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Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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Step by step practical solutions and tips to help you move forward. I delve deep into what is going on for you so you can shift it for good with a Personalised Tarot Reading. You don’t even need to know what question to ask, I can just sense into what is going on regardless.

“For giving her nothing to go off of, it was almost scary how on point the reading was for me. Not only was it dead on, but it was completely in depth, precise and quite detailed. The reading seemed to cover things going on in my life that nobody even had a clue about. While it was beautiful and refreshing to see this type of power at work it was also eye opening. I knew buried down I had some major demons from my past and also other past lives. She was able to bring these things to the surface in a very clear concise way. It was a very eye opening and beautiful experience that I’m thoroughly glad I allowed her to do. I have been working with her back and forth a little bit and she brings a very powerful presence to the table in which I would highly encourage anyone to try. I will certainly be working with her in the future as it is rare you meet a person in this type of healing that brings a valid presence.” – Matt Ball

Click now on the link here to book yours babe, they are emailed back to you within 3-4 business days full of your Personal Guided Reading, Audio Meditations and positive vibes to get you flying high: https://realityawareness.mykajabi.com/store/oASBntx7

Scroll down to find your number and see what Archangel has a message for you today. Check today’s livestream for a live reading of the results for today 🙂 Love, Hannah xx

Card #1: Knight of Gabriel. Confident, Enthusiastic, Courageous, Charismatic. ‘Time to take action! Great passion for a cause. Instinctively knowing just what to do.’
As the card states – Time to Take Action! – I feel like there is something you’ve been putting off, but I also feel the past couple of days, you’ve HAD to take action, like it isn’t something that could be put off anymore… is there anything else you’ve been putting off? I am getting the message of something about moving house, whether that is just ‘moving energy’ out of your home with a clean up, it also feels like a move is on the way. Have you been thinking about this? Time to look at new places to live? Archangel Gabriel is all about writing, publications, communications, that arts and creativity. She (can also be felt as a ‘He’) is also about helping to release fear and procrastination, so if you have been putting off getting a task or project completed – now is your time babe. Ask Archangel Gabriel for help by simple stating, “Archangel Gabriel of 100% Light, please help me to focus, release any fear that I may have about getting on with the task ahead of me. I thank you for your help with completing what I need to so I can move forward.” I am also getting the message about overseas… have you been wanting to travel? Yet, I feel it is more career based with the overseas ‘calling’… is there something you have been wondering ‘how’ about with regards to this? Remember, you don’t need to know ‘how’, you just need to know ‘how for now’, so containue to call on Archangel Gabriel for what you need to focus on now to get you there. Big visions, were completed with the tasks that needed to be done today, one step at a time, one day at a time. What is your non-negotiable that you need to get done right now that is your building blocks of your vision/goals?

Card #2: Ace of Ariel. ‘It’s your lucky day! New resources of money, time or support. A change in job or promotion.’
Hmmmm, Ariel is the Abundance Archangel and helps with resources that you need in your life living your physical reality. With this card today, I am getting something about career specifically for you…. is there a job change, or have you been thinking of one? It feels like something is almost ‘amiss’ where you are, but I am also feeling the sense of ‘moving up’ in your career. Something is shifting in this area. I am hearing ‘outgrown’ as well, so have you ‘outgrown’ where you are? There is definitely moving energy in this card, perhaps you are moving house (Card 1 was very much about this today!), yet it does feel like career related for you…. And I am getting the message that Archangel Ariel is by your side, giving you the nudge and letting you know that you will have all the resources, time, energy and money you need to move house, job or otherwise. It feels like something is stagnant almost and NEEDS to change and the inklings of it is already happening. Do you trust enough to know it will work out, even though you can’t see ‘how’ right now? I feel like you’ve been getting signs about this change and I also am getting the message that you have also been shown how supported you are in making this change. Things people have said, things you’ve seen in magazines/papers (new job opportunities perhaps?) Do you trust enough to take the leap of faith with the change you’ve been considering?

