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Reality Awareness | READING RESULTS ARE IN!!!!!!
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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READING RESULTS ARE IN!!!!!! For 7th February 2017. Scroll down to find which message came streaming through for you today babe… The Angel Therapy Deck from Doreen Virtue was calling today, feels like some strong Angels of 100% are quite prevalent for a lot of us at the moment, gentle but loudly talking to you – are you listening? Feels like their presence is strong right now. Scroll down to find your message.

Card #1: Goddess. Express Your Divine Feminine Energy, embracing it’s magical intuition and nurturing qualities.
Whilst this card is all about embracing MORE of your divine feminine energy, this message I am getting for you today is that you HAVE been doing way more of that recently than ever before. Slowing down, getting into more of a yin, flow based space, rather than pushing all the time, you are and have been learning the super power of ‘being’ and ‘stopping’ because we all know that, that ‘stopping’ isn’t actually that – it is FAR from it. It is such a receiving, gentle, but so powerful, swirling, moving energy that when you allow yourself to feel this within you, your natural intuitive abilities heighten, you become sexually magnetic, you shine from within, you radiate. With the sexually magnetisation – sounds like – hmmm, what is the message coming through, like, feels like – do you actually embrace your sexual power? Feels like some of you reading this do, yet, some that are also reading this – feels like message for you to become more comfortable being sexual, being comfortable with sex itself and also getting the message about embracing yourself – do you touch yourself? Play with yourself? Do you know yourself down there? First step in healing and being okay with sex is getting to know yourself down there. Sexuality, sensuality and love, are soooo powerfully magnetic, that when completely embraced, your Soul radiates through and attracts everything you have ever wanted. The other message in this for you that I am getting is rest – are you tired? Been pushing yourself? I am getting the message to just check in, the past 2 weeks – how much sleep have you had? Yes, no need to make it ‘bad’ or whatnot and yes, we create our own reality and ‘don’t need sleep’ etc… yet, this message for you here, is to just be gentle, maybe get a tad more sleep/rest this week. Be in. Be yin.

Card #2: Crown Chakra. Pay attention to your ideas, as they are message of true Divine Guidance sent in answer to your prayers.
Ooooh, Crown Chakra babe… and when I pulled this card out to write this message to you, it fell on the floor and the message I am getting here for you is ‘hit the ground running’ which – I am getting 2 messages from this for you…. like, is there something you have been thinking about like – feels like it has been going over and over in your mind for this past week – have you accidentally hit your head recently? Something ‘knocked you about’? What is it, that you are not paying attention to? It is time babe, this message I am getting for you is so strong – stop putting off today what you know you need to do – do not leave it another god damn day babe – it feels so strong right now for you. And that ‘hit the ground running’ – like – this idea that you have, that is like don’t ignore this anymore – is like – this is your ‘ticket outta here’ I just got for you – like this is your plane take off time – not in a running away sense, but in a omg it is really happening sense. Like – it feels like what you have always wanted, what you have always asked for, dreamed about, is on your door step, at your finger tips… how much longer are you going to wait? Or are you going to take that leap of faith and jump babe? The Universe will catch you – I promise.

Card #3: Emotional Sensitivity. Honour and respect your deep sensitivity, as it is a deep gift to us all.
Okay, so lots of messages streaming through for you as I type this to you babe – first of all, like your Hormones – how are they going? And, when I ‘got that’ it was like – also, and may sound judgemental but what came through – was are there people in your life, calling you hormonal, emotional and upset in a negative judgemental way? If yes – what are they still doing in your life babe? Nah, kidding, not kidding. No, actually, I am serious. If they are degrading you for your emotional sensitivity, disregarding your feelings, putting you down for being too sensitive, too emotional or too much of anything – babe, get the fuck outta there! You are NOT too sensitive, too emotional, too – ANYTHING. If anyone tells you this, it is time to reassess who you have in your life and why and work out what you really want – because if they are saying these things to you I guarantee you that, deep down, these sorts of people are not who you want around. You want someone who accepts all of you, who honours your sensitivity, your emotions, understands that life is up and down and some days you cry in a big heap on the kitchen floor. And… I bet, that when that person comes into your life – those days of crying on the kitchen floor become fewer and farer in between – because you become happy and shine bright – because you have that someone in your life who accepts you sensitivity and emotions – accepts ALL of you. And that Hormone message, first of all – getting the message for you to connect with the moon cycles more deeply and then also – wondering what is ‘out’ in your body? Like if stuff is going on in your body – it is really only a reflection of what is ‘out there’ in your life. So if someone or some situation is making you unhappy – especially most of the time – it is deeply time to reassess your life babe. You are sensitive and when you start honouring that – like honouring in a way that when something feels ‘off’ you trust it and act upon it ASAP, your intuition becomes louder, you trust yourself, you honour yourself and your divine intuitive messages… and then… someone shows up in your life – who also accepts this in you. So, how can you start honouring your sensitivity more? What is your emotional sensitivity saying to you? Are you listening?

