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Reality Awareness | ​READING RESULTS ARE IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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​READING RESULTS ARE IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

​READING RESULTS ARE IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

​READING RESULTS ARE IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 Our first Tarot Reading for 2017!! Scroll down to find your number that jumped out at you this morning. The Goddess Oracle Deck, Doreen Virtue is speaking to you today. Many blessings as we start 2017. Would love to know how it has started for you. I look forward to livestreaming again with you very soon! <3 <3 <3

Card #1: Sedna, Infinite Supply. “You are supplied for today and all of your tomorrows.”
Mmmm, babe, feels like you have been stressing about money big time hey? And this card has come to you as a talisman to increase your faith babe… all is working out fine and in a way you can’t even conceive of right now in your mind. Are you able to increase your faith? Can you count your blessings instead? I am getting the message that your faith and your mindset are a big factor in how fast you can turn this around. Mantras with open ended questions are a perfect way to switch from fear to faith – how can I make money? How can I turn this situation around? How can I create what I am really wanting? How can I shift my mindset? How can I earn the money I need to earn and have money left over for what I want to do? These sort of questions are not necessarily for you to answer yourself, but for the Universe to then show you how. So, use these sort of questions as mantras – meaning – you need to be saying them over and over and over and over again instead of stressing about money – your stresses and whatever ‘negative’ things you are thinking of feeling about money, then will create more of that, but when you use those positive, open ended questions of ‘how’ = the Universe will show you how. So pay close attention to omens, signs, repetitive messages/thoughts/feelings about positive change and ideas, even if they seem left-field, out of the blue or you don’t see how that would make sense or work – follow them anyway. These are your keys babe. Change your thoughts, repeat mantras and – listen.

Card #2: Mother Mary, Expect a Miracle. “Have faith that your prayers have been heard and answered.”
Feeling so strongly that you need to keep the faith here babe – wondering if you chose more than one card today!? This is in alignment with Card #1 too, about keeping the faith. Feels like you have been worrying about things way more than is necessary and whilst it is hard not to, I am getting the message for you to think outside the box here. Stop focusing on so ‘blinkers on’ thinking and step outside the box. It feels like there are things distracting you from your main goal right now and this is almost like sabotage from your path. It is like, yes they seem very real and are affecting you deeply, yet I am also getting the message to remember your big picture goal. Remember what it is you really want and stay focused on that with unwavering faith and trust that it WILL come about and those that are meant to be with you for the whole journey – will be. Remember this. Remember your big picture goal – what is it? Are you clear on it? And what is distracting you from that right now? Is your distractions – are they the things you want with you at the end picture? Do you see them in that space? So why let them deter you now? Breathe deep, step up, step the fuck back on path, keep the faith that you are going to make your goals and commit to it babe – right now. And know that this card – that your miracle is your unwavering faith that you can indeed have all that you want, need and desire – as long as you stay focused – you will get what you want – trust this. Now, what steps do you need to do to get your focus back?

Card #3: Aphrodite, Inner Goddess. “Awaken the Goddess within you, through dance, self-care, and appreciating your divinity.”
I am getting the message strongly here for you about your self-care babe. Time to re-focus on you – and I am getting the message for you – about this is your year long focus! Stop focusing on everyone else and bring back the focus to you. You give, give, give, yet, you also end up burning out. It feels like there is some major shifts you can do and take starting now, that will turn this situation around. It feels like you have had enough. You are sick and tired of giving and not getting anything back. It feels like you have so many people ‘latching onto you’ so to speak – yet honey, you are the only one who has created this by allowing others to think that this is ‘just who you are’ and that ‘you will always do this’. Honey, it is okay to say no!! It is okay to put yourself first. It is okay to stand the fuck up for yourself and say ENOUGH!! I have had ENOUGH!! It is okay to stand up and say this situation is NOT okay… yet – you also need to do something about it now babe. It is okay to whinge and complain about something – yet this is NOT the time to run away. This is NOT the time to disappear and try and forget about it in the hope that this will go away. NO babe. This is NOT on. Honey, do you want to repeat the past 9 years by not saying anything, pretending that ignoring the situation will make it change? This is the start of a new 9 year cycle and whilst this starting year won’t be easy and ALL smooth sailing, it is the foundation year of the next 8 years – what sort of life do you really want to be living? It is time to step up – no one can do this for you but you. I am getting the message that you have a strong support system around you though and it is also time to start asking for help from these people that care about you. This is YOUR time babe. Make it happen. Don’t repeat the past 9 years. Step up, ask for help and make happen what you know is right for you. Enough of taking shit from everyone and everyone pulling on your time, energy, resources. It is YOU time now. Who is the first person that comes to mind that you need to ask for help from right now? Do it.