Card #3: Epiphany Archangel Raziel. ‘Joy through spiritual growth. Be a light to others. Answers that come through meditation.’
Hmmm, have you been ‘pushing’ for results babe? It feels like there has been ALOT going on for you this past few weeks, if not months and it feels very tiring! I am getting the message here for you from Archangel Raziel, who is the key Archangel in Sacred Manifestation and Master Alchemist in transforming base metal to gold, transforming spirit into matter… I am getting the message for you that you need inner time, you need time out for yourself to realign and recalibrate. It feels like an ’epiphany’ will come to you through this inner time and right now you haven’t been able to hear your inner messages because you have been pushing too hard to get things done. Even a 30 minute day time nap, will allow you ‘breathing time’ to listen within… it feels like a lot of messages come to you in dream time, yet lately they have been blocked by lack of sleep or being too excessive in some area of your life. This is your sign to cut back, cut out and carve out time for you. Make it priority. It feels like the answers you have been searching for have been sitting there all along, but haven’t been received, because you haven’t given them space. Are you able to commit to regular quiet time? Even a committed meditation practise – even if it is only 10 minutes minimum a day? What can you commit to daily? Keep it manageable so you do it and don’t let yourself down. Can you do that now?

Card #4: Two of Gabriel. ‘Make bold and ambitious choices! Create progress is possible. Important relationships with people who share your vision.’
I am getting the message here for you babe, that you’ve becoming acutely aware of what has just unfolded in the past few months and it feels like you are ‘tightening up your circle’ or such. You are cutting out what no longer serves you, and choosing very consciously to focus on what is important to you and leave the rest behind. It feels like you are taking risks left right and centre, but you are also seeing signs that it is the right thing to do for YOU. It feels like your sense of self has increased dramatically and you are trusting yourself more and more. You are aligning with those that indeed share your vision and being very mindful of those who don’t and choosing different choices to support you in your life, goals and dreams. Is there something else ‘undone’ right now that is pulling on your energy? It feels like there is something else niggling you that you’ve somewhat been thinking is ‘okay’ but you haven’t done anything about yet… I am getting the message it is time for that one to happen now too… feels projected related and perhaps it is freeing this – hmmm, having a conversation with someone you have been putting off? What is that? Will it help you to align more and pull your energy back into you and your life more? What is stopping you from doing this? How much longer are you willing to hold yourself back on this subject? Time to come out babe, go do it now….

Card #5: Three of Michael. Release the Past. You will grow from this situation. Time heals all wounds.
Honey, are you healing a broken heart? It feels like you’ve been through a lot of pain recently and this card is telling you to LET GO. Something isn’t and hasn’t been in alignment with your higher path, the higher path of your SOUL and it has been causing you much pain, turmoil and drama that has just been draining you like a leaking hose! Something has let go of you, but it feels like you are still holding on with slithering of hope and this card comes to tell you that it is time for you to let go. The pushing and trying to figure out where you went wrong, what you did wrong, how you can fix it and make it work – is pointless babe I am sorry to say. It is just literally time to let go and this card comes as your reminder that nothing will ‘save it now’ I am hearing the message of. What is done is done. Yes some things can be repaired, but there are also things that are beyond repair and this situation for you is one of them. Yes time heals wounds, yet, only with inner work, does it truly ‘heal’ the pain, the hurt and the situation so it doesn’t scar your Soul. Reach out for help and support, book an appointment with a healer, mentor or someone that can help you to truly release the past deeply so you don’t have to experience this pain again babe. Allow yourself the time and space to heal from this situation, you owe it to yourself. Self Care. Nurture. Over and over again. Hugs xxx

Card #6: Seven of Gabriel. ‘Stand up for what you believe in! Have confidence. Claim your personal power.’
Hmmm, this card feels very similar to Card 4 today – did you pick 2 cards at all? It feels like you have been letting yourself down in some way, allowing other’s opinions of you to pull you down and keep you where you are. It feels like you feel like people are letting you down, yet, if you check in with yourself honestly, you will find there is something that you have let yourself down about. Perhaps it is saying yes to someone’s requests of you, when you should’ve said no and you know it, or that you are continually putting yourself in situations that you know you need to let go of yet, you ‘did it again’ is the message I am picking up here for you. If you truly believed in yourself, and truly honoured what your heart is calling you to do – REGARDLESS – of what others think, say or feel, you would protect and honour your space like your life depended on it. Isn’t it time you do this? Why on Earth are you continually placing yourself in situations where people don’t share your vision? And you have to ‘fight’ for them to understand you? Trying to explain to someone who doesn’t get it is pointless, a waste of time and energy but the biggest factor here is that YOU don’t believe in yourself or your vision enough that you have to go around ‘proving’ it to others…. this is NOT what you need to be doing babe! So, where do you need to realign? What do you need to do to believe in yourself and not have to continually explain yourself? Because those people will never get it. They aren’t your tribe. Are you willing to truly believe in YOUR vision and find YOUR tribe? Yes, this may mean leaving situations, people, homes and otherwise to pursue your vision… how much longer are you going to let yourself down? Or is it time to make a stand for what you believe in?

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