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Reality Awareness | What if…. you could have what you are longing for….
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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What if…. you could have what you are longing for….

What if…. you could have what you are longing for….

What if…. realities existed beyond your current perception right now…. are you game enough to open your mind to possibilities you have not yet conceived?

If you truly believe that you create your own reality and something is not in your reality yet that you want, that you are longing for… have you stopped to ask if you are open enough to let it in?

If you fit into the category that your life is not the ‘norm’ (nor would you want it to be – boring! lol), and you are finding that sometimes you wish it was because something you want, has not come about yet… I ask you to stop and ponder… that if you truly create your own reality – that all your successes have come from pure determination, discipline and you made it happen, then what is to say, you can’t have an extraordinary _________________ fill in the blank of what you want…..?

What if… what you were longing for, hasn’t aligned because you haven’t?

What if… what you are longing for, isn’t showing up, because your mind isn’t open enough to allow it in?

What if…. you keep dismissing your crazy out there ideas because you don’t see how that is possible?

What if… you keep shunning what you really want, because you don’t believe you are really worthy to have what you really want?

What if… you could lead the crazy life you dream of?

What if…. you allow yourself to day dream all day about the life you want, but let your ego give you every good reason why it can’t happen and you listen to that, over the longings of you Heart?

What if…. you chose to be acutely aware of the different voices in your body, mind and soul and ONLY give energy to the ones that are aligned with your Heart and not settle until THAT becomes your reality?

What if… you took daily action on all that your Heart longs for UNTIL it becomes reality?

What if… you continually opened your mind to realities, not even conceived by your mind – but as a true believer and you experience the life of truly creating your own reality day in day out – then you continue to walk in deep faith that the crazy, yet unimagined life, is coming, is a reality that you are now drawing into your life, into your exsitence and not only chanigng your life, but millions of people around you because of the connectedness that we all are?

If I can dream it – so can you….

If I can inspire others – so can you….

Your life is meant to be LIVED FULLY….

What if… the relationship you want, looks nothing like ‘the norm’?

What if….. the lifestyle you want, looks nothing like ‘the norm’?

What if…. you long for something that you don’t know how would be possible to shift from where you are to ‘there’, but for some reason, some thing deep inside you calls you beyond measure, something calls you beyond what you can see or imagine now – but SOMETHING is calling you that is so far out of the norm you keep brushing it aside?

STOP. STOP brushing it aside….

What is calling you is real…. what you long for is real…..

Are you going to allow it in? Are you opening your mind enough for the crazy unimaginables to happen? (is unimaginables even a word?? It is now!)

Because do you know what that does? It gives rise to other people doing the same….

It gives rise for other people to shift their lives too….

Because as 1 person opens their mind – the Universe opens their mind and there is a collective shift…..

And when 1 person opens their mind to crazy unimaginables filtering down and becoming a reality in this physical space, the Universe aligns to meet you… and that means other people need to shift too… when you are open, so is the planet… to new possibilities, to new realities… to those crazy ideas that, not only inspire people but……. change the world….

Everything that ever is and ever will be… first came from a thought… are you listening?

Are you open enough to allow the Universe to align to the crazy unimaginables to become your reality for what you are longing for?

“I am fully open and receptive to preconceived ideas that I can’t even imagine right now of how my dream life looks and feels. This ever increasing passion and deep desires within me that beam from within my Soul, draw to me everything that I am craving, because it is a longing from deep within my Soul of what I came here to do and be. The Universe hears my Soul’s calling and responds in kind, allowing my Soul the breath to breathe it’s full potential on this Earth and everything I came here to be and share with the World, shifts the planet in exponentially positive ways.”

Create your reality babe.


With Love,

P.S. I have 2 x 1:1 places available, we start on the 14th of March, for a 4 month Reality Transformational Makeover. This is your chance to step up fully and create the life you really want. You will get constant daily support from me as well as 12 x 1:1 hour long sessions where we dig deep into the things that need clearing out, reorganising, rewiring and revamping deep within your Soul to honestly align you with your Soul’s calling and get you living what your Soul came into Human form for on this Earth.

Session 1: Getting into your mind and clearing out what is no longer serving you, plus taking stock of your home environment to match your new reality of thoughts.
Session 2: Clearing up past karma that is holding you back and keeping you going in circles so you can truly remove the past glasses once and for all
Session 3: Time to open up babe! This is a deep session where I take you into the holes of your Soul and allow deep healing to take place so your Life Purpose can ‘hold’ in your physical life reality.
Session 4: This is where we get clear on what it is you are actually here for on this Earth this lifetime, and make a plan to make it happen.
Session 5: In this session, this is where the practical Heart & Soul Callings actually start showing up in your reality and we check in to keep you in alignment and on path for your Life Purpose with practical essentials that take you to the next level.
Session 6: Stepping out and stepping INto your new life babe. Here we get clear on the last things that need clearing out so that nothing holds you back.
Session 7: We reasses the entire process, plus the upcoming path ahead. Here is where it is the ‘middle path’ and finding what truly serves your Soul that inspires the world. (thought you already did that? Babe, this stuff is deep – unimaginables become reality 😉 )
Session 8: Drop into LIFE babe, because things just ramped up! Again, you thought that stuff already happened? Ha, I told you about those unimaginables 😉 Believe me yet? 🙂
Session 9: This is the place where everything is flowing and we drop into the which space is calling at this time. Session 9 is always the place of reassess, double check, go over, clear the final core of sabotage and frees space for the next uprising in.
Session 10: The birth of something new in your life happens here. Just when you thought you were ‘done’ the new wave comes in. This is the space of truly being the infinite Soul that you are connected to the Universe – or is it that the Universe is connected to you? 😉
Session 11: We continue to work deep in your Soul and what is showing up in your reality, so that they are consistently a match and fine tuning and tweaking where we need to. This is a powerful session this one, as it is almost at the final stage of the birth of YOU in more ways than is currently possible.
Session 12: Here is the final session and this is not the chapter closing, but the entire start of a ‘new book’ in your life. The final keys are opened here that propel you further into your Life Purpose and collaborate with people, places and things like never before. Whilst this may be our final session, your now aligned strength, sees you bringing you to every good thing, place and person that you’ve dreamed of, consistently turning up effortlessly like magic. This is all YOU babe. Are you ready?

Private message me for more details if this is calling you, this aint for everyone, that is for sure 🙂 Commencing on the 14th of March, only 2 places available for this Reality Transformation Shift over the next 4 months – are you ready to truly step onto your Life Purpose babe?

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