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Reality Awareness | Full Moon Eve Intensities
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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Full Moon Eve Intensities

Full Moon Eve Intensities

Full Moon Eve Intensities and the equally intense bombardment of modern day reality has hit home…. hit my Heart…

I was pulled out of my ‘bubble’ into ‘normal’ reality today… and the aftermath totally threw me this afternoon. It was definitely brought on by my own accord and I own that. Every action creates a future action. Maybe I wasn’t as prepared for it as I thought, or maybe it was just a bit more energetically intense that I realised or thought to be aware of before going in there, either way, the aftermath saw me holding and feeling intense grief deep in my Heart. It was deep sadness. Maybe it was mine. Maybe it wasn’t. Yet I ran straight to the ocean with my surfboard as soon as I was out of there I guess, intuitively, the cleansing call of the saltwater. And when I hit that water I wondered if that was a good idea with the 2-3ft solid peaking sets that were rolling in this afternoon.

I sat on the beach afterwards, contemplating what had gone on and where that intense grief deep in my Heart was coming from. I reflected on where I had been for the past 5 hours solidly, in a small room waiting to be called. Intense energies of the situations of the people that were also waiting, yet the most intense thing that I was very conscious of blocking out (trying to) was the television! For 5 hours, constant morning show news and events and then midday shows totally did my head in! There was so much ‘bad’ news and even – what do they even talk about that stuff for?! Who even watches it and why?!? I sooo would love to one day create a television network that is ONLY allowed to play in the world and is all about manifesting and creating and what are you watching/reading me for?! Go and create your life babe! Gah! So many things I want to do in the world and I am very on the way to doing them.

I wonder and then I don’t…why isn’t everyone doing it? Yet, I just know that I am one of the select few, the crazy few, the out there few, that know there is a different way, a way that can SUPPORT and UNIFY rather than disempower and separate. All I know is that the saltwater therapy that even though I wondered why I went out, after not going surfing for some time because of focusing on Trust Your Intuition completion and the cyclone mess that it created, is that reflecting on what I had been sitting in and going through all day, and the others that were in the building at the same time and the constant bombardment of stuff on that television that only upon reflection tonight, have I hit utter and complete GRATITUDE…..

Gratitude that I am not caught up in the 9-5 rat race….

Gratitude that I live my life the way I want to and not answer to anyone (mostly!)….

Gratitude that I do in fact think outside the box and live a very different lifestyle than the norm…..

Today made me realise why there is so many being drugged recreationally or medically because of the intense constant bombardment of STUFF!!! Like when does anyone get reprieve? Yeah, I had to look that word up – it intuitively flowed through me as I wrote just now! (Yes, the straight A English lover, Dux of her highschool still needs to google words, especially that come streaming intuitively through me when I write!) Reprieve: cancel or postpone the punishment of (someone, especially someone condemned to death). Interesting huh? To think that the rat race the constant bombardment of STUFF, is sending us batty! I know that is how I felt this afternoon being in that space and out of ‘my world’ for a solid 5 hours…. Well, maybe it is just me… the sensitive, highly intuitive, feels EVERYTHING even when she doesn’t want to, or want to know certain messages, feels everything and is why, I have NEVER felt like I fit in, NEVER felt like I belong ‘here’… where ever that is….. and that is it – that I strongly believe that everyone is intuitive and that it is just a muscle, just like anything, that you need to exercise. It is why that swell knocked me around today, because I haven’t been surfing as regularly as at the start of the year and my ‘surfing muscles’ and skills had dropped, because I haven’t been using them everyday….. Just like your Intuition – it is always there, depends whether you exercise those muscles or not…. And that society is drugged either by choice or not because they don’t know how to handle the energetics of this world we live in – that IS made up of energy – ATOMS – (remember that from science class? Nah, me neither….. so watch “What The Bleep Do We Know” if you haven’t seen it already)…. and everyone feels energy – we are made up of the stuff… and when people don’t know what energy is coming from where or who or what it is, or what it means, or what to do with it, or how to channel it – well then yes, people get agitated and can’t sit still and get angry and feel sad and stuff their faces full of food, or alcohol, or drugs…. to STOP FEELING…..

