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Reality Awareness | READING RESULTS ARE IN!!!
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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READING RESULTS ARE IN!!!!!!!!!!!! Scroll down to see what messages came through for you today from the Unblock Your Love Block Oracle Deck from Rebecca Lee today 🙂 xx

Trust Your Intuition Doors are OPEN babe!!! I am soooo excited to release this today!! The transformation you receive from Trusting Your Intuition is ridicilous – imagine always just knowing what to do, what decisions to make, where to go, what to do – like always – like are you ready for that clarity? I’ll be delving into it in livestream shortly… PM me if you have questions, I look forward to sharing more live on this FULL MOON in Libra right now 🙂 🙂 🙂 https://realityawareness.lpages.co/trustyourintuition/

Card #1: Balance. Balance your feminine and masculine energy within.

Mmmmm, sooooo many messages of Balance in the past few days and today – and makes sense on this Libra Full Moon today!! Libra is the balance sign! Always weighing up all decisions, checking and making sure it is ‘weighed’ up equally and makes sense. Now, catch 22 here, yes you need to check things and then sometimes you need to just act on what you know is true with your whole heart and soul – even when it doesn’t make logical sense. And whilst this is a Balance of Masculine and Feminine within the self, and yes, this does matter… the message I am getting here is are you being too careful and not trusting? What is it that you know is right, but fear is getting in the way? Sometimes you can hold onto situations, places and things because you are not trusting that you can have what you really want, that letting go may actually give you what you want – contradictory much?!?! Underlying here, is a belief you are not worthy on some level. I am also getting Mother healing here, so the feminine needs some attention. Grandmother, Mother, Auntie, Sister, Girlfriend, Daughter – any of these come to mind that there is something needing ‘healing’ there? This is your message today, to work on this feminine side – to LET YOURSELF RECEIVE, as this is the Feminine – letting things IN. Inner Family healing is in Module 3 of Trust Your Intuition, this is so important to have ‘relationships on the outside’ working and flowing – plus the energetics of being able to do things, such as ‘receive’ 😉 PM me if you need help, or have any questions about how to heal your Feminine side. If you have wanted a 1:1 session with me, with Trust Your Intuition right now, you receive a bonus 1:1 x 1 hour session with me as well as complete access to Trust Your Intuition, but this is only available until next Tuesday, so get in now beautiful one before this goes! Click here for more details: https://realityawareness.lpages.co/trustyourintuition/

Card #2: Surroundings. It’s time to clean up around you.

Ah, this one is pretty obvious!! Yet, I am also feeling that this is an internal card. Have you been thinking about doing a detox or some other form of healing or lifestyle change? It feels like this is your confirmation that yes, what you have been thinking about or feeling about, is correct! So follow and act upon your Intuition without delay! It feels like this has been a repetitive message for you for some time and this is your hello in your face – yes detox time! It could mean emotional detox time, that if someone or a situation in your life has been draining you, it is time to remove yourself from this situation and really ‘get clean’ emotionally as it is really pulling on your energy and vital life force it feels like, it feels like you’ve really outgrown this situation and you feel this in your bones, yet scared to act upon it for some reason. Well, no more waiting around for signs, you already know and this is another one in your face. Research or go and see a practitioner that specialising in physical detoxes if the physical detox is calling you, sometimes the emotional detox and physical house stuff can be plenty, so tune into which one is ‘speaking’ to you – yet you already know don’t you? 😉 If you have trouble letting go of physical items – including certain foods, there will be some sort of emotional attachment and/or pay off to them, and this needs to be addressed so you can let go of those characteristics and behaviours that are keeping you in this space. In Trust Your Intuition, this is precisely what I teach. When you can internally work on the relationship dynamics and emotional pay offs, letting go isn’t even a thought, it just naturally happens as you evolve through this space yes? If you need more information on what precisely the techniques you need, PM me. Click on the link here for all the Trust Your Intuition details beautiful one! The 1:1 x 1 hour deep dive session bonus for Trust Your Intuition expires next week! So get in now babe! https://realityawareness.lpages.co/trustyourintuition/

Card #3: Water Healing. Quenching your thirst for love, begins with Self-Love.

