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Reality Awareness | When you know, you know, you know, you just know, you know?
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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When you know, you know, you know, you just know, you know?

When you know, you know, you know, you just know, you know?

When you know, you know, you know, you just know, you know? You just go with the flow, you don’t even question it, you just do it and it grows. You look to the world with grateful eyes, because you are in flow and you just know you know?

When you are unsure, you will know this to you know?

You doubt, you question, you overeat, you overwork, you oversleep…

When you are unsure, you will be met with resistance, with anger, you will wake in the night… why? Because something is out of alignment, something is out of flow, something is not in integrity to your life path, something is pulling you off track…

Off track to those visions, those dreams, those longings, those inspired ideas that you push out of your mind, that you try and squish down, because you think you are not good enough, or worthy enough or don’t know ‘how’ it can happen or where to even start…

Pushing them down, trying to hold them down… is what is waking you… they are like a big blow up ball deep under water, you can’t hold it down forever… you will get tired and worn out and exhausted, because that ‘water’ that you are surrounded by, that you are holding and burying your dreams, your desires, what you TRULY want under that water, is all the things out of alignment that you are putting before your dreams, putting before YOU….

When you start putting YOU first, start putting your DREAMS, your DESIRES first, those wakeful nights, the water – that is everything that is out of alignment, starts to evapourate… and that ball can be free, can be that fun, bouncing ball of energy that is your dreams, that is your desires, that fuels you in every shape and form. The ball is free to go where it needs to go, to follow the flow, to roll and move where it needs to to allow you the fun, freedom and joy, that comes from allowing your desires, your dreams – in essence this is YOU to come out and go with the flow…

Because, when you know, you know, you know?

There is no question, no doubt…. do you realise you don’t even look for signs when you know? They just turn up in your face and remind you you are on the right path – that your knowingness is so strong, you can just get on with it and just go with the flow you know…

When this knowingness is flowing.. you know.. you feel it in your bones, there is no question, no doubt…

Do you ever get in the flow? What pulls you out?

You make a choice… a decision and you run with it… you run with that ball that is going with the flow… when something is right, you take that opportunity and your run with it… because the Universe is listening – listening to your decisions and listening to you not making a decision and your life is responding in kind… Is there a decision that you need to make? Because believe me, when you do, you step into the flow baby… do you trust it?

Love, Hannah xxx

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