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Follow where your Heart takes you babe ❤

Follow where your Heart takes you babe ❤

Follow where your Heart takes you babe ❤

So many things have unfolded in the last month, feels like such a clearing and a shift in gears and the rise to the up level has indeed arrived. Are you staying or are you going? 

Feeling stagnant, depressed, upset, sad, drained are all signs, something in your life is out of alignment, something is pulling at your energy and you damn well know it. Are you going to do something about it? If you can’t do something right now, but know you need to, make a plan. Decide on a date and stick to it. It is way easier to get through a tough situation when you have a plan set and you stick to it. It is a way you can support yourself and can get through when you know when the end is near. If you don’t have a set date, you will mellow away into the depths of hell and fall off the face of the earth. Well, maybe not that bad but hey, it can feel like it at times and anything is possible…. so, set a date babe? Get a plan, stick to it, make it happen. Set a date to leave that job, end that crappy relationship and turn away from that door, so you can walk into your dream reality like NOW. 

Sooooooo….. what are your thought processes? Here are some of mine:

I know exactly what I have to do and I take action steps towards it every single day. 

This moment in time, I am directly connected to the flow of life and life directly flows through me. 

I feel like my internal strength has quadrupled and I am now clear and focused. 

I make time for my priorities and my priorities make time for me. 

I am the creator of my reality and I use this focus, drive, aliveness and deep connection to flow, wisely and effortlessly and I move forward in every moment with confidence that I am supported and connected to my innate wisdom in every word and breath in every moment in time.

I have strong boundaries in my life that keep me connected and deeply in flow. 

I say no easily when I need to without guilt or hesitation and it strengthens my connection to my intuition and sense of self every single time. 

I feel happy when I am truly honouring what is right for me and I shine from the inside out. 

People notice me when I walk down the street and want what I have. 

I glow from the depths of my soul and people feel my presence without even physically being near me. 

People are transformed and propelled into their life purpose just from having any sort of connection to me and this changes the world in the most positive and hugely impactful ways. 

What is it you are here to do? 

What is it that calls to you?

Unsure? All you need to follow is the direction of your Heart…. when things are calling you – listen. If something is making you feel drained, tired or upset – babe – have you set that date yet? ‘Oh but how will I support myself?’ It’s not up to me to tell you to do anything…. yet, how on Earth, (yes, this physical plane we live on), how can the Universe support you on this physical earth, if you are not honouring what you feel is right within yourself? Ie, if something is killing your soul and you are drained, tired, emotionally worn out, well, obviously something is not feeling right with yourself, yet out of habit of loyalty to someone else other than YOURSELF, you continue to repeat these patterns and place yourself in these situations that take you further away from happiness, from what brings you alive, from YOUR SOULS PATH.

It is true that the ego feeds in negativity, so of course, it is easier to go back to old ways of being, places, people and situations. Yes it takes discipline, a strong sense of self and a deep commitment to making the world a better place…and not everyone has this deep drive. Yet, it all begins with you. How can you expect the world to change, when you are not doing anything about your own life first? This comes back to the honouring what is right for you in every moment of time. You will attract situations, people and things that reflect the “They’re not doing anything about it, I can’t believe they are doing that or said that…” When YOU are not doing what is right for you in the first place. 

Most situations that happen that make you unhappy in some way shape or form, you knew on some level, you shouldn’t have been there or done that in the first place right? Or didn’t honour that direct moment in time, when things started to not feel good anymore, after it was feeling good… But, you didn’t honour what is right for you, so through the magic law of attraction, that thing you call the Universe that is constantly there to support you (the hose is always there, just depends if there are kinks in the hose, or even connected tot the right tap), things happen to wake you up, to get you back onto path, back into what makes you feel good and right within yourself again. 

Like, we live in this physical reality yes, so, if you are connecting into someone or something that is not bringing you alive, how can that be aligned? How can the Universe support your physical reality, if you are not supporting the Universe, by bringing your Heart alive? There is an energetic connection with your Heart, body and soul, that is your guide post, your connection to the Universe, thread if you may, that completely supports you in that joy, peace and abundance, so….. if that isn’t what you feel in your bones, then how can the Universe bring this to you. And no? It isn’t

 A ‘punishment of god’ or some shit… but your own personal beliefs and fears stopping you from completely aligning and dining in this sustaining and pure life enhancing taps open and flowing of joy, love abundance and more? Are your taps open and flowing? Or are there kinks in the hose? Or is the hose just connected to the wrong Source all together? You will know, by how you FEEL. (There is a difference between feeling like it and disciplined flow, but that’s a whole nother post in itself) 

If you are feeling shitty, you are probably out of alignment in some areas of your life. Full stop. ‘Oh but I have my kids to look after/family to care for or I can’t do that until……’ STOP with the excuses. Because that is all they are. Yeah there is a certain readiness for things, but just be mindful of what is keeping you stuck, cause…… these are the kinks in the hose that are connected to the flow of to the things you are actually desiring….. 

We have just shifted into New Moon phase, and will feel the upswing and shift in flow in the next 24-48 hours as we move into the flow of the New Moon cycle…. what commitment do you need to make for yourself? Yes, there will be a clearing out and tying up of loose ends of that door shutting, prob for the next 6 months, to completely shut it off… and in some ways not, yet, what focus have you got on babe? If you make ANY commitment to yourself, let it be that! That you may need to turn and face that door for momentarily moments in time, but on the huge scale of things, the big picture of your flies, they are fuck all moments in time. So keep that in mind. What journaling or visualisation process have you got for yourself,f that you are COMMITTING to, to keep you focus on the not looking back at that door one moment more? You’re not going that way remember? 

Love, Hannah ❤

P.S. Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for something special for you ❤ 

P.P.S. Unsure what those kinks are the hose are that are blocking your souls path from manifesting babe? I can get into the depths of your Soul, with a Tarot Reading. As a Medical Intuitive and Healer, I can see straight into your energetic and physical body with what is going on, drop into the metaphysical space from there that is pulling you completely out of alignment and then create a solid step by step plan for your health, well being, kids, family, life and business. Book your Tarot Reading here now babe: https://realityawareness.mykajabi.com/store/oASBntx7

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