Mmmm, have dogs been around you lately? Or even have you been feeling physically thirsty? Dogs are Forgiveness in The Liquid Crystals, represented by Rose Quartz. Whilst physical thirst can be obvious sign of imbalance in your physical body, if Dogs have really been making their presence to you, this is your wake up call for Radical Self Love babe. Whilst in The Liquid Crystals, Cat is actually the Animal Totem for Rhodocrosite, which is Self Love, there needs to be Forgiveness to be able to let Love IN, and it begins with Loving Yourself FIRST. Funny isn’t it, Cat’s and Dog’s are the most common Human’s Pet of choice… this is no accident. Radical Self Love. How can you make Radical Self Care your 100% focus? The fastest way to Radical Self Care, is doing what you want to do, when you want to do it! THIS keeps you in flow and keeps your Self-Love naturally HIGH because you deep down know what you want to do, what you would rather be doing, so what is stopping you from doing it? If you are in a situation that is draining you, you may need to look at why? Why are you continuing to give to this situation when it is making you feel this way? There is a big astrological theme going on right now, that is about giving too much, draining too much of your Soul away, giving to things and people that are not willing to receive your help right now. Yes, we can still love our friends and family without giving where our help isn’t needed. If you are in this space right now, it is time to STOP and all the thinking about, actioning about, pondering about and wondering about this person or situation – STOP – and turn you thinking about, actioning about, pondering and wondering about ONTO YOU INSTEAD! This is your wake up call for Radical Self-Love babe. Nothing will shift and change, until you learn to Love yourself deeply. Where can you embrace Radical Self-Love today? And everyday from now on? If you are unsure of where your energy focus is and how to even bring it back into yourself – Trust Your Intuition has all this babe. And the way to Radical Self-Love, is believing you are worthy of it – which is where Trust Your Intuition is based – deep in your Solar Plexus, the centre of your personal power, self esteem, self worth, trust in yourself, belief in yourself and that you are WORTH IT! – ALL OF IT! Click here for more details beautiful one – you deserve it 😉 https://realityawareness.lpages.co/trustyourintuition/

Card #4 – Worthiness. Remember your soul, remember your value. You deserve love.

Well, this one also is very straight to the point! It feels like you have been undervaluing what you deserve in life. Have you been settling in some area of your life? What have you been craving or working towards in your life that you haven’t received yet? Yes, you need to focus on what you want, yet when you crave things, you are coming from a space of lack. I spoke about this on the 11:11 livestream today, that focusing on what you do have and the gratitude that fills this space comes from a space of ‘abundance/fullness’ rather than ‘emptiness/lack’. Is there somewhere you have been giving too much of yourself, trying to fill you up? I am getting the message too, something about your brother, or someone that is like a brother, or male figure in your life? What sort of issues or relationship have you got going on there? It feels like there is something to do with this that is also, something to do with the love or deserving nature of love is tied into your brother somehow… grief, sadness – what is that about? Curious is this resonates with you and what is going on for you there…. it feels like heart healing, as much as worthiness stems from Solar Plexus, it feels like this is a big aspect around males in your life and feeling worthy enough to be able to have what you really want, rather than settling… I am curious for you about this! A shadow integration of Masculine here, or even father/brother inner healing can help here too. These are in Module 3 & 4 of Trust Your Intuition which is now open! Click here for more details or PM me if you are stuck on this one babe! You deserve it – do you believe so – like REALLY believe so? Do your actions in your life show this?! https://realityawareness.lpages.co/trustyourintuition/

Card #5: Heaven on Earth. Understand the miracle of living now.

Hmmmm, The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle is coming to mind! Have you read this? Either way, it feels like something is holding you to the past. It is like you are wanting to move forward, be present now, but this thing that happened in the past is very in your mind and energy right now and is like this annoying little fly on your shoulder that is exactly that – darn annoying!! I am getting the message around what are your daily actions and focuses that you have been working on that are your mindset and energy reset focuses? Do you have a solid routine and support in place of this for yourself? I am getting the message around something to do with your Heart Chakra. There is some kind of hurt you are holding in there of the recent past I am feeling and it is binding you there. What is in your Heart that is hurting you? Whilst daily habit and routine important, the next level there is this hurt in your Heart. Do you need to have a Heart to Heart conversation with somebody? Has something happened that you haven’t voiced and is backing up your Heart energy, therefore blocking the presence of now? If you have been feeling overly lethargic and excessively tired I am getting the message there are emotions and unresolved feelings backed up in your Heart that is not allowing the presence of NOW and the joy that resides in your Heart that is your SOUL to be freed. So, who is it that you need to have a Heart to Heart with? P.S. The secret bonus #4 in Trust Your Intuition is ALL about your Heart! This would be so perfect for this healing right now! PM me if you need more understanding of this! Trust Your Intuition Details are right here beautiful, time to heal that Heart of yours and experience the Heaven on Earth this card speaks of: https://realityawareness.lpages.co/trustyourintuition/

Card #6: Inner Child. Love and understand your Inner Child.

Have you been feeling a lot of fear? Uncertainty? Unsettled, unsure of what is going to fall with those million options up in the air awaiting the answer to arrive? When you are feeling these things, your Inner Child is feeling the most fear here and ‘fuelling’ it within you so to speak. Now, this isn’t to go in and ‘tell off’ your Inner Child! Yet, your Inner Child is calling out to you to come in and love them MORE! Approach yourself, like you would, that small scared child all alone in a dark room by themselves – how would you do that? You would turn the light on for starters and walk over with a calm and soothing voice and hug them and tell them all will be okay. You may pick them up, cuddle them, ask them what they need from you and then go and do something fun together. How can you do this for yourself today? If you were to have a conversation with your Inner Child, what would they say? What would they need from you? What would you do to create fun together? This also could be a message for you to connect with a child in your life too, yet, by connecting in with yourself, you naturally want to and have the energy to connect with children too. So, what else can you do to fill your cup today? Self care, nurture, self care, nurture. Love. Deep into self babe. Love yourself deeply. Inner Child healing, self love, self care, deep inner work, all in Trust Your Intuition beautiful one: https://realityawareness.lpages.co/trustyourintuition/

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