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Reality Awareness | Been to the beach?
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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Been to the beach?

Been to the beach?

“Been to the beach?”

“No, not for a while, it’s windy as anything and the cyclone has made the water dirty for days.” I replied, thinking about what I have been doing recently and why I actually hadn’t been to the beach for some time. It was only the other day as the first cold winds of Autumn made their presence known, I made a passing comment to Adaya that “Lucky we spent all that time at the beach when we did in January, beautiful summertime when it was so beautiful in the water.” Reminiscing about the crystal clear, calm, glistening with rippling lines under the water, seeing them dancing on the bottom of the ocean floor with the light reflection from the sun through the waves, as I sat out the back on my surfboard awaiting the next set to arrive.

There were so many at that time, thinking that is all we did. And ultimately we did and do spend ALOT of time at the beach. I am always grateful to be living so close to the ocean, a very localised beach break, that we can just duck to when we feel like it. And just ‘lucky’ my intuition is so darn spot on that I trust when I am called to go certain places and experience them at their best magic every single time. (notice that journal affirmation reality writing there I snuck in because it IS MY REALITY – this stuff works! 😉 )

I wish I could share a picture of the amazing sensations, feelings and liberation of seeing such divine clarity in the ocean in that space. It is clearer than a swimming pool, and was alot for the times through Summer that is what we experienced it. When I ultimately think about it, I keep saying, that I am just an opportunist. No plans always works! I trust. Maybe I trust a bit too much sometimes – yet how can than be? How can I trust too much? And the reality is – that I can’t. It would be more like – not trusting enough!

Trusting that it feels right to be in the ocean, even if it is days in a row and everyone is jealous because that is what we did….(it was summer time after all!)

Trusting that it feels right to be at the beach, in crystal clear water, dancing and prancing around in the waves with Adaya as she swims with her Mermaid Tail on…..

Trusting that it feels right to stay up late way beyond what anyone would ‘normally’ do to work on my passion, my calling, that thing that can not, not be done…..

Trusting that it feels right, when everything and everyone else seems to be against me and my ways, to continue to trust in MYSELF, MY PASSION and MY VISION, about how, what, when my life looks like, supposed to look like and doing ‘out of the norm’ things to achieve this – to bring this desire, this vision into reality…..

Trusting, beyond everything else, that what I am doing, when I am doing it, with whom I am doing it, is 100% RIGHT, because it is right for ME, and ultimately, that is all that matters…..

When this blog started filtering through to me before I wrote it, I kept getting the message of the word, ‘Opportunist’. When I googled the actual meaning of it, it says:

“A person who takes advantage of opportunities of and as they arise, regardless of planning or principle.”

I was like, well, yes, that is 100% me. I rarely think about things, if it feels right I will do it, not knowing the how, I will jump off that metaphoric cliff and make my parachute on the way down as they say… I will say yes, then learn how later, I will say yes to things that feel right, even if they don’t make logical sense, I will say yes and do things before thinking them through properly. Why? Fuck knows why! Yet, I trust, I DEEPLY trust, that my feelings are right, that even when it doesn’t make logical sense, or people are ‘warning me against it’ I trust what feels right for ME.

And yeah there are times I think, oh, well, maybe I should’ve…. yet… ultimately, I don’t regret much in my life at all. There are things recently I wish I had done differently, yet at the same time, I have learnt sooo much and it has grown me as a person beyond years I couldn’t have gained that knowledge and WISDOM any other way.

I trust that everything we do is the right thing….

I trust that there is no right or wrong – there just is…

I trust that I am always in the right place at the right time, every single time…

I trust that I attract the perfect people into my life…

I trust that I have the most accurate intuition that flows through EVERYTHING I do without thinking about it… it just is… it is who I am, it is what I say and do and feel and AM….

I trust that saying yes to opportunities that feel right, even when I am not sure how, take me to the most amazing destinations in the world…

Maybe my life is the way it is, because I do say yes…

Maybe my life is the way it is, because I do TRUST… That I have alot more faith than alot of people and take risks and opportunities that most people won’t.. I do things that most people won’t to achieve the lifestyle that I actually want instead of settling for anything less….. and no, I am not judging you for settling… I am just saying, I have a strong and high drive for a lifestyle of freedom – in all areas of my life and I will do whatever it takes to continue this and make it better every single day.

To have been working on my project for nearly 10 months now, I am sooooo fucking excited that I am THIS close to finalising the details to release it on TUESDAY! YES! TUESDAY – this COMING TUESDAY!! Just so happens to be our April FULL MOON! And the final Full Moon in the Calling In Your Soulmate Ritual that commenced 3 months ago. If you want a life of way more freedom than what you already have and want to trust without doubting yourself anymore – keep your eyes peeled because Trust Your Intuition doors are OPENING ON TUESDAY!!!

This has been HUGE journey for me, from scratch, self-learning/teaching myself how to do the technology, with the deep gratitude help of Colleen Arneil’s Passive Profit Empire Course, teaching me how to do all the tech, I was only contemplating this morning how it took me 10 month to write 9 books in 2015-2016 and now in 2016-2017 I have created, from scratch my first ever online course!! Yes, I ran this at the end of last year, and super excited to open the doors to Trust Your Intuition on Tuesday (Yes! This coming Tuesday!!). This online course, teaching you how to not only of course, Trust Yourself, but deeply set you on Awakening Your Life’s Purpose, has been refined and sooo much more added to it than when I first opened the doors at the end of last year and I can’t contain my excitement about this baby being ready!!! YEW!!!!

I know my life will continue to flourish in ways I can’t even conceive of yet, (another journal affirmative reality writer just there 😉 ) (And yes, Simple Intuitive Journal Magic is a bonus in Trust Your Intuition 🙂 ) because this stuff is powerful and I am soooo excited to finally pass this life changing, incredibly transformative and powerful enhancing tools and information to you and the world!! Yew!! Can you tell how excited I am?!? Haha, wait to I get on livestream today 🙂 🙂 🙂

See you then,
Love, Hannah xxx

P.S. Check out the ‘How To Read Your Own Tarot Cards’ Bonus also included in Trust Your Intuition – then you will never need a professional Tarot Reading for as long as you live! Yes, I am passionate about passing the ‘know how’ onto YOU so you don’t need to rely on constant sessions with therapist and professionals ALL the time, you can heal yourself and your life and just have the pro’s for the super tricky bits to guide you. I LOVE teaching you how to catch fish so you can feed yourself and your family for LIFE, rather than me catching a fish for you and feeding you for one meal. Keep your eyes peeled on Tuesday for all the details, yet, if you can’t wait and need a Tarot Reading NOW, click here to book with me now babe: https://realityawareness.mykajabi.com/store/oASBntx7

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