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Reality Awareness | READING RESULTS ARE IN!
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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OMG I am sooooo excited about opening Trust Your Intuition doors for a short time again starting tomorrow!!!!! This is soooo your opportunity to step into TRUSTING YOURSELF over anyone else babe! Do you sit there and go – um, spot on again with this card reading Hannah?!!? How many times have you done that?!? Do you know why? Because you already know these answers on some level!! Except you are not trusting yourself!! Keep your eyes peeled for ALL the details tomorrow babe!

READING RESULTS ARE HERE! Scroll down to find the card number that jumped out at you and see what message streams through from the Ascended Masters for you today. As always, send me a message if you need more clarity – or more information on Trust Your Intuition that opens tomorrow!


Card#1: Saint-Germain ‘Work Your Magic’
Ah, this card – I wonder if you have been pulling similar cards this past few weeks, if you choose this Tarot regularly on a Tuesday? It feels like Saint-Germain is a close guide for you. Saint-Germain, also known as Merlin – has a special way of helping you to understand spiritual meanings that show up in the physical world. He is also a strong guide that assists you in your Life Purpose and it feels like if you know of this guide, you have been working with him consciously on some level for some time, feels like this isn’t news for you! I am getting the message about your goals, your dreams – your Life Purpose stuff… feels like this is really starting to open to/for you, even if just being able to do that – open to it. Curious, about what it even is. It feels like 2017 is going to be big for you, going to sort out what is real for you and what isn’t. What lights you up, and what doesn’t. It feels like something or someone is definitely opening up to you/for you in a big, big way. Big changes, but it feels like you are deeply ready for this. It is almost like what you have been waiting your whole life for even. It feels like there is some information coming up for you very shortly, maybe within the next 2 weeks that is really going to stand out for you – feels like something you are drawn to, something that shifts you, something…. it just feels like you will really notice this – pay attention, Saint Germain is talking to you. Are you listening?

Card #2: Serapis Bay ‘Go Now’
This is very interesting! Upside down and GO NOW… hmmm, this card always symbolises the need to walk away from a situation, place or behaviour that isn’t serving you anymore. Feels like you are quite clear on what is it is that you need to let go of/walk away from. Yet, the message I am hearing is – be mindful of timing. Feels like more information is coming to light very, very soon that will help you understand why you haven’t yet taken action as such on this issue. There is a certain readiness that enables us to stay away from what we need to leave behind – don’t judge yourself for staying where you are. I am also hearing, that there is a train of thought, a behavioural pattern that needs to be address as well, and feels like you have been doing this to an extent – of leaving something behind in your past – yet, like, talking to yourself to help you let it go, brain training as such, being very mindful of where your mind wanders to and pulling it back into disciplined practise of focusing on what you do want. I am also getting the sense that you are exhausted, tired of this situation and what is going on for you right now. What is this situation that you need to take your power back on babe? What is it that you keep thinking you don’t have a choice in this matter at hand? You going to choose that you can change your mind about not having a choice and start believing something different about this situation? What step DO you need to take? Send me a PM if you are stuck on what this is for you, hugs! xx

Card #3: Manjushri ‘Listen’
I am getting the message so strongly the deep need for extreme quiet time for you babe! Feels like a deep internal retreat is needed after a hectic past few months and heavy start to the year, feels like has been so huge for you! I am wondering if you carve out regular quiet time for yourself? I am getting the message that if you can’t take time out, to start creating a meditation routine that will indeed enable you to Listen deeply to what is stirring within you – feels like a change is on the horizon for you – are you listening? I am also getting the sense that there is something you are believing in your reality that isn’t serving you anymore and wondering if you are willing to let it go? Work hard all the time? Life is hard? Relationships are hard? Wondering what belief is sitting there for you? Feels like about changing something in your mindset around having to work hard – I guess this is in relational too – that this year has been hard for you! Wondering, how much longer you want to believe that life is hard?!? And yeah – that may be your reality right now – but the only thing that is going to shift that is YOU… and it all starts by taking some moments to LISTEN to what you are believing – even about taking time out for yourself – is that hard? No time for it? Too busy? What do you believe about receiving for yourself babe? Do you believe you are worthy of receiving? What are you willing to believe? You willing to change these stuck beliefs?

