning when I taught Solar Plexus, so much around the Inner Child, having fun whilst attending to your responsibilities AND being able to own your power, activating your power pole of energy that FUELS your body, mind, spirit – your entire LIFE. Balance be, resides in your Solar Plexus. Not controlling, not out of control, but TRUSTING yourself 150 million % and backing yourself and your life by taking action on what you know to be true, real and honours you and your life. Staying connected to the flow comes naturally when you do this.

So what shuts you down? What turns off your Sun – your Solar Plexus?

Ultimately – it is what you believe about yourself… and how did those beliefs come about?

This is soooo, why it is deeply connected to your Inner Child, as ALOT of the issues you have about what you believe about yourself, stem from your childhood… yes, it can go deeper into past lives, yet the first 3 years of our lives create 90% of the beliefs you hold in your reality today… yep – big hey?!

Ready to change that? Yes it takes inner work to heal your past and there are many techniques that help you do this. At it’s core – it is a simple decision to change it. A belief that it can be easy. A belief that you can change it just by CHOOSING it to. Don’t believe that is possible? Hello to your reality then hey? How willing are you to believe something different? How willing are you to believe that you can create something else in your life than what has been in the past? Yes, it is a choice – EVERYTHING is a choice, even those things that don’t feel like they are a choice… they are a choice too 😉

It is a discipline practise to even believe that you have a choice – this is the ultimate taking your fucking power back – no matter what the circumstances are and believing with 150million % that you do indeed have a choice and FINDING a way to make it possible…. not letting any closed doors stop you in believing that what you want, need, dream about and believe can happen – can and will and already has happened. Why? Because anything you believe in your reality to be true IS… so if you believe that anything is possible – then that is what you will experience. If you beleive it is hard, it will be, if you beleive it can happen with ease and flow – this will be true…

Yes, sabotage comes up… yes, road blocks can come up… and then you do something about those too – and don’t let anything stop you 😉 (yes, all of that is in Trust Your Intuition too 😉 )

This is ultimate – of being in your Solar Plexus – you are a CO-CREATOR – and ANYTHING is possible, there is ALWAYS a way and when you want something bad enough – you do anything it takes to make that happen.

Be very mindful this week, of what you experience in your reality – as it feels like Solar Plexus’s gift to you, to be able to step into YOU and really honour that, to show you where you need to step up, what you need to change, what you need to let go of – to truly be YOU in all ways, shapes and forms. Send me a message if you are unsure how this is possible…

Lots of Love,
Hannah xxx

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