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Reality Awareness | 5 Tips in Using Your Intuition to Streamline Your Time and Stay in the Flow
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5 Tips in Using Your Intuition to Streamline Your Time and Stay in the Flow

5 Tips in Using Your Intuition to Streamline Your Time and Stay in the Flow

5 Tips in Using Your Intuition to Streamline Your Time and Stay in the Flow

Staying in the flow may bring a few huh’s? to people’s faces and sometimes it is hard to describe it and say exactly what to do. Yet, the more you do it, the stronger it gets. I have talked numerous times about Intuition being a muscle and being like running a marathon – you don’t just go run a marathon without training, well, you can do anything you want, yet without training for that marathon, you may tear a muscle or hurt yourself… you won’t do that with practising your Intuition – yet the point here, is that every time you listen and follow through with your Intuition, THAT muscle get’s stronger… it isn’t that your Intuition isn’t there and you have to grow it. No. Not at all. Every single person on this planet has it, it is that innate knowing deep inside you, that consciousness that you make decisions from. That thread that runs through all of us – it is a reality that you tap into. That ‘cord’ that connects you to the flow of Intuition is what grows stronger – is that muscle that get’s louder and louder every time you follow through on it.

It takes practise. And consistency. And persistence. This quote from @theleaguewomen pretty much says it all.

Are you going to give up? Or, do you, like when you were a young child – have that drive in you – deep inside, somewhere in there, that KNOWS at the core of your being what you want and desire…. You do don’t you? You’re not silly. It just hasn’t turned up yet, no wait – you just haven’t aligned yourself with the flow and stayed there for it to turn up. Maybe you haven’t let go of the old and the guilt that drives you to stay where you are. I am seeing an image of you scared of stepping into the flow – because you can’t see what is in there, so you hold onto the old of what you can see even though it is killing your Soul…. are you ready to let go babe? Can you TRUST enough to take that first step without being able to see the whole staircase?

Let’s look at these 5 Tips in Using Your Intuition to Streamline Your Time and Stay in the Flow Why? Because you want everything you’ve ever desired to come into your life right? Well, this is #1 step in allowing that in…

  1. Discipline. Some people cringe at the word discipline yet, when you sit down, plan out your time for the month, say like February (have you done that yet? to get done those nitty gritty tasks that sit at the back of your mind?). Planning your time, is CREATING YOUR LIFE. Let me say that again. PLANNING YOUR TIME IS CREATING YOUR LIFE. Yes, we go with the flow and are not super rigid in our plans, yet, if you aren’t planning your time with your projects and the way you spend your time – then who is? And yep, for those workaholics, sometimes we need to plan in no plan time! Remember the play time in there too…. So, discipline your time with those things that are important to you and turn up to them no matter what. That is how you smile when you go to sleep and sleep soundly and deeply – prioritising those things that are bring your desires into reality, instead of “I’ll do it tomorrow”
  2. Say YES to unexpected opportunities or changes of plans. Sounds contradictory after the discipline thing… Yet, no plans always works was always a huge motto for me and whilst I hold true to this still, at the same time, there is discipline and structure to my days – loosely 😉 In a sense of yes, I have things I need and more to the point WANT to get done, because they are creating my life and bring my desires into physical form with the daily turn up of tasks to do. To plan my life, is to make plans, but if the plans change – this is what you would call – staying in the flow. And when you stay in the flow, the Universe can bring you better than what you originally thought into your life.
  3. Learn to distinguish the difference between Head and Heart talk. Head talk is ‘ego’ (you know I dislike using that word, yet easiest way to describe this message right now), it comes from fear and logic that says, “No, you need to do this in these steps because it is proven and been taught for centuries and blah blah blah and blah blah blah.” Basically – your Head will ALWAYS find a negative in a situation/idea or otherwise that will talk you out of it. Your Head needs PROOF that it will work, binds you to your past, and keeps you stuck from ever moving forward. Where as your Heart is a FEELING and doesn’t make any logical sense whatsoever, and requires a shit load of TRUST, yet, brings you completely alive, full of energy, excitement, happiness and that intensely amazing glow to your skin, aura and smile that people go – “Hey, how do you always look so good? You haven’t aged a bit.” You know those people – and I bet, if you think about it – they are full of HEART and always seem to have a smile on their dial, live an amazing life that you aspire to and I BET they follow their Intuition ALOT 😉 So…. ready to listen to your Heart yet?
  4. Learn to say no WITHOUT the guilt that binds you. When you say NO to someone – you are actually saying YES to YOUR LIFE. How many times have you said yes and then feel resentful, get angry, feel drained, tired and lethargic and usually don’t even know why? Take stock of where you have said yes in the past week, where actually you really didn’t want to do it because you wanted to be doing something else. You felt that by saying no, you would disappoint that person, they wouldn’t like you anymore and you would lose them from your life right? Well babe, I am here to tell you, that if those people are meant to stick around in your life – they will fucking be there and those that are not meant to be – won’t be. Simple. Yet, you are the only one that will be there at the end of your time ultimately, so, you going to continue placing other people’s wants of your time and energy over your own feeling of where you want to be? Yes, there are lines drawn here, yet, just really tune in if you WANT to do that when someone asks you. “Ah, that sounds amazing, can I let you know in an hour?” is a simple response to give yourself time to feel into where YOUR flow is….And then soon, you get better at saying no straight up without the guilt – trusting deeply, that the people who love you, will still be there in the end, no matter what.
  5. Increase your Faith, Belief and Trust in something bigger than you. There is always going to be times where you don’t follow the flow of your Heart feeling and then you regret it. Yet, as I said and always say, it is a muscle and get’s stronger and stronger every time. And then next time you do it and it feels amazing and things flow and unexpected opportunities come along that wouldn’t have crossed your path otherwise. Something bigger is at play, some Divine plan that is where this flow that is this thread through us all, is turned on all the time. It just depends if you turn on your Heart light in response and allow it to flow through your life. “Everything I do is in flow and I am always in the right place at the right time.” Is a simple affirmation/thought process you can say over and over to start training your brain to – always be in the right place at the right time.

This is just the beginning… there is sooo much you can do to Trust Your Intuition and stay in the flow. Streamlining time, warping time to get more done is soooo possible when you follow your intuition. Even Intuitive shopping…. today, I had soooo much to do and such short amount of time it felt like – until I caught myself saying so… and started changing my thoughts to “I get exactly what I need to get done with ease and flow.” over and over and over again until I felt calm…. and then coming down the escalator at the shops, I clearly heard my Intuition say, “The bottom of this escalator, that rack there, there is a dress on there for you.” My eyes went straight to a particular clothes rack out of about 10 of them and I walked straight over to it and amongst it all, went straight to the dress. I pulled it out and went straight to the change rooms to try it on. It was amazing. Perfect size and last one left. It was over $100 off. I didn’t go the shops to buy a dress today, but when that happens – so clearly – this is staying in the flow. I could’ve fussed around looking at more clothes, yet it FELT (heart/flow) like that would’ve been wasting time.

I am always in the right place at the right time. I am always shown what I need to see. I am always being guided by my Intuition and I hear it loudly and clearly. I always get done everything I need to get done with ease and flow, every single time. I am always attracting incredible opportunities and people that support my vision and align with my highest goals.


With Love,

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