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Reality Awareness | I see your stars and you see mine…
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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I see your stars and you see mine…

I see your stars and you see mine…

I see your stars and you see mine….. and everyone and everything else, doesn’t matter… It doesn’t matter what you believe…. it matters that you do…. Anything you believe to be true – is true. Whether you believe in Soulmate Love or Twin flame Love or No Love, or, that never happens, or it isn’t possible, or I don’t need to do the work or whatever you want to believe, ultimately doesn’t matter to me! It’s YOUR life babe… the fact is – that you believe in LOVE. If you believe love takes time to develop, then this will be true. If you believe in Love at first sight, then this will be true. If you believe that true Love doesn’t exist, then that will be true. If you believe that Love only happens to ‘other people’ then this will be true. Anything you believe about anything, becomes your reality. It doesn’t matter if you don’t agree with me – that ISN’T what I am here to do!

You should know by now – my MAIN thing is getting YOU to TRUST YOURSELF over ANYONE else… don’t listen to my stuff, read my stuff, or follow me if you don’t resonate! YEP I will trigger the fuck out of you… anyone will in this lifetime, relationship of any sort will at some point… and you will either leave, or grow through it and go oh, okay! Either way… I don’t mind… I am here to get you to step onto YOUR LIFE PURPOSE – not mine 😉 I am here to guide you to YOUR LIFE PURPOSE – not mine 😉 I am here to guide you to YOUR LIFE PURPOSE that ultimately is intrinsically connected with mine in some way shape or form – just like the relationships the flowers have with the Sun and the Earth and Winter and Spring…. do you trust it? Do you trust it enough that if you weren’t meant to be reading my stuff, following my live streams, getting triggered by me, hating me then loving me and coming back, time and time again – then you wouldn’t be – that I wouldn’t be in your reality?!?!

Ultimately you can never be ready for a relationship, soulmate, twin flame whatever you call it 😉  – just like you can never be ready for children… yeah, sounds contradictory I know… yes there is a certain readiness…. but I tell you the ultimate shift in being able to attract into your life the relationship you want? Is being your whole self… and not just being it, but accepting it FULLY… and I guess, lots of contradiction here – that when you fully accept it, it automatically becomes your BEING who you are… you become conscious of yourself, something ‘clicks’ internally.. .and deep within your Soul, deep within your Solar Plexus, the window to your Soul – you are seen, you see and you ARE that which is within. You shine from the inside out and everyone wants what you have… All the connections are flowing – all the stars line up – out there and in there – you become the Universe and the Universe is you. You see the stars in me and I see the stars in you…

Yeah, yeah, woo woo stuff. #pleasecloseyourbrowsernowthisaintforyou If you think it is woo woo, you are reading the WRONG content – so stop now will ya!!

If you don’t think this is woo woo – I hear you soul sister & brother… you get this… and more than that, you FEEL this at the core of your Being. Your stars connecting with my stars, Your Universe connecting with my Universe, because ultimately WE are the Universe… and there is no separation. You feel this… I know you do…

If you are ready to completely use this powerful Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse tonight to start this process of Calling In Your Soulmate, then download the 5 page workbook here and join us tonight at 8pm Brisbane AEST time Call In Your Soulmate with this powerful portal in time… it is time babe – are you willing? (NOTE: only come if you are called and feeling the pull for it! I ONLY want those that are feeling this way…) If you can’t make the livestream at that time, watch the replay tomorrow – but make sure you sort go through the 5 page workbook before hand…. Sooooo excited for you, life is about to change babe – LETS DO THIS!!! Download your 5 page workbook here now: https://realityawareness.leadpages.co/calling-in-your-soulmate-/ btw, the actual peak time of the Full Moon is around 10am Brisbane AEST, so, perfect time to go through your workbook if you haven’t yet 😉

Love, Hannah xxx

P.S. 2017 Personalised Tarot Reading are open again now (had many to catch up on this week!!), it has been BIG on Relationships this past week and BOUNDARIES and sabotage are strong right now – are you ready to have a personal, detailed guide for every month to help you navigate this 2017 – this year you’ve been waiting for?!? We will get super clear on this every single month of this year what goes on in your Relationships, how they affect your work life, what is sabotaging you and how you can shift them to the next level. You will be able to refer to this over and over, as this detailed, personalised and tailored to specifically to you and your go into every area of your life as well, a 2017 Personalised Tarot Reading will enable you to have a heads up for each month of 2017 and understand and use the energies to your advantage of holding back or moving forward and being able to distinguish between the difference of each one over this year. Are you ready to make 2017 your year babe? Click here to book yours now: http://realityawareness.com/2017tarotreading

P.P.S. Download your 5 page workbook for Calling In Your Soulmate here now and join us tonight babe! https://realityawareness.leadpages.co/calling-in-your-soulmate-/

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