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Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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HALF PRICE TAROT READINGS END TOMORROW NIGHT AT MIDNIGHT! These are not just answer your questions and we’re done, no, no, no, as you can see I don’t just tell you your future, this is about getting deep into the core of what is going on, with extremely accurate information that pin points what is going on for you, where it came from and what to do about it. With audio meditations and a step by step practical guide that’s you can squeeze into your already busy life and this will actually create more time and space in your life as you won’t have to carry around the stuff that binds you to your busyness 😉 Limited time only babe, book now before it closes at midnight tomorrow night: https://realityawareness.leadpages.co/half-price-tarot-reading/

Scroll down to find your number that you chose today, the messages from Ravynne Phelan’s Messenger Oracle today. Lots of love, Hannah ❤

Card #1: Do Not Fear The Unknown

Feels here, like you have just taken a big risk, or need too, or one is coming up and this card is strong message for you that – it is safe for you to make these changes. The Red Cloak that she is is wearing, is very Base Chakra and that symbolises trust, safety, security and I am getting the message for you here, that ‘nothing is out of the ordinary’ 🤔 hmmmm, what is this about…. it feels like, babe, don’t close yourself off to to things, because it is outside of your routine, it is not your ‘normal’ and it isn’t what you expect. I am hearing the message ‘don’t close off to things because it isn’t normal’ which is interesting and feels like such a strong theme here in this card for you, like STAY OPEN basically 😉 watch what you are judging, watch what you are pointing negatively towards something….. like do you shun things because it is just ‘not your thing’? So…. why are you giving it any of your energy? If you feel strongly about something soooo….. go and do something that you resonate with that will change the world instead? Why focus on what you don’t want/enjoy? Why talk to people THAT when it isn’t what you want to see in the world? So…. of you find yourself in unexpected situations or places you haven’t been before or visit places that have been transformed since last time and find yourself feeling uncomfortable, then question why…. and go and do something about the ‘why’ and only give your thoughts, time, energy and focus to THAT. So be open to where you find yourself and why… because this I the unexpected that is guiding you to your Soul’s Path and Purpose – are you listening? Or are you still hung up on the what you don’t like about it? If you want to get super sorted babe and crack open the core and ‘why’ you are consistently judging something as ‘bad’ and even having a reaction as you read this saying, “I don’t do that what are you talking about?!” And getting shitty with me as you do so 😉 then I can help you delve personally deep and take you beyond your current scope so you can really align with your souls purpose and make an incredible impact on this world, which I know you are born to do and that you feel in your bones… Half Price Tarot Readings end tomorrow night at midnight babe, book here now before it ends: https://realityawareness.leadpages.co/half-price-tarot-reading/

Card #2: Show That You Care

Mmmmmm, have you been really busy lately babe? Feels like you are somewhat burnout and tired too! This card, whilst I got the message for you that having been very busy, those around you need you too, so remember them, give them some of your time and attention make time to spend with them, make it priority and ‘present’ priority, no devices, just presence. At the same time, self care is coming through strongly for you with this… time for you… when can you take time for you? It feels like some SERIOUS self care is in call big time and that needs to be planned for like now…yeah, yeah, you got stuff to do… i said plan for it…. what are you going to start, and when and what can you do today? What is the most loving thing you can do for yourself today? It feels like you have been prioritising everything and everyone else but yourself, and you are starting to feel the pull… is there a part of you that struggles to believe at your core that you are worth it? Why? Is it true? What do you want to believe instead? Can you? Now? If you want to shift these stuck beliefs once and for all and clear out that thing that keeps you going back to old patterns over and over and over, a personal Half Price Tarot Reading with me ends tomorrow night at midnight, so book in quick so you can start loving YOU more and showing the Universe what is important. Click here to book before this offer expires babe! https://realityawareness.leadpages.co/half-price-tarot-reading/

Card #3: Have Courage

Mmmmm, feels like this card for you, is take that leap of faith, TRUST, I am getting the message is big for you – trusting it is all working out, trusting that everything is happening right now as it is supposed even if it is hard and you don’t understand ‘why’, that this is happening because somehow it is taking you to the next level of your Soul’s growth. It feels like, deep down, you’ve known something was ‘off’ and now you have confirmation of it… what is it for you babe? I am getting something to do with family? Kids? Children you know? Have the courage to trust yourself and your intuition right now, it feels, this card is big confirmation for you that you are right on the money, so don’t doubt yourself right now… is there some action you need to take to protect yourself or the children involved? And… protection can mean yes court orders and such, yet I am also getting around protecting your thoughts, your energy, your awareness, your peace of mind, your integrity… so what do you need to do to protect your energy and life? What are you focusing o? It’s not about denying the ‘bad’ stuff going on, you turn and face it and get it done, then you walk away from that closed door and move towards what you really want. Have courage babe, you got this. If your unsure how to close that door for good, Half Price Tarot Readings are now open for a limited time until tomorrow midnight AEST. This isn’t just a I answer your question and we’re done, no, the questions you give me, give me a guide to go off, and I offer audio meditations and other healing methods, because this isn’t just tell your future, it is about healing the blocks that bind you that cause you to keep reopening that door over and over no matter how many times you close it. Half Price Tarot Readings end tomorrow at midnight babe, click on the link to book now before it closes: https://realityawareness.leadpages.co/half-price-tarot-reading/ 

