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Reality Awareness | Hold your judgements back, no actually, judge away
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Hold your judgements back, no actually, judge away

Hold your judgements back, no actually, judge away

I saw this on facebook this morning, shared by Matthew Knott:

“You ever have this experience of, ‘Oh I’m in this really cool aligned place, how come everyone else is so in their ego, how come everyone else seems to be getting nastier and weirder, why am I all of a sudden more of a target and I’m more open?’ That’s the shadow in your heart using other characters to try to get your attention to say you’re still not oriented. It’s the shadow within you manifesting itself in the behavior of others trying to get your attention and show you a bigger picture.” – Matt Kahn

This! Makes sooo much sense to me.

I see so many ‘enlightened’ beings still very judgemental and feeling above everyone else.

**Beware of the guru who thinks they are above others, who judges those for their behaviours and labels them with good, bad, plastic, fake, real, enlightened or more….

I am seeing alot of it – this instance – people judging people who have made their own decision and come to their own process for their own life for receiving plastic surgery because they WANT to….

What Matt Kahn says here is pure #gold.

Anytime you judge another – whether you are judging them for plastic surgery or their fake friends or because you can see straight through to the truth of what is going on inside their heart beneath the facade, doesn’t mean you know what is happening for them.

Just because you are more awake than them, doesn’t mean you know why they made the choice to get plastic surgery or that their friends are fake. How would you know? Ultimately?

You wouldn’t know that their, in your opinion ‘fake friend that feeds their ego’ – actually saved their life from committing suicide one day. Did you ever consider that?

That, in your opinion, that fake friend of theirs – how would you know that this fake friend you are judging, is the only one thing keeping them going in this lifetime?

Hold your judgements back.

Especially if you call yourself an enlightened human being walking around. Because if you are judging them – you are being shown something that you are not quite at peace with in yourself.

So tell me, is it okay with you, that they get plastic surgery because they lost their breasts to breast cancer, but because they DESIRE to get fake boobs – that isn’t okay with you? That they are filling a hole and will never be satisfied. How do you really know this is going on for them?

Because they want nice things, but they didn’t have to work hard for it. Again. Seriously, hold your judgements back. You are feeding poverty consciousness here. And you don’t like seeing the starving people in Africa do you? Your judgement of the rich right here – just fed those in Africa.

Again. Seriously, hold your judgements back.

No, actually. Judge away.

But allow your judgements to wake YOU up to loving yourself more. To loving these parts of you, you are rejecting. Because as you are judging them, you are rejecting society.

For the world to find peace right now, this is only separating it further.

Our DESIRES – whether they come from ego or not – EGO SHOULD BE LOVED.

Because EGO is made up of many parts of either darkness or light and all in between.

And we, this Earth – EGO included. Is all that we are.

So why are you rejecting instead of loving?

Why are you judging their lifestyle because it is different to yours?

Because it seems ‘fake’ compared to yours?


I see so many people ripping others down and it breaks my heart every time. Breaks my heart open wider, to have more compassion for YOU that are judging them, and holding YOU in a space of huge love and compassion to encourage your feelings that are being triggered to make you conscious, more awake, do exactly just that.

So, you become more open and feel more attacked?

You become more open and feel like everyone is out to get you?

You become more open and feel like everyone pulls you down?

Honey, you just haven’t honed your gifts yet.

Openness, vulnerability, psychic awareness, intuitive presence is powerful. And when you understand the truth that nothing can harm you and your ‘being attacked’ is you with your own judgements of those around you and those perpetrators of your past, once integrated, these wounds are healed, not forgotten probably. Scars may remain. But they don’t hurt anymore.

Notice your judgements.

Notice your perceived feelings of being attacked.

Notice what you are noticing in the world as your primary train of thoughts and experiences.

These are your next level integrations that are shifting you to BEING the awake being you claim yourself to be.

Love, Hannah.

Thank you Matt Kahn, I LOVE your work.
Thank you Matthew Knott​ for sharing this

Artwork, as shared in original post, ARTIST: Enkel Dika – “Love Will Tear Us Apart”

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