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Reality Awareness | To the degree of which you trust yourself is to the degree of how much you stay in flow ❤✨❤
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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To the degree of which you trust yourself is to the degree of how much you stay in flow ❤✨❤

To the degree of which you trust yourself is to the degree of how much you stay in flow ❤✨❤

To the degree of which you trust yourself is to the degree of how much you stay in flow ❤✨❤
The amount that you are influenced by someone else, will depend on how strong a sense of self you have, which stems from deep within your core. I spoke of this on livestream yesterday and is big on where and what I teach in Trust Your Intuition, which at the time, I didn’t ‘plan’ on doing a Solar Plexus based course. Yet the Solar Plexus, is the centre of your being, your self worth, self esteem, trust in self, belief in yourself, so it makes total sense that with this, of the strong sense of self that is needed to pursue your dreams – to believe in yourself enough, PLUS enough of a trust in self that you can do, be and have anything you want to have. There is a definite persona to these people who believe anything is possible, because you believe that if you put your mind to it you can make anything happen. 

It is a select few, a distinct percentage of the world, that has this… they are the ones you admire, aspire to and inspire others to be the best they can be. I also strongly believe that ANYONE has these capabilities and anyone can do, be and have what they want… if you have the courage to walk through any fear barriers that come up, see through the bullshit and deeply in your core, feel in your bones that you are here for big things to help shift the planet in some way shape or form. You are not easily influenced by those around you, of the ones that pull you down, tear you apart and have the strength of self that is able to withstand in the face of adversity and get up time and time again, no matter what the Universe puts in your path….

Is this you? 

It deeply stems from your core…. your connection to this part deep within your soul that allows you to move forward, this innate drive that you were born for something bigger, that your purpose in this lifetime, your drive, your passion to leave a remarkable positive and influential impact on the world drives you every single day. And it isn’t even a ‘Oh I need to do this so people remember me,’ – it is just such a natural drive, a calling…. a…. it is just YOU, it is just who you are. You don’t even need to try, it just flows from you, it is naturally you, you cannot not do it, no matter the fall out, no matter the time it takes and the more you step into it, the more it just flows from within without even thinking about it. 

Yes fear arises, yes doubt kicks in every now and again, but it is you, the ones who use this fear, this doubt, as a sign that you are heading in right direction, that you feel in your bones, you are on path 100%…..there is no turning back there is no other way, it is just THE WAY. 

After shifting and shifting, clearing, and clearing, aligning and aligning and aligning some more, it just becomes the norm… there is a deep space, a shift, a ‘space’ between what is in here and out there… and when you tap into that ‘space’ there is a deep alignment, a deep awareness of the alignment. Once you get a taste of this, you cannot not be in this. Well, you can, but it is like death to the Soul…. there is not turning back… or, there is death…. (of the Soul…. of YOU)

Words cannot really define the senses of the the ‘space’ of creation, of that intricate place of the power… of what is within… of that which flows to the out, that is but a divine magnificent reflection of the intense and intricate delicate flow from creation of what is brewed within. The intense magnification that happens when you choose, yes, you choose every single moment of what is in front of you, you will begin to realise that everything is guiding you from a space of Love…. from this path to that and back again, this intriguing dance of life, is like a river that flows effortlessly that creates that life you see in front of you right now. Every single part of it, even if it doesn’t make logical sense as to how, you know, deep within you, that every ounce of it, is falling in your favour, in some way shape or form, somehow, by some magnificent divine orchestration of this thing in front of you, called Life. 

Bask in its glory…..

Embrace the loneliness….

No matter how dark….

No matter how brutal…..

For when you come out the other side, the light is more magnificent than ever before, a new reality you have not experienced before…. and when you sit in the space of loneliness, of this space, of nothingness, of not yet having what you want, is born a huge desire, a huge longing, a huge and powerful, oh so powerful space of intense desire that activates a thread that reaches to another alignment within you – that sets into motion, that river that flows from the inside out….

Follow that….

Trust that….

For this is your Soul leading you forth to the desires, the realities, the dreams, the longings, the creation that is YOU…. the creation of a new web…

Are you going to allow yourself this? Are you going to follow it? This river that is now set into motion? 

And anything that is not 100% in alignment, allow yourself to not give it one moment more of your energy or time? Allowing instead, yourself to follow the river that is already calling you? Sweeping you? Pulling you? To your heart and soul longings – that is actually YOU calling more of YOU? 

Are you going to allow YOU to have, be and do what you really want? Do you really believe it is possible? 

If you got to where you are now with all that you worked every day for yourself, had the mindset to get here and made it happen, to get yourself here…. trust, that it can also be possible to have what you are now longing for…. that…. you are right now, as you read this, calling into reality, what you want… believe, that just like the Universe puts in your path, people, situation and things that you didn’t expect and seem like unexpected angels just when you need them the most, that you are being shown, that truly anything is possible…. that this, is the signs of the inklings of your callings, of diving into the river that you’ve been calling from deep within the depths of you and the Universe is aligning… that you are creating from the depths of your callings…. 

You may not know the ‘how’ at this moment in time, but remember that this Universe is of your own creation and so the ‘how’ is kinda irrelevant, because the Universe shifts to create and make what you are calling forth, thinking about, longing for, focusing on – happen… whatever you want…. whatever you wish…. what ever you desire… whatever you are here for…. are you going to let the Universe show you? 

I let the Universe show me….

I wonder who will turn up…..

What else is possible…..

I am curiously open to what is possible for me and my life…. 

I am the creator of my life and the Universe is conspiring to support me… 

I wonder who will turn up….

I now let the Universe show me…. 

I wonder what adventures the Universe has in stall for me…

I am deeply open to my desires now being reality…. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you…. 


With Love, Hannah

P.S. If you are struggling to Trust yourself and don’t know why, I can help you clear the mistrust through a private Tarot Reading that is like a healing session, as we not only check in with what path you are on, but also see right into the core of the main issue that continues to keep you going around then same patterns and circles and deeply allow you to move forward and enjoy the freedom and happiness you truly deserve. Click here to book babeand set yourself free, https://realityawareness.mykajabi.com/store/oASBntx7

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