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Reality Awareness | READING RESULTS ARE IN!!
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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READING RESULTS ARE IN!!! Hello Aries New Moon Dawn! Scroll down to find your number that jumped out at you this morning and see what messages came streaming through from Archangel Michael for you today. Sick of the generalised readings?? A personal Tarot Reading from Hannah will take you into practical day to day, step by step advice, tailored to your situation and intuitive messages that come through for you, empowering you to take the reigns, instead of letting life drift you along. Stop wondering and pondering and get clear now babe! Click here to book with me now: https://realityawareness.mykajabi.com/store/oASBnt

Card #1: The Person You Are Asking About Is Trustworthy

Ah, well this card is very obvious! If there is a situation where you are unsure if a person is telling the truth, I am getting the message for you to drop your past guards and trust this person!! The other flip side to this card is about trusting yourself about the situation too! Sounds contradictory doesn’t it!? So what do you do? I am getting the message for you that situation calls for your discernment, yet the situation is trustworthy and your doubts are the only thing that is confusing you right now. It’s the dawn of New Moon in Aries today, which is the start of the zodiac cycle, new starts all round. If you haven’t had a good run the first part of this year, this so your chance to have a New Year now and create the best part of 2017 from now on in. Keep your focus on what you want, dreams so come true – trust it. It’s happening. It’s your time.

Card #2: Keep Your Eyes On Your Targeted Intention

I’m getting the message here to not let anything pull you off your path right now, feels like you’re making great headway, something has shifted and even if something new and exciting comes along, it feels like to not let it pull you off your path. In essence, keep your focus, the ‘things’ will still be there, it feels like you’ve worked hard to get to this point and things are starting to look up – so keep your focus on, because you are creating rhythm right now. Really getting the message to keep your energy pulled into YOU… allow YOU to keep your rhythm, it is like, discipline and focus – creates a rhythm a flow – YOU do this… so trust it and keep turning up, keep your eyes on the bigger picture whilst attending DAILY to the things that you know you NEED to to make that happen. Remember, the everyday consistency, creates RHYTHM. “It’s not about timing, its about rhythm.” they say, so continue to turn up everyday – what do you need to do every single day? Are you doing it? If not, make it priority. Just like brushing your teeth, turn up, every single day, twice a day even 😉 Don’t let distractions pull you… keep your focus and you will make your mark.

Card #3: Make A Commitment

It feels like your energy is wwwwaaaayyyyy too scattered right now over too many tasks, projects and people, places and things pulling at your energy. Whilst this card can mean the obvious commitment to a person through marriage, I am getting the message you need to commit to yourself right now. You are giving too much of yourself away and need to pull you back into you for a time. Enough looking out there – you already know the tools, you already know what to do – so stop procrastinating and get on with it. Yes, there is always more to learn and to create and to do, yet right now, it feels like you have a chunk to get done, and need to focus on that until it is done. This is the perfect time for an upswing in energy, on the dawn of the New Moon today, create a new rhythm and flow to your days, or maybe you just need to sit down and just DO IT! Let everything else go for a time until it is finished. Your SOUL will be thankful for this! New Moon to Full Moon in the next 2 weeks is the perfect time to tunnel vision and focus… say no to everything else for this next 2 weeks – because you are saying YES to what you need to do for yourself. It’s only 2 weeks. Do it. Lovingly, do it. Great things are coming. Keep going!

Card #4: Take Your Time Making This Decision.

Mmmmmm, feels like more information is coming to light for you right now about a situation you have been wondering about over and over again. This is your sign that yes, what you are hearing, seeing, knowing, feeling to be true is correct, but the message I am getting here on this card for you is the obvious: Take Your Time Making This Decision. It feels like you don’t need to rush anything right now. More information that will support your trustworthiness in the decision that is needing to be made, will naturally come forth for you. It feels like you don’t need to search for it, just be patient. Right now, is a time for seeing, watching and unfolding. You have done enough, and the Universe will show you the rest right now. In business, it feels like yes, just allow more time, in relationships, it is also a yes, but you are full of doubt, so let the Universe show you, in health, it feels like you are needing to also be patient as the healing is happening – again just allow more time. So in all areas, allow more time. The Universe has got this. Keep showing up, turning up, being you and you will be shown.

Card #5: Lean On God And The Angels For Support

Feels like things have been really hard for you lately babe! I am wondering what sort of support you have in place at the moment for yourself? I am getting the message it almost feels like there is no way out of this situation you have been in and things, as much as you are focusing on the ‘good’ just don’t seem to be shifting right now. I am getting the message for you to reach out for support, from someone you know, trust and have even got support from them before. It feels like even though if you feel you can’t afford it or otherwise, reach out anyway… the reaching out and being open and willing to receive is going to start shifting things for you. Ask and you shall receive as they say, yet you need to stretch yourself in areas that you don’t usually feel comfortable in to shift where the deep blocks lay. Who do you need to reach out to today?

Card #6: Believe and Trust

Ah, something you are about to give up hope on, or just have? Starting to be unsure if it will ever happen? Wondering if miracles really do happen? Yes they do babe, and this card has come to you – to believe and trust!! The process may seem long and wtf! But, I am really getting for you to hang in there! Something is about to burst open in a very good way – yet, keep holding that faith high – even when hard to! What can you do to support yourself right now to keep that high vibration and faith? Remember when you made it last time? What made you believe last time? Reach out for support? Get in nature? Clean up that section in your house/life that is annoying you to do, so you can shift that energy? What is it that you need to do right now that will help you to Trust, that things are really working out for your highest good? You know, it is always when we just give up, or about to give up it always happens. This is one of those moments. Keep believing, don’t stop now. It is just about to happen babe. xx

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