Card #4: Seek Your Answers Within

Babe, feels like you have been running around sooooo much, feels like you’ve been so busy with so much more to do and this card comes to tell you to sssssssllllooooooowwwwww down! Stop, breathe! Take a deep breath, and another one, inhaling and exhaling…..Yes you may have lots to do, but you need to be present when you are doing them, feels like so much stress for you at the moment and a lot of feelings unexpressed too. Usually you keep busy because you are full of feelings, need a big cry yet, our society is not comfortable with feeling feelings so keeping busy is a great way to avoid them, but it increases stress, you get frustrated easier, short tempered and/or extremely tired in a bid to hold it all in. You’ve chosen this card today because you need to slow down, you need to FEEL, I am getting the message your health is going by the way side and the best way to heal is to feel the pain, feel the sadness, feel the anger and let it move through you. How are you sleeping? Take some time out, let yourself feel the emotions, watch a sad movie and cry, go to bed earlier for a week, let your body heal. Go ‘IN’ babe, your Soul is screaming it for you to listen to it, to nurture it, to heal it. It wants to speak to you about your next step. Take time today. Here is my Become Super Present Audio Meditation for you, click on the link to download, no excuses now 😉 http://realityawareness.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/Become-Super-Present-by-Hannah-Andrews-Reality-Awareness.mp3 If you don’t know how to feel your feelings, or know what you should be doing to slow down or how you can even slow down with so much to, how to even listen to what your Soul is saying, now is the perfect time to ask with Half Price Tarot Readings for a limited time until midnight tomorrow night. Click here to book now before this gift ends: https://realityawareness.leadpages.co/half-price-tarot-reading/

Card #5: Embrace The Masculine 

Mmmmm, did you read my blog on Sunday? It was ALL about the masculine and I highly recommend you read it if you haven’t done so already, link here babe: http://wp.me/p7K5N3-42V it feels like it is about strengthening your inner masculine here, where are you needing to protect your time and energy so you can get done what you need to get done? Or to be able to take time out to go within? The masculine protects and holds space for the crazy, chaotic, moving, creative feminine to ‘be’ and express itself…. are you giving yourself this in and out time? This doing and being space? This rest, inner time and the doing, outer time? Feels like a big balancing masculine and feminine time for you babe, and it is imperative that you heal the masculine within, have a read of the blog link and keep your eyes peeled for the Sacred Manifestation Course I have coming up soon, it is all about healing and balancing masculine and feminine within. What can you do to say no? To honour what you really want to do? Make sure you read the blog babe: http://wp.me/p7K5N3-42V If you want to get clear on what you need to do PERSONALLY not a generalised understanding, now is the time to book babe with Half Price Tarot Readings until midnight tomorrow night. With very accurate and pin pointing exact steps for you to heal these parts of your life, you can release these pesky patterns once and for all and solidify your inner masculine to experience that freedom, joy and happiness that you are longing for once and for all… breathe easy babe, click here to book now before this gift ends: https://realityawareness.leadpages.co/half-price-tarot-reading/

Card #6: Seek The Lesson 

Mmmmm, the first thing jumping off the card, and may seem obvious, is to find the lesson in the situation you are currently in for it to shift, transform and so you can let go. I am wondering what is going on for you babe, it feels like a lot of turmoil lately, a lot of ‘What on earth is going on, has just gone on?!’ and it feels like you are deeply in your very active, very switched on brain, trying to analyse and figure it all out and the message I am getting here is that right now, you won’t see the bigger lesson at play actually right now, so to take a step back and release all the figuring it out at this point because it is tiring you, draining you and making you exhausted. I am getting the message in about a week or so, you will have more information about this situation and for now just to come back into yourself let the situation go, it feels like your hands are tied almost and there is nothing else you can do but wait for a time, so trust this, let go and let God as they say and relax your mind. Get physical, do exercise everyday that gets you n your body moving (that suits YOUR body, trust your own intuition on what exercise is right for you) so you can get out of your mind. Come into the present, one moment at a time, one breath at a time, let’s just get through the next hour and then the next. Bring it back to basics babe. You will get your answers, for now just let go and do you. Can you do that? Remember right now is Half Price Tarot Readings until midnight tomorrow night, if you are unsure how you can let go for now and even let the situation go ever, feels like a lot of heartbreak involved here babe, I can help you get clear and heal this. With Audio meditations and accurate information, clear practical steps, you can shift this for good, release stress and increase your well being again babe, click here to book now before it closes tomorrow night at midnight https://realityawareness.leadpages.co/half-price-tarot-reading/

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