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Reality Awareness | READING RESULTS ARE IN!!
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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READING RESULTS ARE IN!! <3 <3 <3 Scroll down to find your number and see what transformational messages came through from the Butterflies today. This is the Butterfly for Life Changes Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue.
Dark Moon Energy this next couple of days, peaking on 29th as we then start to shift into New Moon… the perfect time to be releasing 2016 AND this last 9 year cycle. Shhhh! I am giving you 2 Audio Meditations that you can listen to, to release 2016 AND this last 9 year cycle. Make time and space for these, have a pen and paper with you whilst you listen and let this shit go babe.
Lots of Love as you let shit go, clean up your home, your cupboards, clean shit out that has been sitting there for ages, it’s time for it to go. Mwah <3 <3 <3
Card #1: Religion & Spirituality
Well, this card states the obvious, of using a religion or spirituality to help you in your life, to have something to believe and live by. Yet, the message coming through about this card for you as I write, is more of – what dogma are you holding onto that is restricting you in some way, shape or form? It feels like this card is a sign for you to ‘let go and live’ or something. It feels like there is something that you are holding onto and it is almost becoming detrimental to your health in some way. It feels like it is a belief, stigma or something that you hold onto that restricts you – from, FUN. There is something that you have in your mind that is like ‘this is bad’ and it is holding you back in some way babe. I am wondering if you are aware of what that is? It feels like you are saying no too much due to this belief/dogma and this is your talisman sign to ‘let go and have some fucking fun for fucks sake!’. We hold on and control with dear life, when we fear we are going to upset someone and what they believe in – babe – what do YOU believe in? Fuck what the dogma says… what is that YOU want to do? What is it that YOU feel like you want to do? 2017 is near upon us – it is time to listen to your Heart – not your restricting dogmatic mind that is keeping you in your state of unhappiness and restriction… where do you need to let go and live?
Card #2: Healing From The Past
Hmmmm, feels like you have been letting go of a lot lately… and I ask you – what else are you holding onto that you need to let go of? It feels like there is a situation that you are still holding onto hope with – and…. this is your sign that babe – you need to let that shit go. Even if it is meant to be – there isn’t anyway for it to come back in if you are still holding on. You need to fully let go, grieve, cry, get angry, do whatever the fuck it takes to let that shit go – for good. Yep – FOR GOOD. Because, this is the only way, that IF it is meant to be with you, then you need to move on, as if it isn’t coming back okay? Please know that this is your sign, and it feels like someone in the Spirit World who has died and passed over, is by your side, giving you that tap on the shoulder saying, “Hey honey, this aint doing you any good – you need to let it go to let come in what you really desire.” What is it that is coming to mind that final thing you need to let go of to start 2017 clean and fresh?
Card #3: Join In
Babe! It feels like you need a good dance and a good party!! Have you been saying NO lately? This is your card to say YES! Where have you been turning down opportunities in your life? This also feels like a big… hmmm, like, raising your standards almost… so like, yes, if you have been saying no because you want higher quality space and time and friendships, well friggin awesome for having this clarity!! Yay!! It just feels like it is time to start saying yes now, there has been enough ‘no’s’ and it is now yes time 🙂 I am also getting the message for you about like, the opportunities that are coming your way are not what you expect – in a sense that – it would be something you say no to usually – but say YES instead – you never know where you will end up. Be open, say yes to things you wouldn’t usually say yes to and get out and have some fun with new people, with old people, with yourself – just go join in babe! We are in the midst of dark moon and about to step into New Moon energy in a few days…. so…. say yes okay? Even especially if it is something you would usually automatically say no to and even if you auto respond with no and think, actually this is one of those yes moments – say, “Actually, I have changed my mind, yes, I would love to.” Get out of your comfort zone, say yes and watch your life shift babe… this is the shift you have been asking for… now say yes!
Card #4: Emotions
Ah babe! Feels like you are holding a lot of emotions in and wondering if you have been feeling anxious of late? I am also getting for you the Throat Chakra – is there something you need to voice to someone that you have been holding back? It feels like you are scared to ‘rock the boat’ or something, yet this card is coming to you to let you know that it is time to voice whatever it is you have been holding back. If you are still unsure or even how to say it, spend some time writing down what you really want to say to this person – no holding back – remember this isn’t for them to read, just for you to get it all out and gain the clarity of what you really want to say to them, so you don’t lock up on the spot. The other part of the message I am getting here for you is that – it is safe to feel babe. Even though you may not feel this way, nothing is going to harm you in this moment. Yes you distract, yes you try and figure it all out in your brain and this your sign that it is time to feel babe. Start talking to yourself like you would a small child in a dark room who is all alone… or how you would comfort a grieving friend. Start honouring how you feel, let your emotions out – get support if you need it. Stop holding yourself back and life will stop holding back on you okay?
Card #5: Be True To You
Mmmmm feels like you have been trying to fit in with the crowd, trying to find you through other people – yet this card comes to you to say – it is time to find your flow, your vibe, your authentic self. It feels like it is for you right now – more than ever – a crucial turning point – an acute turning point – that you need to be YOU 100%. It feels like any dogma or stigma that you stick to is clouding your inner light, your true self – YOU. It feels like you need to shake that shit off and remember who you are, what you want in life, what YOU want to do – not anyone else. Not because that is what they are doing – but because YOU want to do it YOU want to BE YOU. Forget what judgements are coming from the people closest to you. If you don’t step up and be you, you are going to drown in your own sorrow and people will keep asking you what is wrong. This is a time for you. Get out from under that doona cover and start shaking – literally – shake your body – shake it all off – shake everyone else’s judgements, thoughts, feelings OFF and let your light shine – let yourself be who you are, do what you want to do, when you want to do it – and NOW.
Card #6: Parental Care
Parental Care. I am getting first of all through this card – about Grandparents – or people in your life who are like grandparents to you – spend time with them. Feels like you have been putting it off – but I wouldn’t delay this any longer. And the other message coming through is around yes your parents, but feels like one in particular you need healing with at this time… Which one is it? Mother or Father? It feels like this is playing a part in your life too, in regards to your personal relationships, the hurt/past issue with your parent is playing it’s role in your present time relationships. By working through this, you will also help heal and balance that aspect within yourself of masculine/feminine that will bring you in a different perspective and reality shift. The purple flowers are jumping out at me in this card, this represents Crown Chakra – I am wondering what repetitive thoughts you are getting over and over and over again that you are not paying attention to? It’s time to take action on them babe, this is Divine Wisdom – what action steps do you need to take now?
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