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I wonder if algorithms are a physical manifestation of collective consciousness shifting? 🤔🤔🤔

I know some people are scared of technology and turn away from social media/technology of all sorts for many reasons, and I see their reasons FOR THEM, are 100% VALID….

Yet recurring patterns I see for people who do this are for on some level people living and stuck in FEAR… Fear of people, namely higher governmental type corporations constantly watching what they are doing, monitoring etc etc etc… and I find this fascinating that they have this level of fear and I wonder why…..?

This is not a dig at anyone, yet my complete curiosity of why…. when I personally think like this…

That ultimately if some government corporation were actually serious about wanting to watch you and everything you are doing, wouldn’t they have the technology to do so? Like those buzzing bees, or flies or otherwise that can listen and watch anything? Or that technology that is so advanced nowadays that they can see what you are doing and track things from satellites outer space?

And….. if you really had anything to hide, then of course you would be living in this fear!

Yet, even if you do live a ‘normal’ life, or perhaps not so normal like me 😉 that… going into the bush and living off grid has its benefits, but what about when you come into town to purchase your things… they can track you with your bank cards and more?

That… when someone really wants to do something…. it happens?

That yes, what we ‘like’ most on facebook turns up in our feed and like magic speaking about something or talking in text/facebook message private message conversation, ends up turning into your facebook, instagram or otherwise newsfeed as a sponsored ad?

Or like when I was filming Trust Your Intuition Course and Siri thinks something I said, sounded like ‘Hey Siri’ to her and asks me how she can help me… (it made me laugh, Siri cracks Adaya and I up ALOT with what she says in response to some questions Adaya creatively asks her) or like when you are having a conversation with a friend and same happens….

Yes, ‘they’ are listening all the time….

Yes, ‘they’ can watch and monitor you all the time…

Yet… why fear it?

Yes, if you are doing something out of integrity then of course you have something to live in fear about (and btw this is one of the #1 things that would stop you hearing your intuition loud and clear – doing things out of integrity/alignment)….

Yet… isn’t the collective consciousness powerful?

Isn’t planting seeds/ideas in someones mind, whether they are conscious of exactly what they are hearing or not… how the tree’s grow?

Well, of course yes… if they are listening to me, then they are listening to you…. and all of us…. so of course that lower vibrational is also growing…

Yet… we all know that 1 positive thought negates some crazy amount of negative thoughts…

So, if those of us that are the light-bearers, the way-bearers, the lightworkers, the positive impactful leaders, wouldn’t the higher consciousness that we are constantly talking about, living, breathing, creating and planting seeds in…. the algorithms? The collective….?

Wouldn’t being in fear of it, just show how much you don’t trust your internal power and truth – that nothing can actually harm you?

That holding a higher vibration and thought consciousness, negate way more than the fear you are living in of the need to not let anyone hear you?

Wouldn’t ‘those people’ listening, be receiving information they didn’t consciously understand, yet their Soul, was in indeed hearing it on some level and waking up, even slightly with the seeds being planted in their mind?

Wouldn’t this high vibration Soul group of positive impactful leaders, know this truth and see it for what it is?

I guess yes… that is why we are here… and keep on keeping on.

I salute you. #respect

Love, Hannah xxx

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