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Reality Awareness | Not enough time?
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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Not enough time?

Not enough time?

Not enough time? What a load of hog wash!

As a single mum, I don’t have a lot of time… yet, I create the time I need. Yes – create it. Because when you are passionate about something, have a deadline to meet, or something is extremely important to you, you MAKE time for it – meaning – YOU CREATE TIME.

It wouldn’t matter how busy you are – if something really mattered to you – you would make it happen right?

The washing waits, whilst you do your favourite thing… and if the washing is important to you, or you have run out of clothes to wear – then you make time to wash your clothes right?

Not enough time is a plain old excuse. When I have a deadline to meet, like I have set to have Trust Your Intuition finished by the end of March – which is Friday week away, so I have a strict schedule to adhere to. Yes, it is my own deadline, yet, it is just as important as any other work deadline – just because it is your own thing, doesn’t mean you put every thing else ahead of it – that means spending time with people or other work commitments too. You CREATE time for it…

Today in my home, looked like:

  • Sunday night 9:30pm-12:30am – Filming Module 4
  • 10:30pm livestream
  • Asleep by 1:15am
  • Monday morning awake and doing dishes by 7am. Oil pulling whilst doing dishes and cooking breakfast at the same time.
  • Finish kitchen duties and have eaten by 8:30am.
  • 8:30am-10:30am Adaya homeschooling and cleaning her desk and workspace (that hadn’t been touched for over 3 months :/ ) cleaned
  •  11am-12pm Gym
  • 12:30pm lunch
  • 1pm-3pm take dog for a wash, errands and food shopping
  • 3pm-4pm connect with tribe, check emails, social media, get filming editing/processing whilst doing other things at the same time etc
  • 4pm-6:30pm animal/home duties, kitchen duties, food preparation, dinner, dishes all done, rubbish bins out, still editing and processing in between all this,
  • 6pm write blog (because that is when it wanted to flow out of me right now)
  • 7pm spend time with Adaya
  • 7:30pm say goodnight to Adaya, hair and make up time,
  • 8pm 20 minutes meditation
  • 8:30pm start filming the rest of Module 4
  • Livestream somewhere between here and midnight
  • up at 6am

Not everyday looks like this… yet this is today. When there is an empire to build, or a tribe to attract, or business to run, discipline makes all the difference. I could’ve taken all day to clean Adaya’s workspace, that I realised I hadn’t touched since before Christmas for whatever reason (I am sure I could’ve name many reasons!), we have been doing ‘schoolwork’ at the kitchen table because I didn’t ‘feel’ to clean that space yet. I don’t think about things too much when I am doing them, I mean, I get the job done. I could’ve taken my time and dilly dallied around, yet, just like changing our bedrooms around last week – I got thought to do it on a Tuesday night and on Thursday night around 5:30pm I started the task of changing our rooms. By 10:30pm we were done. I trust. I trust the intuition I get. Of when, where and how to do things. Things are about to ramp up and change very quickly, very rapidly and in unimagined or previously even possible to conceive ways right now and I am grateful that I turn up and trust what, where and how I am being guided to do things right now to prepare for this.

I don’t fully plan my time, it is more of an intuitive ‘time’. I usually get the sense of what ‘tomorrow’ looks like the night before… I will be minding my own business, usually driving, in the shower or on the toilet (yep – where most inspiration comes in!) and I ‘see’ the plan…. or I get a sense of it… and sticking to it, keeps me in the flow. This is discipline. Hearing your intuition so clearly it becomes second nature – and doing it. Turning up – and doing it – even when you don’t ‘feel’ like it. Due to this ‘plan’ today, I am now set up for our week ahead, with filming, editing, uploading, homeschooling, eating, exercise, sleeping, running a house hold, walking animals, clients, blogs, live streams, cleaning the house, me time, all in FLOW…… how? I listen… and then I act… All the time. Every time. It is second nature. And it can be this way for you too – if you practise. If you turn up. If you DO IT.

There is a thing with ‘discipline’ and ‘feeling like it’ and ‘flow’, is that when you are highly attuned to your intuition and what is right for you in any given moment – you STAY CONNECTED TO THE FLOW – and THIS is what makes ALL the difference.

I am LOVING what I am doing…Now I am not involved in draining relationships (that is a topic for another time!), my energy, aliveness and HEART is back on track…. I am LOVING finally putting the content that is so near and dear to my HEART that I am CONSTANTLY sharing with people, clients, private messages, random conversations and more… into a place where it is accessible for the entire world anytime, anywhere, forever more! This is a dream come true! I am soooo excited about what is next! I already have a plan of course 😉 I have sooooo much content CONSTANTLY flowing through me… this will never end, this is the new normal…. although the content flowing through me has always been, I just now have an outlet for it 🙂 🙂 🙂  Yet, who knows how that will evolve too…. I am OPEN, READY AND SOOOOO DOING THIS! Sure, it isn’t easy at times – but fuck it is sooooooooo worth it! Letting my daughter do what she wants when she wants seems radically outrageous, yet, we both do what we both want all day everyday….. and I find that even if she is with me or with her Dad in New Zealand, I am still doing the same things I would be with her or without her… it makes no difference. We both do what we both individually and together want, all day, everyday and will forever more…. I think, that is what people call FREEDOM and SUCCESS…. what is your definition or FREEDOM and SUCCESS?

If you struggle to clean a pile up or get ANYTHING done – you put some up beat music on, you set a timer and you GO!

Imagine you were working for someone else, or you had an appointment to meet – you get there on time – how is your life, your business, your dream – any different? Ready to put YOU first yet?

What does your day look like tomorrow? How much of YOUR life goals/dreams are in there? MAKE IT HAPPEN. Only YOU can. Do it.


Love, Hannah

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