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Reality Awareness | What if nothings ‘wrong’….
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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What if nothings ‘wrong’….

What if nothings ‘wrong’….

What if nothings ‘wrong’….

Increasing ‘strange’ weather patterns are just normal now…

Earth natural disasters and human errors…

People’s emotions and ups and downs were just normal now…

The Earth changes, it goes in cycles, billions of years of cycles…

There may be mass destruction…

But, what about not seeing it as ‘wrong’, but as what is changing and adjusting and it is a new normal.

About… what needs to happen…

Because, I would doubt you agree it is too late to change it.

In a sense is, it’s never too late to change anything yes.

Yet, what I am saying is – what if we were to come to Peace with what is?

Rather than trying to fight it?

To go against what is naturally occurring anyway?

Yes, we have the power to change our destiny, create our future and change the world.

Yet, when we are fighting with what is wrong…

We are not seeing what is RIGHT in the world.

With all the focus on what is wrong… what does that bring more of?

Yes, we need to face our fears, go into the darkness and transform it.

Yet, we don’t need to entertain the darkness..

We don’t need to sit in it.

We don’t need to focus on it.

Get in there, shine your light so the darkness is obliviated into smithereens and shine your light where it is needed most.

See the positive in the negative to transform it..

See that storms, rain and flood bring clearing and new life…

See that fire brings destruction and devestation for a new cycle and generation to emerge…

Maybe the Earth hasn’t see it this fired up and noticable before…

Maybe it has always gone on….

Maybe it is just that we have the technology to see it as it is happening instantly via phones, media and more these days…

Who really knows.

Yet, if you are conscious, if you consider yourself to be a leader of any sort, a healer, teacher, psychic, medium, intuitive, lightworker, shaman, yoga instructor, trainer, more…. YOU have a duty of care to this planet.

You know you are not like them.

To those who don’t understand the truth yet.

Have compassion yes.

Have deep love and care yes.

Yet, have a stronger sense of responsibility to what your purpose is and the reason why you have and are choosing to walk this more awake and conscious path right now on the planet.

Because it is people like you and me that are holding it together.

That are here to comfort the human race and Mother Earth, yet see the bigger picture at the same time.

With Compassion.

With Care.

With Utter Responsibility.

Response – Ability.

Let’s take this example, just to name one, yet, you can apply this to anything.

What is your response to seeing the rubbish on the ground – “Yuck, that’s disgusting, those idiots shouldn’t leave it lying around.” (you might still pick it up, but did you see how dirty your energy was and what you just contributed to this place?)

What is your response to seeing the rubbish piles around the world?

Do you see great huge messes?

Or do you see it just ‘is’?

Yes, humans could do better perhaps.


Is your negative judgements polluting the environment anymore than those people?

Do you see that your negative judgement is also keeping them stuck, let alone the Earth?

Nothing has a vibration unless we give it to it.

Everything just ‘is’.

So what vibration are you contributing to the planet?

What vibration are you sharing and caring about for the inhabitants of this planet, let alone the direction the Universe is heading?

By the way, you have a choice on which exit to take.

Which one are you choosing?


Or Love?

You are here, Lightworker, Healers, Leader, Intuitive Soul Guide, Yoga Instructor – whatever you call yourself – your ‘label’ doesn’t matter, because you are here for a reason, as is, you know your fellow conscious like-minded light being who is AWAKE on this planet today – you know.

We know.

That the Earth may be in for huge destruction. (Whatever did happen to the dinosaurs?)

Yet, it is you and me that know what is coming.

It is you and me that know which exit to take.

And whatever that looks like ‘in the end’, is that our purpose is to hold a higher vibration, higher vision and higher awareness no matter the circumstance. No matter the timing.

Like today.

What is it, you are holding today?

Love, Hannah x

P.S. I teach all this in detail in my mini online course, Clearing Energy Blueprint. It is exactly how you are able to hold a higher vibration and what we do as lightworkers, healers and more to hold that higher vibration – even that huge pile of rubbish you see, like your local rubbish dump and more. It is important you are doing this – are you? https://realityawareness.mykajabi.com/offers/2zEBAFeN

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