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Reality Awareness | Reality shifts & reality checks…
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Reality shifts & reality checks…

Reality shifts & reality checks…

Reality shifts & reality checks…Who has been in a hurricane of change in the past week alone? With the New Moon on Saturday and the start of the Chinese New Year of the Rooster, we have seen and felt huge shifts deep inside and these are being reflected in our reality in a big way… It was like with the Dark Moon energy last week leading to Saturday New Moon, it was a big dose of #realitychecks Things were starting to be shown to you that no longer fit into your life, decisions were needing to be made. That New Moon energy on the door step of last Saturday, started to flow in before Saturday… some of you grabbed it, some of you needed more time…

These shifts, it feels like these are the ones – do you remember at the start of November last year? We had that wind of a taste of 2017? And then we had a flick back into 2016 and ‘Oh yeah, need to finish this year off first’ – do you remember that? It feels like, now with the New Moon and Chinese New Year of the Rooster turning over and well into the energy of it now, the switch has been flicked. You are focused, aligned and deeply on track… Curious, have a think back to November, the start of November and the middle of December – what was going on in your life? Anything that was going on back then, has significance to this time now….

January still was a bit wobbly and now, the wheels are back on and forward movement is ON. Taking responsibility for your thoughts, your energy, your life, taking charge – no more fucking around. You got this right?

There are big leaps of trust, big leaps of faith going on….. yet… there is no doubt, there is no question… it is ‘just right’ now…. like that sense of – gah, hard to find the words to describe the feeling… like – when you know – you just know – there is not one single doubt, fear or otherwise strong enough to override the sense of ‘rightness’ that it feels. And yeah, the logical mind cannot understand it – yet, those of you in deep Trust right now – don’t even need to try and figure it out, try and understand it – because you Trust more than you doubt. Your sense of self is strong, clear and this is being reflected in your outside world.

There has been so many aspects of Relationships being filtered, culled, renewed, changed, re-aligned, let go of, re-assessed in the past month. It is almost like January was the final “Okay, so these are the parts you have missed and need to ship out, let go of and bring deep into your awareness the truth of depth of the reality of the situation with the relationships in your life so that you can stay aligned on the right path for YOU, so that you can truly step onto your Purpose in a truly high vibrational way that you are born for.”

This weekend has been the weekend of Twin Flames & Soulmates through astrological and collective consciousness aspects especially….. and there has been several articles that have come through my awareness that people have tagged me in and have turned up on my newsfeed and it seems, I am not the only one feeling huge shifts in relationships. And this – all stems from – focusing on yourself, getting on with your purpose and shifting out of fear. By focusing on your Life Purpose there is a deep sense of Trust. Life Purpose is purely at the Base Chakra – and when you step onto your Life Purpose, when you every single day turn up to this, the Universe converses… the Universe says, “Here, here is everything you need to support this.” You are born for this. That internal drive, that internal space…. that internal shift…

#realityshifts – there has been HUGE ones of these this past weekend… many have felt it on Soul level and are in awe at the reflection they are seeing in the physical world. Entire perspectives shifts in one single moment and life becomes this incredible sense of ‘wow’… there has been huge highs this past week… and there are some still in deep lows… why?

#realityshifts – you either see your life and the people around you through the lens of fear – or love. You are either judging the people around you or you are accepting every single part of them wholeheartedly. How do you know which one you are in?

~ Telling others how they should live their life
~ Hiding certain words/thoughts/feelings: ‘keeping the peace’
~ Sweeping things under the carpet
~ Not listening to other people, rather listening to respond with your opinion/point of view
~ Holding onto grudges and outdated relationships or careers that are not serving
~ Close-minded
~ Fearful, scared & paranoid
~ Deeply worried about what other’s think

~ Accepts every single part of a person
~ Listen’s to understand
~ Speak’s only when the wisdom needs to be spoken
~ Highly discerning of what to get involved in and what to let go of, verbally, energetically and physically
~ Open-minded
~ Trusting, grounded, deep feelings of safety,
~ Is not phased by what other people think, you get on and create your life anyway

These #realitychecks….. if you are in a Love state and clearly seeing the truth (Love, because that is all that exists), you have been deeply discerning of what is not yours, what is real and what isnt, you have been able to decipher like never before the distinct difference between your ‘stuff’ and someone else’s ‘stuff’ and choose what to continue to take into 2017 with you and what to leave behind. If you are in Fear state, you are confused, don’t understand it, still getting pissed off about the incident and situation. You are avoiding or burying yourself further into a hole.

Which are you in?

It is a time of great change… you’ve been waiting for 2017 and now it is here… and big #realityshifts are here for you to take by both hands and create what you have always wanted… are you letting fear hold you back? Or are you in deep Trust?

If you need help deciphering what is going on for you month by month 2017 Tarot Readings are still available for you. Detailed forecasts personalised, month by month just for you to have a heads up at what sabotage is holding you back, interfering in your life so that you can truly shift into creating what you want, whilst conscious of the areas that would stop you having truly that. Each month goes into relationships, career, finances and health as well as any intuitive messages personally coming through for you. Click here to book yours now: http://realityawareness.com/2017tarotreading

Would love to hear how you are going… have so much to say on my livestreams starting again tomorrow… keep an eye out for me and catch me on them to ask me questions and gain the clarity and support you need.

With Love,

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