AND BOOM. GRATITUDE. Fuck the Gratitude hit me hard. AGAIN. Realising that a HUGE contribution that I am here for – is to help people understand it, so they realise that what they FEEL is NORMAL because you are HUMAN… and then what to do with that energy, how to read it, how to handle it, how to channel it, what to do with it, when, how to stop it and everything you need to know so your Intuition is CLEAR, HEIGHTENED, AWARE and then can change the world… IMAGINE…. if everyone was like this….

For me, even though, the past 9.5 months of working solidly on Trust Your Intuition has been intense…..

Has been out of the norm….

Has been hard fucking work….

Has been joyful at other times….

Has brought me to my knees in tears and gratitude at different times….

Has endured and seen my personal growth, grow more than I have in the past 10 years, I reckon I have quadrupled in the past 9 months creating what I have…

I have so much gratitude in my Heart, that I over the past 24-48 hours I have not been able to hold back tears, with the depth of what has just flowed out of me for the past 9 months and is now ready to release to the World forever more….

Whilst today threw me, and the intense energetics that I got bombarded with unexpectedly from not being in my own world bubble, I know that there is a great release huge life change on my door step. This is the first course in the 9 I know I have ready to come out of me… and who knows what else beyond that (although I have so much to do in my head beyond this!), I feel like something words cannot describe….

But that Gratitude…..

This evening, about 5pm, I got antsy, I had a super short fuse, I got upset and I got angry… all at once… and then I walk outside to get the camp stretcher out of the shed, so Adaya’s friend can sleep over tonight and the Full Moon, was just there. Beaming at me. Hanging in the sky. And I froze. Well. Maybe I just stopped. I forgot. I forgot about the Full Moon Eve that this is. This powerful, powerful Full Moon that this is right now hanging there in the sky. This is the second Full Moon, that as it was rising on the horizon where I live – my emotions and feelings were deeply intensified without knowing wtf or ‘why’. And when I saw that Full Moon hanging on the horizon, just waving at me saying ‘hi’ and made me stop, it was like, everything melted away.

The deep connection to the Moon Cycles has profoundly changed my life. This deep connection, grounds me and deeply keeps me in flow. It reminds me where I am, what I am doing, where and why… I love the Moon and the Wolf Animal Totem, has such incredible significance in being deeply connected to Silver, The Liquid Crystal, who is deeply connected to our Moon Goddess. Wolf Animal Totem in the Animal Spirit Guides Book by Steven D. Farmer, says: Characteristics and behaviours that no longer serve your spiritual purpose are being culled from your consciousness. There is more, but this is the most stand out one and has been with me ever since I learnt it way back in 2005. When you step up and work on yourself, when you look within and see what needs to be loved a little more, of course behaviours and characteristics that no longer serve you change, grow, evolve and are let go of. You become different, you change. To be Earthing Trust Your Intuition tomorrow is the hugest thing I have ever done. Yes, I have raised Adaya mostly on my own for the past 8 years and whilst that is huge… this is a whole other kettle of fish. And… that Gratitude kicks in again….

Deep gratitude, even with the sacrifices I have had to make in the past 9 months…

Deep gratitude, even with many, many, late night, into early morning work times…

Deep gratitude, even though with everything that has been – I wouldn’t change one single thing….

Do you live with regrets? Are there things you would change in your past? Why are you still living there honey? Ready to let that shit go yet?

Time is now beautiful one… time is now… there is nothing you can do to change the past, yes you can work on clearing the shit that is still lingering in the now that is dredged to the past (and I teach this in Trust Your Intuition), yet, time is now and what you do now – creates your tomorrow – creates your future…… Ready to do it create what you really want?

Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow…. Trust Your Intuition is hitting the dance floor! (Literally, I will be dancing around celebrating the release! YEW!!!)

Full Moon tomorrow at 4:08pm AEST. I’ll be live streaming for the Full Moon Calling In Your Soulmate Ritual, the final in the 3 moons to honour this ritual. I look forward to seeing what channels through for it! Powerful Moon xx

Love, Hannah xxx

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