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Reality Awareness | READING RESULTS ARE IN!!! 24th January 2017
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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READING RESULTS ARE IN!!! 24th January 2017

READING RESULTS ARE IN!!! 24th January 2017

READING RESULTS ARE IN!!! 24th January 2017
Mmmmmm, what are you waiting for babe? 2 Question, Written, Personalised Tarot Reading just for YOU!!! Over generalised readings?!? A personalised Written Tarot Reading will:
~ take you into detail of the personal issue that is going on, so you can see clearly a way out with action steps so you stay stuck not a moment more
~ give you the clarity you seek and peace of mind that you aren’t going ‘crazy’ 😉
~ help you figure out the next steps
~ figure out once and for all why certain things keep happening to you
~ understand why you haven’t been granted what you have been asking for
~ shift the reason and block that is stopping you receiving exactly what you are asking for
~ give you the precise tools you need to propel you forward
Scroll down to find your number that you chose today… the Angel Tarot Cards, by Doreen Virtue were calling today…

Card #1: Knight of Air, Intelligent, Decisive, Idealistic, Tireless. ‘Events that occur with great speed. Take time to carefully review your options. Creative solutions.

The message coming through as I started this card for you babe, is ‘You got this.’ Feels like you are ‘stuck’ almost – like can’t do any more at this second in time, even though you want to – yet, feels like you are reviewing everything at the same in this sense of ‘stuck’ feeling… yet, you also know you can’t do anymore than what you are/have done so far, feels like a ‘waiting game’ almost for you or such? Like, you are doing the work, just this moment, is as much as you can do before any more forward movement. Almost like you are awaiting the Universe/physical realm to catch up, it deeply feels like for you. The Knight on this card, is looking up the Air, looking up to the Light, and again, ‘awaiting the go ahead’ from the Universe it feels like… feels like you are very clear what you want and need, just timing, just awaiting the signs, awaiting the forward movement, the green light. It feels like you somewhat know this… and this is your confirmation… yes, you can review plans, but feels like you are pretty clear and just awaiting that green light and when it comes – watch out babe (in a good way), cause it’s going to happen very quickly and you’ll be like, ‘woah, it’s here now! How did that happen!?’. Keep the faith babe. It’s coming.

Card #2: Ace of Fire. ‘An exciting new opportunity! Career advancement. Change your life now!’

Hmmm, have you been planning a change babe? Feels like something shifting in your work/career focus, like you have been offered or planning a career change of some sort – this is your sign – yup – it’s on the cards, if you haven’t already made plans for such – do it, as all the doors are open for you it feels like… The man on the card, is very assured of himself – so make sure you keep your confidence up and don’t doubt yourself. You CAN do this. Feels like you have been awaiting someone else to initiate something too? Yet, the message here, is that YOU need to make the change happen, YOU need to speak up. YOU need to take action – what is that action that you need to do? What have you been thinking about, but haven’t actioned yet? Time is right for you to move forward with your ideas – Ace of Fire – use that fire energy to trail blaze your way in the direction you want to go. Don’t let your doubts – or any ‘but how’ stop you – just get to it. You will be shown the next step, once you’ve taken the first. The message I am getting here for you, is that the doors are open – are you willing to step through? So, what do you need to do now?

Card #3: Ace of Earth. The inflow of abundance. A promising business venture. Important documents or contracts.

Hmmmm, have you been awaiting some news? I am getting around finances, yes, but I am also getting around housing too – have you been wanting to move house, or just moved house – or buy a house – or something to do with your home and finances? Feels like you’ve been checking out places to buy, even if it is just thoughts of doing so and starting to question ‘how’… the Universe – is hearing you – are you listening? Even if you are not ‘asking’ specifically – whenever we think something in our mind, the Universe responds… or your mind responds 😉 So, better to be asking questions, rather than always ‘stating’ something i.e. how can I buy this? how can I make this happen? Instead of, ‘oh that one is out of my price range’ – because whatever you state – is the truth, so be mindful here, of what you are ‘asking’…. any ‘how’ question is better than a statement. We never really know anything at all, so, staying in an open state, allows solutions to flow ‘in’ to you… ‘Important documents and contracts’ is jumping out at me on the card too, and feels like the message here for you regarding this, is that if you have something awaiting confirmation to come back, it feels like this will be successful for you, so stay positive, hang in there, and keep the faith.

