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Trying to work out what the meaning is exactly for you babe? We can get clear and super focused on YOU in a personal Tarot Reading… Click on the link here for more on that babe: https://realityawareness.mykajabi.com/store/oASBntx7
READING RESULTS ARE IN BABE!! Scroll down to the number that you were drawn to this morning to see what message came streaming through from Dreams of Gaia Tarot, by Ravynne Phelan.
Card #1: Three of Water. Satisfaction, Pleasure, Joy, Hopefulness, Anticipation, Attachment, Expectation, Disappointment.
Hmmmmm, feeling so much flow with this card… it is a water card after all and really getting the message about celebrating your victories big time babe! Have you been doing that?? If not – you NEED to schedule that in! This card also deeply symbolises a rewarding outcome for what you have been working for and I feel that you have been very focused driven for quite some time now, feels like you are super clear on your goals and have been diligently working on them. KEEP GOING!! This card is such a symbol of ‘your efforts will pay off’ as the strongest message I am getting for you – there is a very, very significant and joyous future ahead for you babe… Just feels like so much excitement, adventure and fun times ahead. Yes, work – but feels like your ‘work’ isn’t so much – as it is your life and life and work are YOU… and YOU are what shines, YOU are what is blooming… the rivers of life are flush with abundance for you babe… abundance in all areas… keep up the fucking good work – you’re on your way babe! So…… celebration time?
Card #2: Twelve of Earth: The Seneschal. Servant, Administrator, Mediator, Justice, Law, Organised, Trustworthy, Loyal
Hmmmmmm, very interesting messages coming through about this card that I am getting for you today…. the first thing that jumped out at me on this card – is the dog – which signifies extreme loyalty. One of the card meanings for this card, is ‘Blind Loyalty Makes One Blind’. And what is coming through for you today, is that – where are your loyalties? Are they real? Like – are they making you blind? You may need to read this card reading for you today, a couple of times, feels like there is a lot of depth to this message coming through for you today, that I am struggling to put into words right now for you…. I am getting – loyalties – like where have you made commitments/contracts/promises and I am hearing convent – which is like the religious/nun/doctrines that are extremely outdated for you right now and are hampering your life. You are blinded by what is right in front of you, because you have these old threads/contracts/promises that you are still holding onto and this is completely interfering with your life right now – something that you are trying to work towards is not coming to fruition and stopping you dead in your tracks because of these old outdated contracts you have made. Whether they are wedding vows, doctrines (and getting from old past life contracts through being a nun or monk or such AND/OR spiritual dogmatic belief systems around life/food/relationship choices you have made), or words spoken in a promise to someone – they hold energetic threads and are holding you back right now babe. This ‘blind loyalty’ that is the message on this card right now – is that you are blindly still trapped/tied up in these contracts/vows/belief systems right now – and are blind to the gifts, people, opportunities that are right in front of you. So, tad tricky – if you are blind to the past vows you have made – to be able to let them go – yet, I am also getting the message, that in the past couple of days, things have also come to your attention that you have been blind to and somewhat ignoring, thinking all is okay – when deep down on a level deep in your heart you KNOW something aint right…. it is time to cut ties babe….. sooooo….. start asking – what is it that I am not seeing, that i need to see right now to be able to let go of my past and start moving forward? What steps do I need to take? As always, no need to answer these questions to me – yet, write them down on a post it note/piece of paper and stick it up in your house somewhere where you will see it and use these questions over and over in your head – and let the Universe show you.
Card #3: Nine of Earth. Altruism, Generosity, Charity, Giving, Receiving, Selflessness, Benevolence, Humility, Self-Love
Okay, so the first thing that has come to mind here today through this card for you that I am getting is your physical health… time to do something about what you have been thinking about to do with your health babe… time to get back to the gym? More time outdoors in nature? I am really getting about physical exercise for you here… you body is the ONLY thing and the ONLY person that will be with you for the long haul. When everyone else is done and dusted and in their graves – it is just you and your body – are you taking care of it babe? This card is deeply about giving without expecting anything in return, about giving away items in your home, cupboards, belongings, clearing out clutter and I am wondering – are you truly taking care of your surroundings? Do you really love where you live? Is there parts of you life that erk you when you think about them and think, ‘fuck I have to do that someday’ – do it now. Set a date in February and get it done. The simple act of even stetting a date to get things done shifts you entire energy and life – because you are setting a plan to support yourself and your life – and when you turn up and do it – you create this sense of trust within yourself, because you are taking care of your life – taking care of you and your body responds in kind. So, is it the gym? A physical part in your home that needs attention? What is it that you keep saying to others, and/or to yourself that you need to do? Today is the last day of the month, a perfect time to set your goals for February and make them happen. I can’t tell you the sense of satisfaction you feel by doing this sort of thing. Yet, it builds such a deep sense of trust in yourself, your body, your mind, your spirit – and when you do this the Universe ‘out there’ aka – your reality – responds in kind… and trustworthy people turn up in your life and other ways the Universe shows you it is safe to trust turns up…. Where can you give to yourself this next coming month? What goals do you need to set? To write? Do it now.