Card #4: Lugh ‘Persistence’
So much Solar Plexus yellow and golden in this card for you!! We are in Solar Plexus week after all ! I am really getting the message about discipline in alignment with this Persistence card for you babe! Feels strongly like to keep turning up – feels like you have been and there are times, especially lately that you just want to throw it all in and give up. THIS IS NOT THE TIME FOR THAT!! You are so close babe, this card is your sign – that please do not stop what you are doing! You aren’t only creating your realty – you are creating this rhythm and they say it is about divine timing – I say you create your own reality and whatever you do most of the time is what you are going to experience. It feels like you have been working with some new techniques lately – have you been doing them consistently? Feels like this is your sign to knuckle down and do them regularly – that this is what creates the change you are asking for/working towards – the consistency is key – its your rhythm babe. Is there something you can shift in your schedule so you make this a priority? It feels like without this, the rest of what you are doing is pointless – and actually – getting the message – what are you doing/thinking about for the rest of the 23 hours and 45 minutes of the day? Persistence, Discipline – in ALL that you are doing ALL of the time. Are you ready to shift babe? Lugh is right by your side, ask him for his assistance to stay persistent, disciplined.

Card #5: Krishna ‘Find the Blessing in Your Current Situation’
Have you been in some hardship of some sort recently? It feels like something has come left-field and blown you sideways that you weren’t expecting and has really knocked you – this wasn’t part of the plan type stuff right? It feels like Krishna is dancing his way around you, letting you know he is right by your side, lifting your thoughts and awarenesses back to a higher vibration so you can ‘get back on track’ (even though you are not really off track), feels like you are learning valuable lessons right now as much as they fucking suck and that you are indeed 100% where you are supposed to be – or you wouldn’t be there 😉 I am hearing about ‘music’ – listen to some music – it feels like this is going to help you through this time – especially if it brings up tears or otherwise – music heals and feels like exactly what you need at this time, let it out, get it out and shift your energy by doing so, so you can create consciously your next steps. And I am hearing that your steps will be shown to you – don’t stress so much about this, but be very present where you are, feeling all that you are feeling… do you have physical support to speak to about this? Even just a phone chat with a trusted friend can help shift it. Send me a message if you need further support – you got this babe. xxx

Card #6: Paramahansa Yogananda ‘Choose Peace’
Oh babe – this card is yes, Choose Peace, but I am picking up the message that there is a situation in your life that hasn’t been too peaceful this year in particular and I am getting the message around forgiveness. Are children involved? Has it hurt your inner child for some reason perhaps? I am getting the message about Children as well for some reason. Feels like a lot of grief in your heart about something that has been close to you – is there a need to forgive someone? Let go of someone? Feels like there are deep threads in your heart that is calling to be released so you can shift out this pain in your heart and indeed experience Peace in this coming time for you. Feels like an unforgiveness that is being held – resentment is building up and blocking you – are you tired most of the time? Who do you need to forgive? A past lover? I am very curious what this is for you? And I am getting something else too, what is that…. something to do with your work – is it time for change here too? Feels like so much is being stirred up in your heart with this sitting there, that it is like, this change… has like thrown a spanner in the works for like everything yeah? Like, life was ‘planned out’ and now it is like wtf?! Now what.. and now this?! Yikes! Paramahansa Yogananda is by your side, letting you know that Peace is here now and is showering you with it. Bathe in it, breathe it in – deep into your heart… let that grief out, so you can indeed move on and open to what the gift that is right in front of you. What is that gift in front of you? Send me a message if you need help with this babe. You are not alone xxx

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