Card #4: Nine of Earth. ‘Enjoying life’s little luxuries. Spending quiet time alone. Successful self-employment.’

Babe, feels like things have been HARD for you of late… and feels like you are also craving deep alone time – yet also wanting company! That’s a bit conflicting! 😉 Feels like you have been working hard, and it has been hard at the same time and this is why you are wanting company – to have some fun and playtime and stop ‘working so hard’ – yet, also wanting alone time to recharge, recoup and regroup at the same time. I am wondering how you can create both? And I hear you getting angry and frustrated with me even asking that question – yet, again, you should know me by now, I don’t ask these questions, for you to answer them to me as such, yet, to ‘ask the Universe’ and get you in that open state to allow solutions, ideas and more to flow ‘IN’ to you… Really getting the message strongly for you – that whatever you’ve been working on in your self-employment realm is going to be very, very successful – so don’t stop now – get it done babe, let alone is it important to the world – for YOU, it will change your life. You already know this, I know, just feels like you need a boost. Keep going, you’re soooo close now… xxx ‘Don’t give up’ I’m hearing xxx

Card #5: Two of Fire. ‘You’ve come into your own. New partnerships or contracts. Continue to move forward.’

Hmmmm, has there been a new addition to your family in some way? I am feeling that something has shifted for you in terms of a relationship. Something has become more solid, more real, more in some way. And I am getting the sense that this is bringing deep joy and warmth to your heart. Enjoy it babe – you deserve this. And anyone that tells you otherwise, is just jealous of what you have in some way shape or form okay? Remember, what other’s say about you, is more of a reflection of how they are feeling about themselves in some way shape or form. Whatever has shifted in your life in terms of a relationship growing deeper, becoming stronger or forming on a physical level – please embrace it. You have really come into your own, just like the card says – you are strengthening your sense of self, your happiness is becoming more ‘the norm’ you are enjoying life ALOT more than you have ever done before, doors are opening for you, there is a lot of love and joy in your Heart – please just enjoy it! 🙂 It is a fire card, and although it isn’t a huge ‘you’re on fire’ energy like ‘blazing ahead full steam ahead’ it is more a gentle – the fire has been lit, your soul is deeply coming to life in a way never experienced before and is like a gentle simmer of joy and happiness that is underlying everything you do, say and be right now… even though things still knock you, you don’t stay down for long anymore because this new relationship change is strengthening you more than you’ve felt before, something is/has gratefully shifted – enjoy it babe. You FULLY deserve this. Now, keep that focus 🙂 Continue to focus your time, energy and attention here, it will only grow and flourish beyond your wildest dreams.

Card #6: Nine of Fire. ‘Don’t give up. Protect that which you’ve created. Have courage, and believe in yourself.’

Did you pick two cards today babe?? This is a similar message to Card #4 for you today….. feels like you’re exhausted and wondering when the fuck will this change!!? I am getting too, around something to do with courts, family law or something along those lines… family issues… children issues… wondering what is going on for you? Feels like something that has been dragging out for a LONG time now (well, feels like it!) and you are down right fucking sick of it! I am getting the message of ‘around 6 months’ and whether that is just been, but feels like, hang in there for about another 6 months… so do what you need to do for the next 6 months – like be super conscious of what you need to do to stay sane, stay on track and stay extremely focused on the bigger picture, the outcome of what you are wanting/making with this change happen – that way when things ‘rock you’ you can refocus and stay out of the drama a lot quicker, knowing that soon, soon this ‘drama’ stuff, won’t be part of your life anymore. And what is coming to mind, is do you do anything to create your future focus? Journalling about what you want? Visualising what you want? It feels like these practises need to be put into practise NOW to keep you focused and that way, it strengthens what you want, not only to ‘make it happen’ but to not let yourself get pulled down for too long supporting not only you, but the Universe in bringing your desires to fruition more readily. Keep your focus babe, you got this, stay strong and create your life. Now. Choose what you focus on, when and why – ALL the time. Big focus on that here with this card. You choose. Every single time. So, what do you choose now?

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