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Reality Awareness | Why you aren’t sleeping at night…
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Why you aren’t sleeping at night…

Why you aren’t sleeping at night…

Why you aren’t sleeping at night…

There are many reasons you may not be sleeping at night….

And maybe you are not able to fall asleep – or you wake up at the same time every single night… and wonder why!

Well, here are 5 Reasons Why… see which one jumps out at you/resonates with you/draws your attention the most:

  1. Tasks Undone. There are priorities you know you needed to do today and you haven’t done them, either because you’ve been too busy being busy and/or you are avoiding them for some underlying fear happening. Too tired? Go do them and watch how easily you fall asleep.
  2. Relationship Upheaval. If there is a relationship in your life that is causing you grief in any way shape or form, then extra self care is needed right now. What are you longing for/pining for from that person? Go and give that to yourself. If it is a relationship that is volatile/energy drain, what sort of energetic self care can you do to protect your energy? (chakra clearing meditations, protective energy meditations – message me if you don’t have anything like this). What other self care can you do to fill yourself up? Have you got protective plans in place physically? If you are not sleeping because of this, maybe it is time to speak to someone to help you put safety protection plans in place.
  3. Work/Career. Same sort of thread as relationship upheaval. There can be this in work/career relationships too. And yet, also the same here – are their work/career/life purpose/passion daily tasks that you haven’t done today? What is stopping you doing them now? Is there a fear stopping you from such? 
  4. Getting Woken Up With Issues On Your Mind. This, again, is similar to the above. Get a pen and write it out. Don’t stop writing until it is all out. Get everything off your mind like you were talking to a close friend. To finish it off. Write 5 things you actually WANT to happen about the situation and write them as if they have already happened.
  5. Waking Up At The Same Time Every Night. Do you see the same numbers when you wake up, over and over again? They have a message for you! Google – ‘Why am I repetitively seeing 2.22am? (or whatever number you see)’. The other thing to Google is ‘Why do I keep waking up at 2am (or whatever time you wake up) every night Traditional Chinese Medicine’. The Traditional Chinese Medicine will bring up the TCM Chart that aligns with the Organ in your body time and then gives the metaphysical reason for ‘why you are waking’ at that time. For example, Liver is something is out of alignment and bringing anger/resentment to you, yet, you aren’t doing anything about what it is that is out of alignment…
  6. Making Sure You Are Meditating or Having Quiet Time To Hear Your Soul During The Day. If you aren’t allowing time during the day for your Soul to speak to you through meditation, journalling or some other form of ‘hearing your Soul’ then at night time, is the time you are the most quiet and able to ‘receive’. So if you are constantly being woken up at night with amazing ideas – listen! Your Soul is speaking! And if you are over it – it is probably time to discipline yourself to meditate – just like you brush your teeth. Make meditation/journalling mandatory.
  7. Exercise. When was the last time you did physical exercise? When was the last time you spent time in nature? Both are essential for releasing stress that is held in the body. If your life seems stuck – get your body moving with a regular exercise regime that suits your body. Even if you ‘can’t be bothered’ turn up. You will thank yourself for it.
  8. The Best Work Is Done At Night. (or the early hours of the morning). Humans are busy… and yet, sometimes the creatives work best at night with no interruptions or just plain and simply able to receive the best at this time. So, make the best use of the time you are awake. What haven’t you done that you need to? What is on your mind? What brilliant idea do you need to act on NOW? Besides, it is always day time SOMEWHERE in the world 😉 Yes, I wrote 8– because I always over deliver! I could write a book on this stuff! Oh that’s right! I did! Several! 😉 There is so many more than just these reasons! Or create a course on it! 😉 Oh, that’s right I did! Trust Your Intuition 😉

Did any of those resonate with you if you have trouble sleeping at night? What else happens for you when you wake at night? Send me a message or comment below and let me know! Keep your eye out for my livestream tomorrow (Saturday) on ‘What to do when you Sense a Presence In The Bedroom’.

Warmly, Hannah xxx

P.S. I can help you sleep at night with a Tarot Reading. I can sense into what is troubling you and we can clear it so you can sleep soundly again. Relationship upheaval and what to do with this to allow you the peace again, rather than the huge emotional stress you are going through right now. Let’s get you clear babe… You deserve it. 1:1 email support afterwards, plus audio meditations and up to 5 pages of written Tarot Readings tailored to your situation. Click here to book now: https://realityawareness.mykajabi.com/store/oASBntx7

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