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Reality Awareness | #closethatfuckingdoor
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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Pull that door shut, close it. For good babe. We are in the midst of a potent Solar Eclipse that is the end of the watery, dreamy, fantasy of Pisces. And we move into Leo & Saturn based energies that are supporting us, propelling into discipline & structure, it feels like these next few months are a huge dedication to getting things done in a big, big way. Whatever project you’ve been working on – and getting easily extremely distracted from, is no more… well, it could be… and that is a choice, yet it feels like you are being deeply supported at this time to knuckle down and get it finished. There is something awaiting and crying out to be birthed from within you and it cannot not come out anymore. I was going to put this in the Reality Awareness Private Support group only, but, this needs to go to EVERYONE… keep reading if you want healing process questions to #closethatfuckingdoor for good ❤ 

On March 21st, is Equinox… the ancients marked this as a potent and powerful time, as big as a New Year, so this powerful energy after these 2 eclipses are drawing us to huge cutting of ties, finishing things, closing those doors for the final time 😉

How badly do you really want your reality to shift, change into what you really want? Or are you going to stay vibrationally where you are and continue to give your precious, darling energy and Soul to what you don’t want, the things that are Soul dying stuff? 

Whatever happened 2 weeks ago on the lunar eclipse, may have been dragged out, yet it feels like these past 48 hours have been intense to say the least…. heavy, heavy energies and if you have been holding onto something, holding onto hope in some way, of something that you thought was ‘it’, the rug has now been pulled out from underneath your feet and you are falling mid flight and can’t seem to hit the ground. This is why it is so important to stay grounded right now…. exercise, outdoors, nature, sunlight…. time away from devices, helps you to get in your body and be able to direct your compass away from that door and into your LIFE awaiting you, not this dead outworn, outmoded stuff… 

There is big masculine healing sweeping the planet right now….. if you’ve got issues or things arising with a male in your life, whether, child, partner, ex, father or otherwise, this is a sign that your internal masculine needs healing in some regard. Masculine self is directly related to boundaries and I ask you to reflect on what is pissing you off about this particular male energy in your life, then take that inside you, and ask what is this ‘trait’ or ‘quality’ that you are agitated about with this male – and ask “Where am I not doing this in my life?”

An example may be needing to say NO more than you are saying yes, for example giving more of your time/energy to someone (whether physically or in your mind – what are you constantly thinking about/talking about to people? Is this serving you? Discipline those thoughts baby BIG TIME, enough is enough) If it isn’t a huge hell fucking YES! Then get the fuck out of there! NOW! You are supported through this change, the energies and planets are potent for supporting you to #closethatfuckingdoor once and for all. Shut it. Seal it up. Stare at it. Get angry. Cry. Now turn around and walk the fuck away from it, don’t look back, you’re not going that way, look what’s ahead, step into the reality you really want… don’t drag one more ounce of that energy with you for it is only keeping you away from what you do want…. 

Masculine energy is also a directive protective energy. If you’re getting angry at a male for ‘what they’ve done’ or have physical symptoms that are stemming from anger (explosions of pimples for example), which is just anger not expressed through voice or action, but anger internalised, I ask you to reflect and see what it is, that you are not protecting in your own life? Is it your sense of self? Your self worth, what you are worthy of? Protecting that which is most important to you? Your highest ideals and values? Do you give your all to someone and then get shitty because they aren’t reciprocating? Because you’ve allowed your values to go by the way side in the hope they’ll change or step up or ‘It’s okay, I can accept it in them and drop what’s important to me in relationship, because it’s them.”? 

This anger ‘at them’ is actually a misdirected projection… you’re angry at your own masculine self, for not having the strength to turn up fully for you, to stand up for what you believe in (values/ideals/goals), to be there for you, to be present with you, because….. YOU are not engaging with YOU… what projects, that are YOU, are you not doing?

Lets look at what makes you shitty when you give your time and energy to someone or something, like, “Now I haven’t been able to do this, because I’ve been caught up in this drama and wasted my time with that instead of this.” You feel even more let down – because you let yourself down by not prioritising your highest ideals/priorities/visions/values FIRST before letting them into your life/spending time with them…. think about it, do they prioritise you? If not, what are you prioritising them for? What are you connecting into them, that isn’t serving you? What are you longing for in them/with them, that you are not creating in your own life. Ie, if you are wanting to feel loved and held by someone for example, yet you are not loving or holding yourself (ie, your masculine protective, directive energy holding and creating/make happen, your passions/projects/highest ideals/priorities/values) how can you expect to feel supported, loved and held by a physical masculine person? 

If everything is energy and you create your own reality, then your masculine reflections in your life, stem from within you….. 

So, what parts of your life are you needing to be more protective and directive in/for/about in your life right now? 

It could be: 

~ about the thoughts you are thinking all day

~ the food you are eating 

~ the people you have in your life (physically, energetically, social media) 

~ protecting your time throughout the day of distraction free creating project/passion time… turn your phone on airplane mode or put it in another room for a set amount of time to allow your focus and flow if it is distracting you 

~ following an exercise/self care/sleep routine for a period of time 

~ a detox of some sort (from food, alcohol, drama, certain people) 

~ house/garden care 

~ something else that comes to mind for you? 

The other thing to check in with here, is, what are you most scared of, or working on your highest ideals/values/priorities? 

This ‘distraction’ is there for a reason, what is this distraction protecting you from? 

What is the worst that could happen from working on your projects? 

From prioritising your time on what is important to YOU? 

Your values? Are you even clear on your values? If no, what do you value? 

Are you really worth it? 

Is all your answers even real? 

What is real? 

What do you really want? 

What is stopping you from having that? 

Are you willing to let them stop you? 

If no, what do you need to do right now that moves you forward? What action right now? 

If yes, why are you letting them stop you? Is it real? 

What is real? 

Time to cut ties babe, time to let it go, time to #closethatfuckingdoor for good, Solar Eclipse is upon us, are you going to use it? 

Love Hannah ❤ 

P.S. If you can’t shift it with these questions, you are needing help with the core imprint and wound that is bound there…. I can help you clear it with a Tarot Reading that is wwaaayyyy more than a Tarot Reading. It is a healing for you babe, we clear this shit out so you can actually have what you want, time to break free once and for all babe, book here now: https://realityawareness.mykajabi.com/store/oASBntx7

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