Card #4: Shield Yourself. Protect yourself from harsh or fear-based energies by envisioning a cocoon of healing light around you.
Mmmmm, feels like ALOT is going on around you babe – have you been using any sort of intuitive/energy protection? Like…. as the card says, envisioning cocoon of light around you? Have you downloaded my Internal Compass Audio Meditation yet? This will also help to protect and clear you energy. It just feels like you have/are stepping up in ALOT of different areas of your life at the same time and this is ‘rocking the threads’ so to speak. You are a very sensitive soul and you sense ALOT of things – feels like this somewhat confuses you and especially when you are run down, tired or your cup isn’t full it is harder for you distinguish what is going on. I am also getting the message of not just energetically to protect you, but physically – what needs to change for you? Is your insurance up to date? Do you need to take court order action of some sort? May sound extreme, yet sometimes we need to work through hard times to find freedom and get on with our lives. Some people don’t stop at no. And, the other thing coming through is around like – yes court stuff – of like, house settlements, or parenting plans or such… is there steps you need to take that you’ve been putting off? Feels like this ‘unfinished threads’ are energetically draining you, you are tired and worn out, forgetting things and feels like ‘putting aside hoping it will work itself out’. Nup. Not going to happen. This protect yourself card is coming to you babe – this is your talisman coming to you now – do not delay the protection you need to stand up for yourself, your rights, your life for YOU babe… if you don’t stand up for yourself – who will? Here is a link to the FREE Recalibrating Your Internal Compass Audio Meditation that can help you babe: http://realityawareness.com/recalibratingyourinternalcompass

Card #5: Visualise Success. See yourself doing well in this situation, and have faith in a positive outcome.
Hmmmm, the word BEAMING through this card for you that I am hearing is CONSISTENCY. Sounds like/feels like you have been working on your dreams, yet feels like there is a tad of doubt of like – ‘when’ ‘if’’s starting to creep in and this card is your sign to KEEP FUCKING GOING! Do not stop babe…. this is your DREAM. And although I know you wouldn’t give up on it, I can feel that from you reading this 😉 At times it is HARD and we need to remember that there will be hard times in ANY relationship – yes indeed you have a relationship with your business as well. There are ebbs and flows and ups and downs and indeed sometimes you wonder whether it is worth it. Yet, again, this is your sign – keep going. Do what you need to do. And remember to create fun in the meant time as well. Is there something you have ‘dropped’ that you need to pick back up again? What were you doing a couple of months ago when things were ‘flying’ high? What are you not doing now that you were back then? Pick that back up again and start doing that again babe, feels important… And – what sort of planning do you need to do in the next week that will also support this for you? Feels like some planning, structuring and discipline for you babe – and in the health arena – exercise – stick to it babe – remember CONSISTENCY. You never know what is around the corner 😉

Card #6: Heart Chakra. The answer that you seek is in your heart right now. Be open to giving and receiving love.
Hmmmm, wondering what this card is about for you… when I feel into it, I am unsure if there are words for it – Love maybe? Has new love come into your life? Feels like a deep soul love, yet, it is hard to even write this message of this card for you, because it is a FEELING and I guess, we humans call that FEELING Love. It just feels like such a receiving, joyful time for you babe. Feels like utter bliss to be honest. It feels like you are connecting more deeply to your heart than ever before and this is beaming through your entire life right now. People are noticing it, you are feeling it, things are lining up, things are falling into place, those things that dreams are made of are coming true, things that you had given up on are happening and it is like life has turned a brilliant corner that you are still somewhat pinching yourself if it is real. Yep babe – this is real. You brought this in, YOU were/are ready, you are receiving it now – accept it, breathe it, live it, honour the Sacred Manifestation that you have created and are staying utterly connected deep in your Heart for right now. It feels like you have really done a lot of work on yourself in the past 6 weeks especially and hearing mindset work in particular and this is really having such hugely beneficial effects on your life. Feels like you have given so much of your life in the past and now you are stepping up, taking responsibility, owning it and the Universe is responding in kind. Stay connected to your Heart, honour that Sacred Manifesting Power that you have tapped into, Honour it – honour – this word feels so strong right now for you – honour – like deeply this Sacred Honour of this connection, this thread, that your Heart is now open to and receiving on a Soul level. Breathe this Sacred connection in babe, breathe it in and absorb it into your Being even more. Love. xxx

  • Ulrike Heinz
    Posted at 17:17h, 07 February Reply

    Omg Hannah you’re freaking me out with your tarot cards every week and specially this week you’re 200% spot on again . I’m in such a good place right now it’s not funny Thank you for being part of my journey.
    Lots of love

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