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Reality Awareness | I wouldn’t be so quick to throw the baby out with the bathwater….
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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I wouldn’t be so quick to throw the baby out with the bathwater….

I wouldn’t be so quick to throw the baby out with the bathwater….

I wouldn’t be so quick to throw the baby out with the bathwater….

I used to be so naive, I used to be so blind, that to other’s it would look like it was my way or the highway… some people call this without compromise, some people call this alignment, some people call this being clear about what they want, some people will say that all of the above are contradictory…

To me they are one in the same…

I see people on facebook declaring their rights and wants to the Universe. YES! GREAT! YOU ARE VERY CLEAR!

Yet when the Universe brings you something that you have been asking for… and whilst it looks great at the start…..before you can get a chance to see clearly – you already have your past glasses on. Yep. I said it. You’re still wearing your past glasses honey. ‘No I am not! I let that shit go and got even more clear! That’s alignment!’ I hear you silently declaring to me as you read this.

I wouldn’t be so quick to throw the baby out with the bathwater honey.

If you are already judging what is right in front of you with an alignment from your past – YEP – like – SECOND AGO – IS THE PAST – take note – remind yourself of this… 

So, let’s say you are on a date… or moving into a relationship and getting to know them more and more…. and then HALT! Up comes some seemingly mis-alignment to what you declared to the Universe over and over…. and so you turn and walk away throw the whole thing down the drain.

Hmmmm… this makes me wonder, question…. because if by simple definition, that you ultimately create your own reality…. going gung ho into a relationship with the blinkers mindset on that they have to be a certain way, speak, dress, be, have certain values, live a certain way…. isn’t that, somewhat, a little bit…..limiting?!

Yes, I hear you again – “But we are supposed to be super clear on our desires and not settle for anything less than what we value and deserve.”

Hmmmm, yes and no….

Like let’s say… you are super clear on what you want… and you get it…

Then not far into it, you start seeing all this stuff that actually isn’t aligned…..and so you leave….or you decide to leave… or you are unsure about leaving…. because you are super clear on what you will and won’t put up with and how did you not see that before?!

But…. what was it, that attracted you there in the first place?

Yeah, you’re alignment and your super clear intentions and values of the relationship you want….

So what changed?

Yes there is getting to know someone….

Yes there is knowing what is right for you and not…

And yes there is change…

But also yes…

There is a space, a turning point… where you stay stuck in your mind of what you’re asking for, that you are SURE is in alignment with your goals, lifestyle, values, you name it… there is a space where you stay stuck in your head of that single pointed, blinkers on focused point that you are very sure God is bringing you….

Haven’t you heard the story of the Parable Flood? Read this here before you go on: http://blog.eternalvigilance.me/2012/01/the-parable-of-the-flood/

What is it, that this whole LOA is so important to you… that you live by it, create by it and breathe it….

But when it comes to relationships….

They are like a hole in the bucket…

They drip and slip through your fingers…..

So… why in LOA is this happening???

What is it that God is sending you, that you are not SEEING?

What is it that you HIT EVERY SINGLE TIME… that you are not SEEING….

That you are DENYING….


Oh yes… I would call that LOVE.

You HIT it every single time…

And you RUN from it…


It’s not aligned, it’s wrong, it’s this, there are these red flags there is this and there is that… yep… I am sure you can list out ALL the negatives that are…



Yep. wtf alright.

What if you actually turned INto it?

What if you actually FACED it…?

What if, you actually had the courage to go, “You know what? Everything I have done in the past hasn’t worked. And you know what? A second ago, is gone and with it, my current beliefs, goals, values, yeah even the ones I made and worked on yesterday…. What if, I could actually allow this moment, to be completely what it is for what it is in all it’s glory? Because, I know, that this second has already gone and a new slate has already begun, even as I am reading this sentence. And in this moment, is a totally clean slate to start all my beliefs again. And what if, I didn’t believe those things anymore? What if, my values and my alignment goals, could be met IN THE FACE OF LOVE? EFFORTLESSLY? Because all I am focusing on IS LOVE? What if, it is actually possible… to believe so deeply in the LOA and to not be experiencing what I utmost deep desire and crave that I might need to do something differently? What if, the KEY of LOA – LOVE – that LOVE would indeed burn away anything that is not in alignment with what is actually INSIDE ME (Love, if you didn’t know 😉 ) And allow me to be able to see, in this new moment in time, the space, time, person, seemingly flaws and all… with a total fresh slate… yep, even those new beliefs from yesterday. What if, I could actually do that? What if, I actually didn’t know how to forgive, or be able to see this moment for a brand new slate in time, but I am willing to do it and together be able to work this out?”

That, my Love, would be not throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

That, my Love, would be giving Love a chance…

That, my Love, would be completely shifting from your head to heart…

That, my Love, would be moving deeper into your Heart space than you have ever gone before…

That, my Love, would require sooooo much trust within yourself to be able to make such a commitment – to choosing Love, every single time.

Yes, that does mean, my Love, that at times it will be uncomfortable and hard… yet, when there are 2 people willing to remove their blinkers, when there are 2 people willing to take 100% responsibility for the entire creation of their own reality AND together in partnership, when there are 2 people willing to let shit go as quickly as it comes up (yes, this can take time to exercise these muscles together), yes it does mean that one person may hold the LOVE vibration a bit more than the other at times… yet that is called teamwork, support and yep, you guessed it – LOVE.

Do you run?

Do you hide?

Or do you face yourself INto Love?

Or are you awaiting YOUR vision of what God is bringing you? (head) (the parable of the flood)

Or are you going to allow the true God to bring you Love – you know, the one you are deeply craving to experience, but won’t let in for your own brain and mindset in the way?

Your choice.

I choose LOVE.




Love, Hannah xxx

P.S. Third Eye Chakra has arrived! Relationships baby… seeing LOVE and allowing everything else that isn’t Love to dissolve in the most healthiest ways of our modern times, seeing the truth every single time to keep you in check inside and out, seeing deep into interdimensional realities and channeling messages beyond this world. Aligning with your highest visions and having the utmost clarity that it is right for you and being able to choose the right relationships and see very clearly when you are running from Love… or walking deeper into it…. Welcome, to Third Eye Chakra Month. xxx

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