Card #4: Ten of Water. Universal Love, Divine Connection, Centredness, Serenity, Peace, Oneness, Boundaries, Disruption.
Mmmm, this card feels yummy. Feels like a lot of flow, peace, ease, connection…. and a very clear understanding of YOUR FLOW – and the way YOUR life works and flows. “The power to consciously project your energy.” jumps out at me when I skim over the card meanings in the book and it sooo feels this ‘yum’ energy from this card for your message today. You are a powerful creator, and it feels like you know it and are tapping into this energy more and more right now. You are getting stronger and stronger in yourself and what is right for YOU and feels like such a step up in your self worth lately, you’ve really acknowledged that you are worthy of something MORE and that it is OKAY for you to want more and not settle AT ALL in ANY area of your life. It fully feels that you have moved through sooooo much stuff in the past few years, that anything that goes on now is ‘easy to handle’. Yes there are times you still fire up or whatnot, but something internally has shifted in you that you don’t stay in it very long at all. If something upsets you, you do something about it and make peace almost straight away. This is a huge step up from the person you used to be and it is being reflected in the situations and relationships you now have in your life compared to 7-8 months ago. You have changed so much since this time and your self-worth has gone through the roof. You are clear – so fucking clear and focused and goal orientated driven, that nothing is stopping you. Yes, this card is very much around distractions and yes they still happen – but ‘you’re on to it’ a lot quicker than ever before. Maybe because you have this drive and big dreams to make happen which is awesome, yet again, it feels like the deep acknowledgement of your internal shifts and they way you’ve ‘upped’ your self-worth, is having huge beneficial impacts on your life. You now look shadows in the eye and deal with them. You don’t sweep them under the carpet anymore or go deeper into the darkness without your heart headlights on. Don’t fucking stop babe, you are a machine and you’ve totally got this. Go you!!! YEW!!!!
Card #5: Six of Water. Kindness, Concern, Sympathy, Compassion, Understanding, Forgiveness, Love, Ideals
Hmmmm, whilst card #4 is all about yes your boundaries are clear and strong right now, this card is also screaming at me boundaries for you – yet, it feels like your kind, caring, compassionate and deeply concerning loving nature for other people is somewhat draining you at this minute in time. It feels like something is going on in your life where you are giving more than you are receiving and although you don’t give to get back – it feels like as you are reading this – you already know what is coming to mind for you of the situation that is skewed, that someone or something is taking more time of you than you need to give necessary. Something is draining you. Something is taking way too much of your time babe. As I write that – I am also getting on a mental level – something or someone is taking up soooo much of your time in your head – you are thinking about them constantly and/or the issue going on for you right now. You are needing to put some boundaries in place in your mind/thoughts and in your physical life. Where are you giving too much babe? Where can you stop giving to others, caring too much about them – and turn that energy and focus back on yourself? For in doing so, you are automatically helping them, as you are going to fill yourself up, smash your goals out and then you can help them, provide for them, be there for them, bigger, better and more ‘present’ than if you are constantly there for them this instant. Doesn’t mean you have to disappear from their life, or ignore them, or completely disconnect, (and maybe you do – only YOU know that), but probably, just deeply re-assess where you are spending most of your time and energy and get YOUR life back on track first okay?
Card #6: Fourteen. Self. I Am, Identity, Self-Realisation, Self-Manifestation, Centre, Peace, Acceptance.
This is a very strong card babe, in a sense, that it is really about your Higher Self, your sense of Self, your I AM presence… and feels like you are very in touch with this part of you, that it is a strong part of you, like, it is YOU most of the time. You have a deep sense of Mastery within yourself and your life and you are very switched on in this realm with this. Yet, I am getting the message for you today with this card, that there is something you are needing to say and speak to someone and this ‘withholding’ of speaking, is weighing you down, it is making you tired ‘holding it in’. You need to have a rather uncomfortable conversation that I am getting the sense is going to change the course of your life. This, you know I feel and I also feel you know you have to have this conversation and that is fine, you are awaiting timing for it to happen. Do you need to make plans for this to happen? Even if it is setting a date/deadline in your mind to make it happen? The other part coming through this card for you today, is – is there a part of yourself you have lost right now? Is there a part of you caught up in society, in social media, in the media, in the fear driven crazy lost world that is showered through television and newspaper on a daily basis to keep most of us in fear? Is there a part of you, a sense of Self, that you need to reclaim to remember the truth of who you are and what you are on this planet to do? To stand up for? Where are you lost in fear in your life babe? Is there something from 8 months ago, that changed in your life? I am getting the message that something from around that time changed in you… do you need to go back and get that part of you back? What else do you need to reclaim and recall back into your life?


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