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Reality Awareness | Letting Go Of Control… my personal theme for 2017
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Letting Go Of Control… my personal theme for 2017

Letting Go Of Control… my personal theme for 2017

Letting Go Of Control… my personal theme for 2017… although it seems to be a collective theme going on too for alot of you by the sounds of it…

If you saw my livestream before Christmas – What happens when you single homeschool parent for 8 years straight, and then get 2 weeks break for the first time in 9 years, you would’ve heard alot about my letting go of control stuff that came up for me big time in having the space to process after 8 years.

Yesterday, I did ALOT of filming in one chunk, which I had been hanging to do for the past few weeks… and towards the end of it, I could feel my voice going… and then this morning.. no voice. Woah. What the actual fuck!? Yes, combination of detox I have started… but I feel there is more… something I haven’t quite put my finger on yet, although I can ‘feel it in my bones’ I can’t seem to put conscious understanding on it just yet…. yet, I can feel it deeply brewing… and with that… deep change…

The day I flew Adaya to NZ before Christmas, I had a HUGE internal shift. Something BIG TIME shifted within me, with what I am doing with my business, with my online stuff, with my direction with EVERYTHING. I am grateful to Colleen Arneil for this internal shift, something triggered deep within me and it was the start of the unfolding of this… something I can feel in my bones right now… I just…. gah… it is right there, I just can’t ‘describe’ it right now…

This, waking up with no voice… has shocked me… and not… here I am ready and jumping back into livestreams for 2017….. yet the Universe having something else in stall for me… And yesterday, not writing a blog, because, I didn’t know what to write in that moment in time… and so left it… yet, also knew that my focus was elsewhere, on filming, on finishing this first funnel…. and…. so I did… and now, no livestream today, due to no voice… so I write instead… and trust… and let go of control even more… and trust… and rest – I slept most of the day today I surrendered to the need for rest today (something I would usually do is push through with my controlling ways), yet, losing my voice, something is calling me to listen, listen more innately and more deeply than I ever have before… with deep curiosity, I am listening…. listening… I am glad I didn’t enforce liquid only on my cleanse and trusted my innate calling for clean eating, no sugar and no grains and amazed at the heavy detox my body already feeling, so, the no sugar and no grains having a huge effect on my direction, my calling – this feeling deep within my bones I cannot put words to right now…

Something is shifting deep, deep within… and when I do come back for livestreams when my voice returns, when my inner voice has spoken and is heard, I feel that the Hannah you will see and hear, will be different and…. more authentic… or something…. because at it’s core, it is what that initial internal shift that came that early morning that was triggered by Colleen Arneil.

So, I don’t know what it is, yet I feel it in my bones… something is coming, some HUGE big change is coming….. and I am grateful for this ‘in my bones authenticity’ feeling…. I thought I was being me… but obviously.. there is MORE…. I did say I was ready for more the other day on my facebook post lol! Universe is listening….. obviously it is my turn now… I do say alot we have 2 ears and one mouth for a reason…

I look forward to ‘coming back’…. in a big way… and being this space of what I feel in my bones…. it is coming….. it is already here…. yet, conscious understanding is still on its way.

Namaste. xxxx

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