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Reality Awareness | You never know… so be compassionate anyway
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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You never know… so be compassionate anyway

You never know… so be compassionate anyway

You never know… so be compassionate anyway

You never know what someone’s life path is… to think you do is insanity and an act of egoic power and control.

I cringe when I hear psychic’s or hear of someone telling me they saw a psychic and they told them this is/was going to happen  in their future… I cringe deeply badly and almost want to put my fingers in my ears and sing lalalalala so I don’t hear what they are saying!

Because I feel soooo down in my heart when I hear these things…sooooo disheartened…… so deflated…. sooooo much so that it makes me want to stand up and yell to the world “YOU ARE THE CREATOR OF YOUR REALITY!!!”

I guess that is why my passion and drive for empowering people, rather than ‘telling them what to do’ and ‘telling them their one and only future path’ is soooo strong.

Because nobody’s path is set in stone.

Your path is not set in stone.

So when you latch on to the idea that someone has shared what they see for you, what your parents say is best, what some psychic told you, what some psychic told you that now this person is telling you they see with you, babe you are setting yourself up for disappointment, heart ache and even down right danger zone territory, because FUCK KNOWS WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS!!

Do you know why??? 


Not what some psychic told you.

Not what some person said a psychic told them about you, about the relationship you are going to have, about how many kids you will have, about where you will live etc etc….

This is sooooooooo DISEMPOWERING!

And yet – why do you believe it?

Why do you believe THEM over YOU?

Do you know why???


You don’t have a strong enough sense of self to know what is right for you, over what someone is telling you…

Your self esteem has been chipped away at for some reason or another and your trust is self has diminished…

You have given your power away…..

You have an EXTREMELY caring and trusting nature (Earth Angels/Lightworker’s beware! In a good way 😉 )

Think about it… you can never tell someone something and they listen to it… like, teaching child that something is hot… until they EXPERIENCE hot, they THEN understand it right? They need to FEEL it…

So just like, if you are told something by someone, you usually conform… until you get sick of that… and then you will usually rebel and do the exact opposite of what someone tells you… until you fall down in a pile of collapse and surrender…

And then……

You come back more aware…

More wise…..

With a stronger sense of self…

And what is right for you…..

And you alone…

And you step up in trusting yourself…..

And you seem to have learnt when to check in, before making a decision….

You get a sense of it before you act on it…

And you can see it a mile away….

You know when to share your wisdom and when to hold back and let them experience for themselves…

And your personal power increases…

Because you are not giving your power away to some outside source, to someone who thinks they see your future, or knows what is right for you…

You EXPERIENCED what you didn’t want, you learnt that ‘hot’ means ‘hot’ and to be careful from now on not to burn yourself… or get burnt….

And you realise that telling everyone how to live, isn’t the way to go, because they need to learn ‘hot’ for themselves too…

You realise that you actually don’t know what is right for them, just because it is right for you, doesn’t mean it is right for them, as much as you have the vision, you are the visionary and the healer and know how much better the world can be and you want to do something now and scream it at the world….

Yet, you find the right ‘channels’ to find your tribe with fellow visionaries and you stick close to them, and them only….

Because they are the ones that are going to change the world with you….

You feel empowered, you are empowered, you are POWER in action…

You know when to speak up, when tough love is in call, when to step in and when to step back….

Because you know they need to learn ‘hot’ for themselves…

And yet, you can hold them in compassion anyway….

Because you have been there yourself and know that intense, crazy and painful feeling…

And so you still hold them in compassion anyway, even though you may try to tell them….

But the ‘hot’ is an experience and Souls are here to experience…

And then, they come back wiser, just like you…

And the empowerment shifts the consciousness within, that then affects the consciousness without…

And THIS is what changes the planet…

One Soul. At. A. Time.

Where do you need to offer more Compassion?

Love Hannah x

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