Card #4 Mawu, Mother Earth. “You are called upon to help with environmentalism.”
Hmmm, I am getting the message here for you babe about being very aware of what is IN your environment. On ALL levels in ALL areas of your life. It feels like it is time to take a very careful and close look at every situation in your life, from how you accept support, to your living situation, to your finances, to your health, to your well-being, to your work, to your – every situation in your life as it feels like synergy is your word or something. Like, if one thing is out – it is affecting every other area of your life right now. It feels like you are being called to really take stock of your life in lots of detail and really make this 2017, the start of a brand new cycle in a very conscious and supported way – by YOU. Enough hanging around and waiting for others to ‘save’ you, or for ‘things to just work themselves out’. YOU need to do the work babe. It is time for you to knuckle down, block out any distractions and seriously take stock of your life. Whilst yes, this card can mean you are being called into service work and working with the environment for sure and if this resonates with you, then of course – follow that! Yet, just feeling the meaning of this card for you if you have picked this today, is to really look closely at your entire life and really sort shit out. It is time babe. Time to get clear, clear outside and inside your home – meaning your physical home and your body as well. Time for a clean out and a conscious assessment on ALL levels. Start with the first thing that comes to mind. Research, reach out for help, take action now to support this first thing that comes to mind now.

Card #5 Dana, High-Priestess. “You have Divine knowledge that can help other’s through your spiritual teaching.”
Hey babe, feels like you already know here, but this is your what feels like your ‘final’ nudge – you have received messages like this before, that you already help people. That you are a healer. People naturally come to you for advice, for help. They look up to you, they seem to tell you all their problems and then wonder why they just told you the information that they did. Because the innately feel on some deep level that you help them. I am wondering what you are planning to do with your 2017? I am feeling for you, that this card is your sign to really ‘up your game’. It is time to start charging for your services. For you to start thinking about moving into this sort of work more and more – but it feels like you are already getting these inklings and have already started this and yet, I am wondering whether you need to indeed start charging now and/or, start putting yourself out there more. It feels like you’ve been ‘playing small’ and you need to start honouring your worth, and your gifts and really taking that bigger leap of faith up. No matter what level you ‘play at’ you are going to have the same feelings of doubt, scared, ‘can I do it’ etc – so you may as well play big babe. What step up do you need to take? Do it now.

Card #6 Ixchel, Medicine Woman. “You are a channel for Divine healing power.”
Oh, there is a lot in this first Tarot reading today for 2017! I am getting such a deep sense in this card for you that you are Shaman babe! You have such a skill that needs to come out… is there a course or something that has been calling you to learn more about? I am also getting the message about stepping up in some way in your life, it is almost like there is something that you know you need to do – but have been putting off doing… What is holding you back? Are you scared at what other’s will think? FUCK what they think babe!! this is YOUR life… are they going to be there when you are dying on your death bed caring about you? Probably not….. so why let their opinions stop you from doing what YOU want to do now? Strengthen your sense of self-worth babe, because it is this that is preventing you from really stepping up and moving forward. Ways to increase your self-worth are believing in yourself, being mindful of your self talk, doing inner child healing work and getting support & asking for help (because you’re worth it 😉 ). Do you already use your healing skills? I am getting the message for you, that these gifts of yours, your ability to help people is becoming more and more noticeable for you and this card, feels like your sign to take it a bit more seriously and be open to the messages you receive about using these skills more and opening yourself up to the possibility of one day, this being your ultimate career. It feels too, that you have been asking about your ‘next step’ ‘what now’…. take this as your sign. You help people babe, with a skill and talent that not many people have. Be open to what signs you are shown on your path, it feels like these will increase for you in the coming weeks – these subtle, gentle yet very repetitive signs are right there for you to take action on. Notice. Listen. Take Action.

  • Heather Dyan myers
    Posted at 00:45h, 04 January Reply

    Thank you 5 was definitely my card but I still am really lost. Have been for some time. I keep thinking about going back to school but then I think I really don’t know where to go or what to do. I keep praying that a shaman or a shamaness will travel from far far away just to seek me and teach me all there ways. I used to be good with people. Not now. Maybe I should just be a animal healer😕

    • realityaware
      Posted at 17:27h, 04 January Reply

      Hugs Heather!! Sounds like alot is coming up for you and questioning which way you should go, whilst being confused – is quite normal at this point for you, so be okay with it and not knowing exactly ‘what’ at this moment in time okay? That Shaman – is you babe…. and yes, you can ‘just be an animal healer’…. and you can be alot more than that too….. Trust Your Intuition has alot of tools in it, that you can use… I wonder if you have seen it? http://realityawareness.com/trustyourintuition

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